Never give up


Advent is a time of waiting and preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. One day we will not need to wait anymore but see Jesus in heaven. But on earth, with the storms of life we grow weary and “hope to be home for Christmas”. Our true home is in Jesus’s home. Like the disciples, we asked Jesus, where do you live.

As i look at the young faces of the lives passing by, i reflected at the loss of my own life. I was not really destined to succeed since i am gay. It was so different from the teenagers of today easily accepting their own sexual orientation and be totally out of the closet. Continue reading

kong hee 8 years at changi

The senior pastor of City Harvest Church and the spiritual head of more than 50 churches was sentenced to 8 years jail, a generous sentence much lower than the 11 to 12 years proposed by the persecution.

In a profound way, it is sad. I met Kong Hee in 1990 when i was at university. He was an upcoming pastor and Sun Ho, his fiancee. Imagine working all these 25 years day and night, in prayer, building the many churches, and preaching his heart out, to find that he lost it all. His fame, power and wealth led him to this stage, the same temptations Satan offered Jesus. Kong hee fell but so easily can each one of us without God’s grace. Continue reading

The Church that walk as God

“Do your best to walk as God as God wants you to walk.” Rabbi Steve Gutow/Moses Maimonides prayer for Rev Michael Curry at ordination

The ordination of Bishop Michael Curry as the presiding Bishop of the Episcopal church was held recently at the Washington cathedral attended by 150 or so Bishops in an inclusive but increasingly far left denomination. Despite the cry for others to follow their progressive paths of universalism or face demise, the church herself is on a steep decline with attendance now reaching the 600k mark, a far cry from a few million a few decades ago. Continue reading

kong hee and his multi purpose account

The 5 year trial of City Harvest is ending soon. The accused are guilty as charged. Sentencing awaits. The bible has no china wine made by man’s self effort. It only has water turned into the best wine. God’s first miracle is about rejoicing at the coming of the bridegroom, Jesus Christ.

In the building fund, pastor kong hee often portrayed himself as the leader taking a self less lead, forsaking the church salary, living just on the sales of sermons etc. What he didn’t say was that preaching was very lucrative and reciprocating ie foreign speakers are paid handsomely and reciprocated when kong pays the return visit. There was also the special multi purpose account which was a structured means where both kong and sun was drawing an effective regular income. This was despite publically stating that sun ho was successful on her own account. All was not really a lie, it was just half-truth. Continue reading