How the church can have revivals?

  1. Have the Ark the Covenant, i.e. Jesus Christ the blood of the lamb, covering the sins of the church and giving grace thus fulfilling the demands of the law. If the church prays to other gods, there is not righteous blood to cover their sins, hence they do not become the abode of the Holy Spirit who testifies of Jesus Christ. There is no revival without the power and wind of the Holy Spirit
  2. Dig wells. the church should be opened 24hours, 7 days a week, with continual fire in the menorah, ie the lamp shall continue to burn. There is to be continual prayer, and praise and worship in the House of the Lord. When we dig deep enough, the well and water of revival shall fill the land.
  3. Plant crops. The church must let its light shine, and naturally so. This is not the light of the world or the works of men, but the light that reflects the light from Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Hence, we need to out there planting, our church being open daily to feed the poor, take care of the lame and the sick, and pray for healing, motivated to reflect Jesus Christ, hands, and feet to touch and heal, and spoken word to bring the Word of the Good News of Salvation through the Cross of Calvary. May Jesus Christ arise in our lives.

Let the weak say, “I am strong”
Let the poor say, “I am rich”
Let the blind say, “I can see”
It’s what the Lord has done in me

Let the weak say, “I am strong”
Let the poor say, “I am rich”
Let the blind say, “I can see”
It’s what the Lord has done in me

Hosanna, hosanna
To the Lamb that was slain
Hosanna, hosanna
Jesus died and rose again

Hosanna, hosanna
To the Lamb that was slain
Hosanna, hosanna
Jesus died and rose again

Into the river, into the river, I will wade
There my sins are washed away
From the heavens mercy streams
Of the Savior’s love for me, yeah, I will rise

I will rise from waters deep
Into the saving arms of God
I will sing salvation songs

Jesus Christ has set me free

Hosanna, hosanna
To the Lamb that was slain
Hosanna, hosanna
Jesus died and rose again

Hosanna, hosanna
To the Lamb that was slain
Hosanna, hosanna
Jesus died and rose again

Hosanna, hosanna
To the Lamb that was slain
Hosanna, hosanna
Jesus died and rose again

Let the weak say, “I am strong”
Let the poor say, “I am rich”
Let the blind say, “I can see”
It’s what the Lord has done in me

Hosanna, sing hosanna to the Lord
To the Lamb that was slain
Unto the Lamb, forever, forever and ever

Why is the church not having a revival

The charismatic evangelicals often proclaim that sin blocks revival, and by sin they meant gays, etc. They are not wrong that

sin blocks revival, but it is the sin of the church.

What are the sins that block revival in the Christian church:-

  1. Seduction of wealth
  2. Seduction of power
  3. Seduction of fame/glory
  4. Seduction of greed/possession of assets
  5. Seduction of self righteousness/ justification by work, thinking that they could follow the law.
  6. Seduction of self-centeredness – End justifies the means, and preservation of self
  7. Lack of conscience, justice, and full of hypocrisy

The greatest attack by Satan upon the church is in the power of the anti-Christ, where Christ is replaced at the center of adoration and worship. There are many churches today who have the symbol at their gates, “Chi Rho” symbol which is the very foundation of the modern church in AD312, Rome in the battle of Milvian Bridge. Yet, darkness came in the guise of the light, for Constantine had effectively replaced Jesus Christ, and the church of Jesus Christ, paganized and merged into the prevailing occults from Egypt. The church itself was seduced.

The power and attack plan by satan is half truths and lies in the power of seduction. The greatest seduction in the mega churches is now the marketplace ministry or conquering the 7 worldly kingdoms, for satan is offering the church his kingdoms so that the church may be transformed into the kingdoms of this world, but not the Kingdom of God.

Jesus never had any deep revelations for the good religious people of his time, because they were the greatest of hypocrites, so are the modern churches whether liberal, or evangelical charismatics.

Even the most pious is a dreadful sinner. For example, the liberals would proclaim President Carter as a person of the greatest of holiness and integrity. And it is true, that I would love to have met him. But he was not free of seduction. In fact, he succumbed to the seduction of power and the end justifies the means, where for the sake to bring down the Soviet Union, his government funded/created many of the religious militants against the Russians.

The black churches are so anti-gay because they are fighting for survival and preservation of self – because adultery is rampant in the church. It was J Edger Hoover recording of their famous pastor who had a dream of equality but nobody writes that he had multiple partners every week, and his troupe of pastors were engaged in group sex! The pastor/activist was in public holding hands with celebrity girlfriends whilst married, yet none would see the obvious immorality.

For evangelicals Christians, their coming against gays is solely because the end justifies the means, because gays are so innate that it would in accordance to their interpretation of the bible, destroys the evangelical faith. The liberals are no less innocent, championing rights whilst actively supporting abortion which is the killing of the innocent.

Satan attack against the mega churches are so simple, and they fall right in eg

  1. Hillsong churches where the seduction of wealth, power, glory, possession of assets can be seen in the release of financial records in the Tasmanian parliament.
  2. Mega church pastors living lives of superstars and sucking money dry from their sheep.
  3. Many churches putting up anti gay banners masqueraded as “love” because of self righteousness, survival, and preservation of self.
  4. The mega churches are so powerful and wealthy in line with the USA supporting Israel in 1973 resulting in the USA being in the reserve currency of the world. The Arabs responded back then with the oil embargo.
  5. The Christian churches have never spoken out strongly against the cults in their midst eg the Mormons, and the occultist practices of the church hierarchal, or the blasphemies of the mainline churches denying Jesus Christ as the only way, the truth, and the life to God the father, above all other gods. All the sins are put on gays when the church/religion are the greatest sinners like white washed tombs.,

Jesus Christ is coming back very soon, but not anytime, because the Christian Church is not ready. The trigger will be the breakup between the liberal USA, and Israel, which started in earnest under Obama who insisted on Jerusalem being divided. The Episcopal and United Churches of Christ supports those who wants to push Israel into the sea. The period of grace for the churches are over, and incredible hardship is coming for the mega churches in the USA, where they will loose all their special entitlement and special rights.

Out of the valleys of the shadow of death, we will find springs of living water where it is not of self but all of God’s love, grace and mercy in the risen Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The springs of living water will bring an end time revival like nothing before.

USA is a “Christian” nation but desperate to hold on to power at all means, by printing trillions of US dollars, which the world must buy from them since they are the reserved currency due to the petrodollar. ie the world uses their hard labor to produce the goods that the US pay by printing money. The US has no danger of default because the debt is in US dollars and they just need to print more dollars, like the idea raised of US treasury minting a trillion dollar coin !!!. Countries that have tried to escape and sell oil in their own currencies were hitherto sanctioned and dreadfully treated with the full might of the military. But the change that is coming which we have not seen in a hundred years of the dollar loosening its specials entitlements, will not impact the rich as much, but the middle class and the poor. Dark days are coming, but Jesus is still on the throne with His mighty power extended.

