The End of Life

For many gays, I guess the end of life is when we discovered that we are gay usually at an early age. We try to cover it up as a passing phase, but when it soon dawn upon us this permanent reality, life itself ended with all our dreams lost. We live as best we could.

We do not need to wait for an eulogy and what people would say and write at the end. They may say good things respectfully but the hidden thoughts are that He/She is gay. Continue reading

All life is sacred

The season has so quickly changed from summer to winter as the Gay Marriage battles are effectively over in the US, turning to the next front – the abortion battles, and the rights of illegal migrants.

I saw a Christian pastor in tears as an anti-death penalty advocate shared pertinent stories about those wrongly accused. But are we consistent to respect all life? Continue reading

Hope, Faith and Love

The Hope Concert was held in Dec 2007, a concert attended by GLBT folks, the largest ever of 700 to 900 attended by a Government Minister for the purpose of supporting AIDS initiatives. It was a year and a half before the first Pink Dot.

It is interesting after 8 years how the recollection of many seemed to have changed, of how they supported the Hope Concert. But the reality was that, it was a miracle, and we were lectured by many Gay and straight Christian leaders that it would be a waste of money and resources. Being the Charismatic Christian, all I said was that I felt it was from God. Continue reading

The Morning After

The liberal churches have won! Gay marriage is approved. But in a way, the universal church has lost. There is now no more single issue that galvanise the church. They will go back to their Sunday picnic for the churches never had a monopoly over ministry to the poor and sick to be an exiting cause.

The Gay marriage conflict has made many churches become very narrow in their dogmatic theology either far left or far right. The right couldn’t count the number of wives that Solomon had, but the left didn’t see that God was more perturbed that the wives worshipped other gods apart from the God of Israel. Continue reading