Cross Over to the Gentle Beast

The Anglican Church in Singapore and the National Council of Churches have issued warnings of secret gay scenes in the coming Hollywood Beauty and the Beast. Secret because the show is not released and the scene a fleeting moment to the main plot. They tried to scrub out gay from their world but God keeps putting the pink dot back at the communion table.

Pastor Kong Hee of City harvest Church was correct in one respect that the Church must crossover. His methods may be questionable, because there is a deep sense of self righteousness instead of seeing people as God sees them, people that need a touch of God’s grace, love and mercy through Jesus Christ.

We don’t need to go to Hollywood to crossover, when God brings people to our table for us to crossover by accepting them in our hearts by the love, grace and mercy of God through Jesus Christ knowing that at the Cross, the law based Judaist killed Jesus because of the law. When we use the very same faith laws against gays for harm, are we no better than the pharisees? Continue reading