Rome is falling, and it is not because of gays. The church became institutionalized and emasculated with the worship of the morning star, in the first fall of Rome in AD 312 to preserve their power. The 1500s were a period of great turmoil for the Church was challenged by the 1517 Reformation. Alas, the hold of the church was broken by king Henry VIII, who hitherto was the defender of Faith (1521) against the reformation of Martin Luther, until the pope excommunicated him in 1533 for killing his wives and gross adultery, and marrying Anne Boleyn . Out of sin, arose the Church of England (1534) which ironically came to carry on the Reformation that was so opposed by Henry. By the late 1500s, out of the daughter of Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth 1 (b. 1533 of Anne Boleyn), there arose from the British/German aristocrats under the leadership of her illegitimated son, Sir Francis Bacon (b. 1561), hidden dark secret Freemasons/Rosicrucianism societies that challenged the church in Rome, leading to the founding of the United States, the new Rome. Will the church rise up, humble themselves, and return to the power of the Holy Spirit, with the coming 2nd fall of new Rome.

Christmas, but where is Christ?

The Christmas lightup at Bugis shopping centre in Singapore for Christmas was incredible, great stage, sound and decorations. The only issue was the main issue that Jesus was missing from the scene and there was no manger. The entire Christmas scene was replaced by the Avengers.

There were no complaints from the public nor Churches to the shopping centre and non of the blogs reflected on this irony that the incredible green hulk has replaced Jesus Christ. No one really bothered for our anti gay preoccupation has diminished the Gospel Good News. Whatever half truths, hyprocisy, and grave harm peddled by the church with a very loud voice, has meant a silencing of the message of the Cross of Calvary of God’s love and salvation in Jesus Christ of dying for us. For 377A was uniquely anti Christ, for instead of loving and dying for others, we took the lives of others for the only benefit of maintaining our theological construction and blibical stand. For the churches are afraid because gays are so innate, it might undermined the bible itself. The slippery slope was that if the bible was wrong about gays, surely it could not be the Word of God.

In the 377A debate, the churches have kept maintaining the moral high ground claiming that gays are not discriminated, and using the well known slogans of protecting children and the family. But the churches never called for banning divorce or abortion, or legalised prostitution. We put all the sins of the straight community on gays, put them in the prison closet and then have the audacity to say gays are not discriminated.

The denial by the churches of gays to love and be loved, on the basis of a moral framework, and then call their gross denial of basic human rights a matter of righteousness, undermines righteousness and holiness itself and hides pure evil. To then say that it was the churches who suffer discrimination rather than gays means that they have no conscience. Now the world judges the church, and the churches will be called to the judgement seat of Bema.

After all 377A came from the laws by King Henry VIII, the defender of the Christian faith, divorced his wives and had them killed. Its now 500 years after the law of buggery was instructed by the King. The church is hiding the fact that the reign of King Henry VIII and his gross sin of persistent adultery and murder even as the defender of faith changed England and the world forever.

Religious wars reign after his death under his ligitimate children Edward VI (1547 to 1553), Mary I or bloody Mary (1553 to 1558). Elizabeth I (1558 to 1603) came stability and the return of the Protestants. But she never officially married, and James I (son of Mary I) became king. She had an illigitimate son, Sir Francis Bacon, and the tension and tales between King James 1, Sir Francis, and Sir George Villairs (1st Duke of Buckingham and gay lover of James 1 and antagonist of Sir Francis) changed the world in the creation of the KJV bible, spearshaker society, and masonic and rosicrucian secret societies of Bavaria and their battles with the Jesuits, and the founding of the United States. Gays were used as a sin to hide the adultery, secret religious and pagan sins of the elites, royalty and church hierachal.

This is the first Christmas after 377A is repealed. Just as the churches put gays in closet, there is a kind of judgement coming where the churches are put in the closet.

We go back to the Christmas celebration scene in Bugis. There was no Jesus but an incredible green hulk. Once the churches looses its salt, it will not regain it and its usefulness for the Good news Gospel message has been undermined. In UK, where the new defender of faith, a King Charles is being coronated, the christian faith itself is being undermined with Charles not believing that Jesus is The truth, the way, the life to God. After all, King Charles like King Henry VIII are divorcees. After 500 years, gays are set free, but the very drums of judgement is coming upon the Anglical church of closed doors and closed hearts.

What the bible left out is inspired and for a good reason

Jesus Christ did not want Christianity to be another faith or another religion in the world. For the religions of this world are often focused on the maintenance and extension of authority, influence, growth, dominion, power, wealth and pride.

There was deliberately no descendent of Jesus Christ to take over the leadership, and Peter who was the leader of the disciples, stayed all his life in Jerusalem. Peter, the leader, who was the loudest apostle was not even mentioned prominently beyond the Gospel. The focus was on the supremacy of Christ lest anyone takes His glory. Whereas in our mega churches, it is always about the senior pastor.

The disciple whom Jesus loved, did not leave Jerusalem until AD70 when the city was destroyed yet never mentioned it directly in the bible the great atrocities of the Romans. Why? unlike the Christian Right, they still remember that the “End never justify the means”. When the Jewish Faith leaders tried to capture Jesus, swords were drawn and Jesus reminded the disciples:-

Matt 26: 51 And suddenly, one of those who were with Jesus stretched out his hand and drew his sword, struck the servant of the high priest, and cut off his ear.

52 But Jesus said to him, “Put your sword in its place, for all who take the sword will [a]perish by the sword. 53 Or do you think that I cannot now pray to My Father, and He will provide Me with more than twelve legions of angels?

If the bible was ever written about the grave violence and deaths caused by the Romans, the Christian Faith would have taken up to violence. If the bible ever mentioned in details, the Egyptian and Roman gods, Christians would soon worship these Gods instead of Jesus Christ. And in history, it happened, for no more than 500 years after Jesus death, the Church was worshiping the Pontifex maximus and the Novena. In modern times, why has the Christian Right kept quiet about the Mormons and the worship of the Freemason occult by the founding fathers of the United States. The New World order of the founding fathers in the US was a new age worshipping of the Egyptian gods.

Once the church was institutionalized in AD325, church initiated harm and violence were frequently destructive. It was the church hierachal who tried to violently destroy the Eastern church in Constantinople the 4th crusade in 1202. The weakened Eastern church allowed the Ottomons to rise to power. The Counter Reformation after 1517 killed millions. Once the sword is taken out, we will also die by the sword. The Knights Templer grew too strong, and on Oct 13, 1307, King Phillip of France with support from Pope Clement murdered the templars and took away their gold. King Edward II of England also took the loot.

