Only with Jesus Christ, there is middle ground

When Bertha Henson supported her student in an article about transgender against their cancel culture, it was all in the name of the middle ground where we can have a meaningful conversation without being cancelled by the cancel culture of the liberal left. The truth is there is no middle ground because transgenders have been totally cancelled by society for the last 100 years. They do not really exist. Therefore, coming together to talk appears to be the best approach but has no real meaning and is hypocrisy because of the unequal power structures.

The cancel culture is a reaction against the powers of the big majority versus the persecuted tiny Glbt minority groups. Gays have been cancelled by the church for the last 500 years. We are in a moment of time and space where this cancellation is challenged with utmost spiritual and moral violence. The slippery slope is that the entire church herself is beginning to be cancelled in response to their sins. This is the moral law of God that what harm is sowed, there is four times the impact.

A few years back, I told a Liberal Christian pastor that I managed to buy 1 lot (1000 shares) of a company. His reply implied that he had 10,000 lot of the shares. Ie I am placed 10,000 below what he has already achieved. When we do communion and say that this wine is made by poor laborers, our attempt to identify just once with the victims is just hypocrisy when we are entitled and privileged. Liberal Christianity in the end fails because it is a liberation theology created by the elites to support a carnal socialist revolution or a worldly “christian” religious hierachal power structures to bind common people, when we really are only free in Jesus Christ as Lord, God and Saviour, the Way, the Truth and the Life apart from all our intended actions of love.

Understanding the power praxis allows us to comprehend the encounters between Jesus and the poor and the outcasts he met. He met them at the same level and not as Almighty God of Mt Sinai. Only with Jesus, there was real middle ground whilst He was on earth and today up in heaven. But the door is closing soo. For Jesus has waited 1990 years (ad 30 to 2020) for us to meet Him and not religious works of the Pharisees nor in the good works/self righteousness of the Christian Left and Right.

The Christian Right in Singapore is no different than the Pharisees wearing white ready to stone the woman adulteror in their deep self righteousness. But who was the man committing the adultery? It was them. The woman was targeted just as the gentle gay lambs are targeted to heap on the sins of society. Surely, someone needs to pay for the sins of the 10, 000 abortions every year in Singapore.

Jesus will meet you where you are, the woman with many husbands at the well at mid day, the hottest time of the day because she was an outcasts just like gays in the community. The woman worshipped the same God the Father but came to see that salvation is not in Mt Sinai but in Zion, at Calvary because Jesus came from the Cross to meet her. Jesus is no longer at the Cross. He waits for you to bidst Him to come into your house, not by your works, by in your poverty by grace.

The middle ground where time and space meets is at our door. Will you let Jesus in or do we also cancel Jesus when the world has rejected us.

Why RZM cannot be saved

When the pharisees saw Jesus their Saviour, their biggest problem was not sin but self righteousness steeped in hypocrisy. RZM reflects the current state of Christianity. Just as the Pharisees did not bring themselves to accept Jesus, the Ravi Zacharias Ministry could not be saved.

The rampant and prolific adultery of Ravi Zacharias whilst being the loudest anti gay voice was well known with all allegations being rejected.

In 2008, the allegations of Zacharias being seen with an unrelated woman was reported to the head of the Singapore RZM board. And the response from the then chair of the board was

“Directors agreed that degorative remarks of any kind by any parties must cease immediately as they do not glorify the Lord… We are of the same conviction that brothers should reconcile where there have been misunderstandings… The work of RZM is making great impact on unbelievers and any public dispute will bring irreparable damage damage to parties concerned and the organization”

Ravi held hands in public with another woman. No action was taken yet the Singaporean Gatekeepers attempted all out to ban gays with incredible zeal. They had the same problem with the Pharisees. They were greater sinners because they were wearing white, their own self righteousness and blaming others for the smallest spec of sin.

The Christian charismatic Evangelicals in Singapore cannot be saved to reach the point of grace in Singapore for the Antioch revival until they realised the greatest sinners are not gays but they themselves because their sin is hidden and blamed on the poor gentle lambs.