The Caravan – A Question of the Gospel of God’s Grace

As the migrant caravan winds its way from Honduras/ Guatemala to the Mexico/US border, there has been much criticism of Trump by Mainline Churches. It is easy to talk but the mainline churches in the US would not be housing and feeding the many tens of thousands of asylum seekers. Neither will these loud spoken church be bearing the dire medical costs. These people are not criminals, neither are they mostly workers. Many are elderly, children, and very sick.  Does Matt 25 applies to a Government whose duty is protect the borders and her citizens rather than the welfare of other nations.

Their plight is real yet well under reported as the Mainline churches and the Liberal West spends their time vilifying Israel at the United Nations. Their individual stories are not well-known nor published hence the chance of getting asylums. The images of women and children running away from tear gas is poignant but misleading for who would bring their children along to gather with the stone throwing mobs trying the breach the border and climb over the border fence.

The Mainline Churches loves to talk about the poor and the persecuted so much yet failed to love the Jewish people whom the bible referred to as the poor and forsaken seeking Jesus in the desert. The land of Judah, and Samaria belongs to the Jews in the bible, yet they are stolen by the Romans, Arabs, and the Ottomans, which the Christian Left are siding when they claimed the Jews are on occupied territories.

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The Coming Reign of Jesus Christ – part 1

There is a great blasphemy in the Mainline churches that perhaps Jesus will not come back, and has put Christians on earth to bring in the reign of Christ on earth through love instead of violence and war. The love Commandments were nothing new to the Jews. They couldn’t follow it, but ended up with violence and death to the Son of God. Sin in mankind corrupts everything. Love becomes a violent hatred because we think we are loving God when actually we are causing harm. We can’t just follow nor align with Jesus because He is not here today and even the best of intentions causes great harm like the Christian Right and their condemnation of gays resulting in so many deaths, or the Crusades by the Catholic Church. We need Jesus Christ to come back to reign, because we are not gods and courrupted within. To say that we we are bringing in the reign of Christ as Christians through our acts of love is exalting ourselves as God, a blasphemy.

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Loving God is Loving Jesus

A Christian missionary John Allen Chau was killed in the remote Indian Islands by a native tribe that hitherto has been hostile to the outside world. His family and the Christian missionary groups that he have been associated with have affirmed that they held no animosity and have fully forgiven the tribe. This act of love so angst the Christian left that they had to dig up fringe Christian groups calling for justice and even clergy spinning this to say that this is how genocide starts, They tried to cynically spin the narrative because they wanted to detract the focus from Chau who was so loving and forgiving with the message that Jesus loves the tribe and he wanted to break what he said as “Satan’s last strong hold”.

The left wanted to spin the narrative to be about the tribe, when it is all about John Allen Chau, his love for God and His love for the Great Commission to the Lost, for Jesus loves me this I know. It was a foolish and illegal endeavour, but I believe God looks into his heart and His love for the saving Gospel of God’s grace through Jesus Christ so thoroughly rejected by the Christian Left. This is what faith is about, stepping out, driven by his love for God.

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The Wedding Banquet, the story of the church

Blessed Assurance

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine
O what a foretaste of glory divine
Heir of salvation, purchase of God
Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood

Perfect submission, all is at rest
I in my Savior am happy and blessed
Watching and waiting, looking above
Filled with His goodness, lost in His love

The church of Jesus Christ has become so law minded fighting even in Taiwan to ban gays from marriage and equality. This is sad, when our Great commission is the Gospel of Salvation not of the law, but the name of Jesus so precious in a country that worship other gods in the majority. In the bible, only the Ten Commandments is in the Ark of the Covenant covered by the mercy seat of Jesus Christ. The Law, the Torah, is placed just outside because there is no anointing and deliverance in the Law. When we preached the Torah, it is not Christ but ourselves. Are we better and more righteous than gays? Is Christ glorified?

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