Once the sword is pulled out, the innocent suffer eg the gay community being persecuted by the churches.

The bible was written with three objectives:-

-The narrative of the creation, fall, the Jews, Gods chosen people for redemption by God the Father, and the journey of the Jewish people

-The birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the way, the life, the truth to God the Father.

-The church as the bride of Jesus Christ – its growth, expansion, and return of Jesus Christ in the last days

The bible ended rather abruptly with the 12 disciples and Peter remaining in Jerusalem, and John exiled to Patmos, after AD70 when Jerusalem was destroyed. The apostolic commission of Paul to Asia Minor and Rome were written in detail, but the bible deliberately omitted his death under Nero’s reign in AD64. Christianity was destined to be a Jewish sect with a large gentile following.

Both the liberals and the evangelicals read the bible with a preconceived agenda for their own faith construction, power, wealth and pride, and with expectation that the bible is like BBC/CNN/Fox news with a detailed narrative. They have forgotten that the bible was written with the tread of glorying and revealing the centrality of Jesus Christ in both the Old and the New Testament, as the Alpha and Omega. In this respect, the various demonic gods and angelic hierarchies were seldom mentioned, neither was the various Roman Ceaser, so as not to glorify them nor distract the attention from the Gospel. There was little mention of the poverty, sufferings of the people, and the cruelty and oppression of the Romans, so focused in 21st century Christianity by the Christian Left.

Indeed, many of the demonic and pagan gods and hierarchies were names that should not be named because by putting into the bible will glorify them, and invoke their presence when mentioned. Generic terms such as abominations, and men having sex with men were used rather than mentioning the god and the angelic deity. They did not mention the prevailing religious cults lest they come after the Christian community.

The elevation to the state religion by Constantine changed the narrative. The church became enticed by the power, wealth, and controlling authority of Rome, and slowly but surely the “abomination” entered the church, and it was not gay sex, but a joining and worshiping of the demonic forces. Moses warned the Jews not to worship the gods of Egypt, for which the Romans now embraced albeit in different outward appearances. Sex with the temple priests was to join themselves with Satan. Slowly the corruption with the devil entered the church because of the temptation of pride, power, wealth, and controlling authority.

In other words, Satan destroyed Jerusalem 70 years after Jesus was born, and another 70 years later, by AD140, the Hadrian, Emperor of Rome was sitting in the Holy of Holies, and now built over by the temple of Jupiter, ie the temple of the Satan. and in AD325, the church was taken over by the state. None of the cataclysmic events were specifically mentioned in the bible, neither was the demonic principalities they worshiped. It was specifically left out so that it could not be used against the church. The gate keepers so greatly misinterpreted the bible, couple with a high sense of self righteousness that gays were to be blamed for all the faith based abominations.

The bible was not only inspired by God, but has to be interpreted in the events and details it had deliberately left out or written in code due to utmost focus on this objective, scrutiny and discernment. This is totally in contrast with the Christian Right with their Kingdom invasion.

When Jesus said that God could have sent 12 legions of angels, ie 80,000 angels. The bible left out all the angelic hierarchy because the emphasis was on the centrality of Jesus Christ as the Alpha and Omega. Even Paul’s death in Rome and soon after the destruction of Jerusalem were not mentioned.

To the point of death, the Apostles, Peter, Paul, and John, were so careful in giving all glory and honour to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. They knew the slippery slope of self righteousness, envy, and pride in the Pharisees. Unlike the Christian Right in Singapore and the Church hierarchal, they wanted to have it known, Jesus Christ and His resurrection power in their lives, above all. The Gospel and the Great Commission were their calling above their own lives.

1 Cor 2: 1 And I, brethren, when I came to you, did not come with excellence of speech or of wisdom declaring to you the testimony of God. 2 For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. 3 I was with you in weakness, in fear, and in much trembling. 4 And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, 5 that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.

Church hiding Dominion aggenda by blaming gay aggenda

The recent repeal of 377a was particularly embarrassing for Singaporean Evangelicals, as Singapore is the the Asian centre of the highly organised and resourced Kingdom Dominion to conquer the seven secular mountains of secular society. It was in a Singapore Christian meeting that the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA) for the NAR was first conceived in 1999. FCBC and Trinity Church leaders were involved. In 2009, the Apostles for Singapore includes Naomi Dowdy, Lawrence Khong, Dominic Yeo and Jonathan Suppaya. Its a big international coalition with over 400 NARpostles. The “kingdom now” activism started in earnest in the 1997 national day festival of praise prayer meeting titled “Jesus Christ, Hope of the nation” after the conclusion of the nation wide 40 day prayer fast for revival.

Indeed, since then, the Pentecostals have been having their Festival of Praise and later the Kingdom Invasion Conference since 2012 inviting all the key speakers of the New Apostolic Reformation or Roundtable (NAR) from the USA. Gays were the convenient  scapegoat to conquer the nations and collateral damage in the hidden war and takeover aggenda. This is after 10 years of kingdom invasions by the generals of NAR. The church cannot even defeat against a totally weak and disorganised gay group, for they were facing the weight of history against their cruel injustice.

The evangelical charismatic churches are often insistent on 10% tithes and repeated building funds. If the members tithed 10%, that means that for a church of 100, you have 5 to 10 pastors which is obviously not the case. What is happening? Where does the money go to? Yes, partly to the mega church pastors who see themselves as deserving of the millions, but also to build the machinery and expansion of the NAR. They were giving their first fruits (ie money) to these self proclaimed Apostles. In CHC Arise and Build 2013, it was aptly named “Journey uup the seven mountains”.

The money is used to conquer the 7 mountains in accordance to Dominion or Kingdom Now theology. This is the secret aggenda that the churches tried to hide, and they repeat ad nauseum the Gay aggenda because of their conscience. Gays were used by Satan as an effective trap against the church. The self anointed Apostles build up great pride until they wear white against gays

In the City Harvest trial, it is coined ” church funds for church purposes” . What they are hiding or not telling explicitly was what was the church exact purposes.

The church purpose in the Cross over was to conquer the no 6 mountain of arts/entertainment. Each mountain has its own culture and so Sun Ho showed a lot of cleavage and dancing to sexually explicit tunes. The Cross Over was not for Gospel evangelism. The reason why the Christian activists  dared not expose the real reason was that the no 1 mountain on the takeover aggenda was Government/military.

The 7 mountains that the Pentecostal churches and their activists tried to conquer in the name of church purposes were

1. Government/ military

2. Education

3. Religion

4. Family

5. Business

6. Arts/Entertainlent

7. Media.

The church aggenda purposes has its roots 70 years ago, in 1948 Reconstructionism by RJ Rushdoony and later by Francis Schaeffer, kingdom theology by George Ladd of Fuller in 1950s, “Joel’s Army” or “Manifest Sons of God” by Todd Bentley, “Latter Rain Movement” by William Branham and Bill Hamon, and Kevin Conner of Ministers Fellowship International (MFI) (visited SG Tung ling 2002) . It was a fightback against the Jesuits Counter Reformation of 450 years whom by the 1950s has conquered the theological colleges and mainline churches with Marxist liberation theology and ecumenism.

Just like Emperor Constantine receiving a dream in AD312 of the sign Chi-Rho or “in His sign conquer” on the eve of the Battle of milvian Brigde whose victory resulted in the church hierachal becoming part of the Roman state institutions (thus conpletely undermining, made worldly and paganize the Christ centered early Church) , the revelation of conquering the seven spheres came almost at the same time in 1975 to Loren Cunningham (ywam) , Bill Bright (cru) and Francis Shaeffer (L’Abri) . The three men had lunch together in Colorado and apparently God had given all three of them the same message to tell to each other!

In the last 50 years, the Christian activists  converged into the New Apostolic Reformation by John Wimber of Power Evangelism (1988), Loren Cunningham of Ywam, Bill Bright of Campus Crusade, C Peter Wagner & Che Ahn of Global Harvest Ministries (“warfare prayer 1992”), Cindy Jacobs (“possessing the gates of the enemy :  a training manual for militant intersession 1994”) under Generals International, Ed Siloso (Prayer Evangelism 2000) (SG indoor stadium 3 day rally 1999, SG FCBC ICCGC 1999, SG FOP keynote speaker 2006, SG kingdom invasion 2017) (SG kingdom invasion 2018) of Harvest Evangelism in South America, Jack Hayford/Ted haggard (1997), Chuck Pierce, Lou Engle of the Call (SG kingdom invasion 2016, 2017, 2018)(SG Burning hearts Assembly 2014)(SG plmc 2015) , Heidi Baker of Iris Global (SG kingdom invasion 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019), Randy Clark of Global awakening (SG invasion 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016), Steve beard of Toronto blessing (SG TRAC 2000), George Otis Jr (strongholds of 10/40 window, 1995)

The Christian takeover aggenda by the activists was encapsulated in “Dominion, how the kingdom action can change the world” or “on earth as it is in heaven” published by Peter Wagner in 2008. Like the liberals such as Spong, the Christian Right also published their manifesto, “the Reformation manifesto” by Cindy Jacobs.

Che Ahn’s “reformers pledge” in 2010 include the statements of activists supporters of the takeover dominion aggenda.

– Che Ahn (Trinity Christian Centre 2000, SG FOP 2010, Hope Singapore 2018, New life community church 2020)

– Bill Johnson (CHC 2012, feb 2019, online 2020, SG kingdom invasion 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018)

– Lance Wallnau (SG Asian Marketplace Conference 2011)(love singapore momentum 2012) (Asia Christian Conference, Grace Assembly of God 2015), visited SG cornerstone Jul 2017 for Kingdom Wealth conference) (activist against Christian Left)

– Chuck Pierce of Glory of Zion (malaysia and Singapore pastors renewal conference 2018, river of life church 2022)

– Heidi Barker (SG kingdom Invasion 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019)

– C Peter Wagner (City Harvest 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010) (ICA initiation meeting Singapore 1999)

– James W Goll (SG kingdom invasion 2014)

– John Arnott

– Lou Engle (SG kingdom invasion 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, SG FOPx 2017), supports death penalty for gays in Uganda along with Ed Silvoso.

– Jim Garlow (love singapore, momentum 2013)(pledge at meeting by 5000 to defend singapore from gays). Lead anti gay Christian activist in the US.

The militancy was best captured in “invading Babylon” by Lance Wallnau and Bill Johnson in 2013. The Pentecostal churches have been bewitched by the grave heresies of the NAR of making the Kingdom of God, the kingdom of this world which the church universal had tried to do under the supremacy of Rome, 1700 years ago. This is not the Reformation of Martin Luther but a return to the man centered Church trying to do God’s work enticed by the secular  glory, pride, power and wealth Satan has offered them. Satan has used gays as a honey pot to trap the evangelicals.

It is ingenious to say that the NAR has no membership, for the list of her Apostles is under the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA), and the presiding apostle appoints the members. It is a highly decentralised structure. Each apostle would have its own quite large churches/organisations. In fact, the ICA was initiated at a meeting in Singapore in 1999 attended by Ed Siloso, Peter Wagner, and Lawrence Khong. The first presiding apostle was Peter C Wagner (1999 to 2010). He was also the convening apostle of the New Apostolic roundtable. Peter Wagner is now the Presiding Apostle Emeritus and John Kelly has taken over, the now International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICAL).

The word of God to the evangelical Singaporean church is “not by might or power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord”.  Conquering the seven mountains are of might and the flesh. When we take over the world, where the church hierachal once did, we will be no different than the world. The end never justifies the means.

There has never been a gay aggenda but a Christian dominion aggenda. May the truth set us free. By AD 2025, it will be 25 years since the start of the new age of NAR in AD 2001. The Christian Dominion would go down the slippery slope and would be defeated by the weakest tribe in the community, the Gay community whom the church had sought to repeatedly demonise.

The church had enjoyed special rights whilst gays have had little and no rights. In the last days, there will be a great shaking of the Pentecostal charismatic church because the river of justice flows down river with such incredible weight. The water is coming downstream with increasing volume and speed. The churches will be greatly humbled and broken and loose all the kingdom priveleges, public standing, wealth, power, authority, moral standing, glory, control and rule which they had earnestly sought at the expense of gays. The trumpet is sounding for the tsunami of restitution and justice is coming, to the last tribe on earth where the Gospel will reach in the last days.

Get ready the pop corn. In the US, there will be the greatest shaking of the churches starting 70 years after 1948 (return of Israel), for Jesus Christ is coming for a white unblemished bride separated from this world. The last days are starting 50 years (grace period for revival) after 1967 (return of Jerusalem), for unless the grace of God tarries, Jesus is returning in a life time or after 120 years from 1967. The Apostles will be humbled because of pride. They have been seduced by the first sin of Satan, which is pride of the morning star against Father God. Judgement is coming upon the church, by their pride, the apostles will fall.

Why did evangelical protestants drew the red line on gay marriage

In Singapore with the repeal of 377A, the evangelical churches are scared and further insisting on the final red line of gay marriages. They should be scared, for their 50 years of cultural war against gays will end soon and know their spiritual and moral position are compromised. And subconsciously, I believe they know its all a lie and gays has been used as a hot button issue for NAR dominion. The end is coming. They are against mighty demonic forces seeking to bring down the last Reformation movement in the USA.

For the last 500 years since the 1517, with 95 theses, the Protestant churches has been under both a physical and spiritual attacks. Within 200 years, the Counter Reformation has also all but took out the evangelical branch in Europe who had kept the solas of Martin Luther. Millions were killed in the Spanish inquisition. The Churches in UK escaped because King Henry VIII was excommunicated despite being given the title Defender of Faith for his role against Martin Luther.

The English channel stopped a direct invasion and so the higher institutes of education and colleges was infiltrated to weaken the protestants in UK and USA. By the turn of the 20th century, the church had undergone a conversion therapy to embrace the Social Gospel. By 1960s almost all the churches had strong liberal tendencies. The Gospel evangelism was a low priority and converted to the Social Gospel. Fundamentalism and the Great Commission were relegated to small fringe Christian bible houses and pentecostals.

Then in 1965, there was a stirring to rise up with Reconstructionism by RJ Rushdonny of the Presbyterian church with his Chalcedon foundation which forms the basis of kingdom now to make countries Christian by taking over governments and culture much like Constantine in the Roman empire.

The Fundamentalist movement and the first rain of the Holy Spirit (Azusa St 1905) arose from the turn of the 20th century to stop the decline and slippery slope into heresy and distortion of the Gospel. Alas, the Counter Reformation won out in the liberal colleges until the Jesus people charismatic movement started amongst the young people in the 60s. The latter rain movement became one of the greatest Holy Spirit movement of the 21th century and will last for another 70 years from 1948, the creation of Israel state.

In 1967 with the return of Jerusalem, there was a holy spirit revival which has led to the mega churches today. And so the many Protestant churches had a conversion therapy from liberal to evangelical. In response, the mainline churches became more liberal over the last 50 years and as the evangelical charismatic churches begin to grow at the expense of the church hierachal in many countries, the same forces were at work to undermine it.

The evengelical charismatic churches were under intense spiritual warfare because they were extending the kingdom of God. There was a hidden aggenda to bring down the churches as happened in the counter Reformation. So the powers against the churches were subtle and hidden. Religious sects and secret societies such as Mormons and Freemasons arose.

After five hundred years, it was a time for war, for a fight back for restoration of power against the spiritual principalities, church hierachal and the secular power structures. The charismatic Evangelicals begin to develop the idea of taking over the secular seven mountains and intensive spiritual warfare in power evangelism.  The New Apostolic Reformation was organised by the Pentecostals by the early 80s catalysed by the Toronto revival. It was earlier mooted by the likes of Bill Bright, loren cunningham, Francis Schaeffer in the mid 70s. The next phase was led by John Wimber in his power evangelism.

The new Apostolic age started in AD 2001. Gays were used as a hot Button issue to penetrate the seven mountains of power in society. Gays were the acceptable collateral damage for Gospel revival into the marketplace. There was now a fracture in the movement headed by Wagner/Wimber in the mid 90s, as more radical personalities forked away with Wagner including Bill Johnson, lou Engle, lance Wallnau, Che Ann, John Arnott, Randy Clark, Mike Bickle, Paul Hammon, Cindy Jacobs. Many familiar foreign invites to Singaporean churches. The word cultural war was coined by them as these Christian apostles battle to take over secular culture.

Why the repeated assertions of protecting the family and marriage by the Christian Right in Singapore when the sin was with the straight people with rampant divorces, adultery and divorces? Because they are sticking to a prescribed narrative even when it makes no sense when applied gays, for the impetus of the Christian aggressive activism was the passing of Roe and Wade, decriminalising abortion in 1973.

After loosing the gay marriage battle in 2015, the NAR had much succees in the political mountain in the US with the Pentecostals getting Trump elected as the US President, electing anti abortion judges to the supreme Court and finally over turning Roe and Wade in 30 June 2022. But the battle for gay rights and gay marriage were over, and what the Pentecostals never told us was that the records since then showed that gay marriages never had any impact to the family or straight marriages since the advent of gay marriages in 2015.

Everything that the Charismatic evengelicals preached against gays eg gay aggenda, radical gay activism, slippery slope, were in fact a Freudian slip. It was the Christian Right itself having the secret aggenda to use gays as collateral and the hot button issue, having very organised Apostolic “army” in highly structured and organised and funded activism. In Singapore, the NAR Apostles leading the fight were already appointed by year 2001 by the external foreign powers.

The NAR, the Pentecostals, and their market place evangelism had a big theological error of trying to conquer the world for power. The symbol of Christianity is the Cross and not a hammer and sickle. They were fighting with the same weapons that the Jesuits counter Reformation had done, false witness and hidden infiltration aggenda. They can never really conquer or dominate the mountains because this world belongs to Satan. We are called to be salt only.

The NAR started innocently as the vineyard movement led by John Wimber and his close association with Professor Peter Wagner of Fuller in the 1980s. It leveraged upon the latter  rain movement involving the entire spectrum of the charismatic Evangelicals in power evangelism and spiritual mapping including YWAM with a mandate to take over the seven mountains of the world. The first Reformation was about the five solas (Sola scriptura, Sola Fide, Sola Gratia, Solus Christos, Soli Deo Gloria) , versus the worldly pursuit of NAR for world domination of seven mountains. Conquering the world was the hidden aggenda. It was the charismatics who had the aggenda not gays. They were meant to bind the strongman for revival spiritually and not physically exert power.

In Singapore, the charismatic evangelicals had drawn the red line in 377a, and the next red line would be gay marriage in their NAR aggenda. But is it worth it? For the Gospel message has already been deeply undermined in their battle for dominion and for every new Reformation, there will be a new counter Reformation. For the sins of the church will always take on judgement against the church. The church has indeed betrayed the 95 theses. They have lost the purpose and meaning of the First Reformation.

How did the evangelical charismatics loose their soul? Because they repeated a lie that they are at war, coming against the militant gay aggenda. They become Joel’s army liberating the land for Jesus Christ. They repeated the lie often enough, until it becomes real in their lives. In war, there is often no mercy given to the enemy combatants. You kill and destroy without any accountability or restrain. Almost all the evangelical churches are bewitched. They were called into action using gays as the hot button issue. There are such notions of war crimes against innocent people where the church will face judgement once the self created wars are over. 

The evangelical charismatics drew the red line on gay marriage because after this line is breached they will not be able to use gays as a hot button issue nor scapegoat to conquer the seven mountains. This is the secret NAR aggenda and is anti christ. Their theology is from the very gates of hell and has no foundation of Jesus as the rock. It makes a total mockery to the Reformation of 1517. Hence the counter Reformation has finally succeeded in destroying the Reformation faith.

The NAR is a rather cruel and merciless movement and has nothing to do with the Good News Gospel, where the end justifies the means. They treat gays as collateral damage for an apparently higher calling of world domination. They never cared of the harm and deaths caused. This is not about love, but total hate, cruelty, false witness and most vilest unrepentant sins of harming the innocent no better than the liberals who supported abortions. Even as bible believing Christians, they are totally selfish and self centered with no conscience. Hence, in the last days, judgement and tribulation starts in the House of God because it has fallen. May God have mercy on us.

We are reaching the end of the New Apostolic Reformation era. The battle started in 1976, proclaimed in ad2001, and likely end in ad2025. Why? There are no more hot button issues. It has been 50 years of penetrating the politics in the US and anti gay movement. Gays are the collateral damage of war.

When the churches set a red line on gay marriage, it is also their red line for their own judgement, for after gay marriage they could no longer use gays as a point of entry to the seven mountains. Alas, we need a revival like never before, to convert a charismatic evengelical church seduced by wealth, power, glory, pride and self righteousness. Sadly the gate keepers in Singapore are not aware of their dire spiritual and moral state.

For the last 70 years, since 1948, the latter rain with Joel’s army and the Apostolic Reformation in the evangelical charismatic have conquered vast spiritual domains using gays as a scapegoat. Now the fightback is coming by the dark demonic principalities. The slippery slope has finally come, as they battle in the spirit. And the church is much weakened spiritually and morally fighting gays, the weakest tribe. In the US, with legalised abortion repealed, there are no more hot button issues for the NAR. Perhaps there is no need to fight, for the evangelical church has become a kingdom of this world instead of the kingdom of God. When the salt looses its saltiness, it is not good for much.

Why are Evangelicals afraid of gays

The former senior pastor of the Anglican church of Our Saviour summed it up best when he said “Satan is using gays to destroy the church”. Hence, the evangelicals have used gays as a hot button issue against the liberal Episcopals, and in the guise of protecting the family blamed for all the straight sins of divorce, abortion and adultery. This narrative was further emphasised by a fictitious gay aggenda and cultural wars. They believed so much their false testimony until it becomes a fact for them.

The irony is that it is true that Satan is using gays to leverage on the fears of the evangelicals. The “Gods are returning” claimed the Charisma magazine blaming transgenders of a new cultural war. The fear is exemplified by most mega churches preaching in Singapore the pre tribulation theology where they are raptured before persecution by the anti christ.

The evangelicals have been entirely presumptuous and not aware of the viles of the enemy nor be extremely careful in their words, actions and deeds. They are so ambivalent of the roaring tiger ready to devour nor mindful that Satan’s greatest weapon are half truths. They are fed a lie like that in the Garden of Eden and believed it.

Gays are the red herring used to make the evangelicals focused on the wrong battles instead of fighting the spiritual principalities. The Gods never left, and there have been a long line of anti christ since the Emperor Hadrian sat on the Holy of Holies in AD 135. The counter Reformation has all but reduced the mainline Christianity to a social Gospel.

The Christian Gatekeepers in Singapore are afraid that gays may bring the judgement of God to Singapore never mind the multitudes of pagan worship in many street corners. But the truth is much more sinister as the abuse of gays compromised the spiritual standing and gives Satan a pathway into the evengelical churches. It is a trojan horse.

The evengelical church are undermined by

1. Incense of spiritual seduction and fog of war. White becomes black, and black becomes white. They cannot discern right from wrong. Fear rules of the unknown. The incense has a sedating impact causing us to slumber and not reflecting upon our actions and consistency.

2. Failure to discern the dark spiritual strongman they are up against or pray against it despite occultic symbols in many places. There is so much demonic power because every week many are invoking the body and blood of Christ in transubstantiation and broken so that blood can be sacrificed as a pagan ritual of power against the evangelicals. So we have the much abused body of Christ hanging on the curved cross, the essence of occultic symbologies from the gods of Egypt.

The fears of Gatekeepers are coming true. We are at the edge of darkness rising against the evangelicals, and it is not because of gay marriage. What is Satan’s ultimate aim, to destroy the Gospel message and the end time Holy Spirit revival. When we proclaimed against gays, it replaces the Gospel Good News of Jesus Christ. When we commit gross and widescale injustice, it stops the power of the Holy Spirit because the blood of those who had perished in our name, cries out for justice and vengeance.

When you see the Charismatic evengelicals hardening their position and steeped in self righteousness, do pity them. For they will be trapped in the desert of Egypt. The mandate of the Antioch of Asia is no more or looks very far off. Satan binds them tightly as to delay the innvitable 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. They are trapped in their own virtual closet. Each day, the gates of the church are weakened and suffers much increasing spiritual violence because they had lost their righteousness in their sins against gays.

The evangelical charismatic church is fighting a loosing war, and they thought that it is against the gay aggenda, but the real combatants are the gods of Egypt, headed by the Sun God. That is why, the church has not been able to fulfill its its mandate as the Antioch to Asia. It is a delay tactic to re-route the Gospel and delay the 2nd coming. The fields are now white unto harvest, but the laborers are few or lost. The world will know us by our hate instead of love, grace and mercy in Jesus Christ. There is no easy redemption for the church herself.

why protecting marriage is a red herring

In condemning gays and insisting on marriage as between one man and one woman, the evangelical charismatic church has lost their conscience because it is the norm in the bible of one man having many wives. So what are the Christians protecting? They don’t know themselves because truth is hidden yet obvious. Historically, Sex is a central part of ancient religious faiths but is seldom advertised nor understood its purpose. In sex, blood is spilled and we have a joining of spirit and soul.

There are deep spiritual forces at work binding the evangelical charismatics if they could only discern the Holy spirit of God and not seduced fighting a fake war. There are no large scale holy spirit revival as we saw in the day of pentecost where the power of the Holy spirit was demonstrated widely with signs and wonders as a witness to the Gospel message. Why? Because the Pentecostals are distracted and morally, legally and spiritually compromised in our sin to take away the basic rights, lives, hopes and aspirations of gays, aggravated by our false witness declaring them as vile sinners. The blood has a voice especially the hundred of thousands of gays that has died at the hand of the evangelical’s condemnation. Their innocent blood calls out for justice. The evengelicals lack power because of sin against gays and because they don’t bind the principalities by praying contiously, but instead put gays in the closets.

God created Adam first and not Eve. Out of Adam, came Eve. So in terms of hierachy, Adam comes first. The fall came because Adam did not do the manly thing to kill the snake and hence lost the inheritance. It was not called marriage in the time of Adam, because it was leaving their parents living together and having sex to consumate the relationship to become one flesh. The one flesh comes with sex.

When a man marries a woman, the two becomes one in the sex act. Therefore, the woman has the same standing as man before God in marriage. In the same way, only men goes to the Jewish temple and worshipped God. In pagan Baal worship, only men had sex with the pagan priest to join themselves with the demon deity. As the woman is one with her husband through sex, the deity sees them together.

It is precisely because of this that the entire population of Sodom and Gommorah got destroyed. The men were Baal worshipers who wanted to penetrate the angels so that the demonic spirit can enter the angels. Alas God destroyed them all including all their wives and children. Because in marriage through sex, God sees the husband and wive as one. It was the abomination of deep Satanic worship and not because they were gays.

The liberals tell us that Sodom fell because of poor treatment of the poor and in poor hospitality. The bible is hiding the truth. When they invaded the surrounding cities, they forced themselves upon the men, thus making them women, and causing the demonic spirit to enter into the captives thus possessing them. This was the abomination that God destroyed Sodom so contrary to evengelical charismatic interpretation. When we put gays in captive in the closet, the church takes on the judgement of Sodom.

Before the law of Moses, the man could go directly to God. After the mosaic law, they must go through the priests who set themselves apart to God with sacrifice of the innocent lamb to enter into the throne room. The pagan Baal faith, also had a priest which will be married to the deity. When the worshipers had sex with the priest, they are becoming one with the demonic spirit just as man and women are joined in sex.

The evangelical church calls gay as sin. But the foundation basis of sin in the bible is the Ten Commandments which is written because the Jews fell into spiritual adultery by worshipping the Egyptian gods, the greatest of which is the Sun God. Therefore, when Moses turned the sky dark, the Sun God was defeated. The 7 clobber verses in the bible does not make it sin because it is not in the Ten commandments and is describing pagan faith worship rather than same sex orientation. There were all together 10 plagues in Egypt each representing a demonic principality.

Since gays are not mentioned in the Ten commandments and we don’t criminalised the mentioned items such as not worshiping the God of Israel or committing adultery, why is the church so keen on cancelling gays. Because there is a deep demonic influence which is blocking the truth and blaming gays, the fact that the universal church herself is in adulterous relationships with the gods of Egypt. The occultic symbologies is clear for all to see.

Why is gay marriage so destructive to the Christian faith? When the worshipers go to church, they connect with the deity through the Father who is celibate because he is married to the mother god. This goddess has many names seen in the mother child portrayal in ancient Egypt, and the worship of Cybele in ancient Rome. In fact, her symbology is also in the US dollar note because the founding fathers worshipped the Egyptian gods.

Where does the sacrifice of the innocent lamb ended up? In the weekly sacraments when the body of christ is invoked supernaturally and Jesus Christ is tortured and broken over and over again and blood spilled as a sacrifice. The symbol of a dilapidated Jesus hanging on a bent cross is an occultic practise to join with the mother deity to receive power.

So when the churches come against gay marriage and insist on marriage between one man and one woman, it’s not that they are pro family, but if the priests were gay and have sex with each other and ultimately gay marriage, it would breakdown the spiritual power structures of the church. Its like having multiple partners in sex instead of one partner that possesses the priests. So it weakens to flow of power of the spiritual deities.

Rabbi Jonathan cahn claimed that the Gods are returning which he is blaming on culture ie gays, but the Egyptian gods never left. They just morphed into different entities but the truth can be seen in their occultic symbologies which is so deeply entrenched in the nations and the church hierachal. The wheel of life or the womb of the universal church is at Forum Sancti Petri. In the centre there is penetrated the obelisk representing the phallus of the Sun God from Egypt. The obelisk represents the phallus of the Sun God entering the reproductive circle of life or the womb/vagina. The obelisk is apparently 4000 years old and commissioned by Amenemhet II for the city of Heliopolis in Egypt. As the sun moves, the shadow forms a sun dial covering the circle of life of the church. This is the ultimate ungodly sex and it is not gay marriage.

When Paul visited Rome, he was so perturbed by men having sex with men whom he calls an abomination because of the joining with the gods through sex. The priests were castrating themselves to worship the mother god, and the worshipers would have sex with the priests thus joining themselves to the spirit. The church blamed it on gays to hide the fact, they also took on the worship of the mother goddess in the church to maintain power and authority on earth. It was what Satan had promised if one bows down to him.

The church is often depicted as a woman, as a bride, fully white with Jesus as a bridegroom. In 2nd coming of Jesus Christ, the bride will be married to the Christ centered Church. What does Satan do to stop the return of Jesus Christ? To commit adultery with the church. It was therefore so ironic that the Christian Gatekeepers wore white to come against gays, when the deepest and darkest sexual obmination has been happening in the heart of the church universal for 500 years. There is a temple incense of seduction, deception, and fog of war which has prevented the charismatic Evangelicals to see the truth, to run around in circles fighting gays rather than fighting the strong man in the heavenlies.

Why is the evangelical charismatic churches so anti gay and gay marriage because our theology comes from the charismatic and Pentecostal churches in the US. These churches are highly patriotic and so they prefer to live in a lie because the truth is so disturbing that the Founding Fathers were deeply occultic pagan worshipers and US was founded for a New World Order. So everything is blamed on gays as sin.

In Deu 5:11 you shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God… “

In Judges 2:13 and they forsook the Lord and served Baal and Ashteroth.

The truth is that we live on earth which belongs to the Satanic principalities including the Sun God. This means that control, authority, power and wealth is ultimately tied to the controlling principalities. Subconsciously we know, and Gays are scapegoat for our sins.

The evengelical charismatic churches becomes so holy and self righteous until wearing white because they have put all their sins on gays. There is deep spiritual abomination in the universal church not just any sin. In the last days, God will judge the church. Protecting marriage is a red herring when the church universal is in deep adultery. For the charismatic evangelical churches, it is a double tragedy because instead of fighting the strongman so that the Gospel revival could come, we tried to cancel out the weakest tribe for something innate and not a choice for which we are bound to loose and put into the very same closet we put gays in. At the meantime, we do not realised we are spiritually screwed by deep demonic darkness. In summary gays are a red herring to trap the Pentecostal who has the weapons of warfare to bring down the strong man but fighting the wrong war.

What the church lost in fighting gays

A Methodist church pastor painted gays as the most successful activism in Singapore with the Pink Dot getting big attendance each year with the last message of “repeal 377A”. The truth is that they only organised a picnic with average performances. Crowds were drawn by a common unity of pain and suffering of persecution by the church due to something innate and natural within. The activism is nearly non existent, disorganised, leaderless, and nothing like the highly organised fervent activism by Christian groups in the exgay movement in the 80s, followed by the Aware takeover attempt, and wear white movement by Anglican churches and FCBC. The churches are loosing and blamed on gay activists when the real reason is that gays are innate and justice has a tendency to flow down river, gather pace and not stoppable.

The Christian evengelical churches are loosing something very precious before God and men

1. Integrity. The core reason why Christians are against gays is to protect the bible, the Word of God. Gays being so innate in their sexual orientation undermines the authencity of the bible based on the evangelical charismatic interpretation. Therefore, a fake narrative of protecting the family, marriage and fighting for the common good is used. The actual reason is to protect the Word of God. Gays are dispensable. The anti gay narrative is repeated so often that the churches themselves believed in their own fake news. When we loose our integrity, we loose our message, influence, and respect. For when the salt looses its saltiness, it cannot be but thrown away.

2. Gospel message. When the Episcopal Church in the US fell into apostacy by rejecting Jesus death and resurrection, the Anglican South led by the churches in Singapore used the gay issue to kick the Episcopals out of the Anglican communion. An honest person would have just declared that the Episcopal Church is anti Christ for it has rejected the centrality of Jesus Christ as Lord, God and Saviour. Instead the Anglican South used the gay hot button issue thus undermining the Gospel because it is actually the Gospel which the Episcopal had rejected.

3. Conscience. As the church kept hardening their stance, the church is increasingly loosing conscience because it did not care for the many thousands of gays who lost their lives because of the exgay theology and the condemnation of the churches, coupled with the hundred of thousands denied true love. When our conscience is so sheared after 50 years of the anti gay movement, we loose discernment before the Holy Spirit of God. You can’t hear the Holy Spirit because your hearts are hardened.

4. Debts. The church takes on debts on the harm caused to the gay community. Each life lost, each life wasted and trapped in the closet becomes a debt liability for the church. When gays come out of the closet with the repeal of 377A, there is a moral law which will put the church in the closet as a sin debtor. What happens when we have sin without the blood of the lamb at the door post, the church opens herself to angelic spiritual attacks.

5. Grace. The church in Singapore grew in a mega manner after the baptism of the Holy Spirit of the Anglican Bishop in Bangkok in 1972. The growth is by God’s grace, not by our own efforts, but all unmerited and undeserved. The grace of God shown upon Singapore after it got ejected from Malaysia. We only fully understand God’s grace in Jesus Christ when we give God’s grace and mercy to others. Instead of giving grace, the evengelical charismatic churches have been a leading voice to maintain 377a, and even to strengthen it to include lesbians. When we do not give grace, the Holy Spirit could not move through our lives. The power of God is not manifested, and a deep sense of self righteousness grows within.

The evangelical charismatic church in Singapore has lost the 377A but they are so hardened of heart that they do not see their own sins and repercussions. The river of justice will flow down river with increasing pace and volume. But there is no backing down for the church with a tsunami coming. Ironically, the Christian Gate keepers wanted to protect singapore from God’s judgement by putting gays in the closets, they might end up causing it upon their own heads.

377A repealed as we Go out to the hedges

Luke 14:23 and the Lord said unto the servant, ‘Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled’

Why is 377A being repealed because God is moving in the highway and the hedges in the end times, the last generation. A special invite has been sent out to the outcasts for the world has rejected Jesus Christ, as the way, the truth, and the life. However, It does not look good for the churches. They preached the law and so what they sow is what they will reap. Gays are not mentioned in the Ten commandments yet worshiping pagan idols are. Yet, we don’t call for the ban.

For the charismatic evengelicals in Singapore, it is one of their greatest disaster and subconsciously they know it. Why, because the bible says whatever transgression we sow against others, four fold we shall receive. Gays are so naturally innate that the church has had to spin very hard with many lies and half truths, because the truth scares them and for many, it undermines the bible.

Blibical Christianity has never been particularly pro family. It has always about Jesus Christ being king of Kings and Lord of Lords, above every principalities. When God wiped our pagan worshipping nations, all were killed including women and children.   King David had a few wives but his son solomon had 700. But in the anti gay movement, we suddenly took on the pro family mantle when the bible was never about one man married to one woman. In 1976, same sex activities was legalised in California. Non of the breakdown of the family happened. It was also a time of the charismatic renewal.

The real abomination in the bible is worshiping other spiritual Gods apart from the God of Israel and not gays or gay marriage. Even the church itself is steeped in abomination with the church hierachal worshiping Mary and the sun god. Yet, when we hide our sins, our conscience needed a scapegoat. For 500 years, gays has been the gentle lamb to be sacrificed. And judgement of God is coming upon the church.

In Singapore, at the National Day rally 2022, it was announced that the 377A will be repealed soon as the public opinion becomes more accepting of gays, and the law coming under increasing challenges as contradicting the equality under the constitution. Yes, the repeal was inevitable but for the many lives lost and deeply harmed, it matters little. They are like dry bones in the Ezekial valley of bones.

We are in a slippery slope not into immorality as claimed by the Christian Right for the straight people has already a monopoly of sin causing family breakdowns with tens of thousands of adultery, divorces and abortions, but an uncontrolled descend of the church into judgement and great shaking. Time is increasingly compressed and so many things will happen so fast. One of my most dislike verse is where the Word of God does not pass away, in the context that sins will be remembered. The repeal of anti gay laws is a trigger for judgement of the sin against gays for the last 500 years.

Although Singapore is a red dot, it has mega size influence in the charismatic and evangelical Christianity being the lead nation in the breakaway anti gay Anglican South grouping. So the NCCS and the Pentecostal were attempting to keep 377A through fervent activism even though it is actually non of their business. Gays are a weak minority made sin by the church for their own sins and for the transgressions of the straight community. Although a historical milestone, it is too late for the thousands who died due to the condemnation by the church in history. Their blood calls out for justice, and 377A is about perpetuating injustice and stealing from the weak. They are dead, so the repeal doesn’t really matter that much, but their blood cries out for judgement.

The Pentecostal churches and the evangelicals in NCCS conveyed their deep regrets whilst claiming the high moral ground of protecting the children and family. The irony and hypocrisy is that the churches never protest against abortion nor seek to have divorce and adultery criminalised in the same manner. These are kept silent because it reflects that the breakdown of family is caused by straight people themselves and has nothing to do with gays. So the pro family arguments hides their sole reason which is their blibical interpretation. This is the anti gay Christian agenda to “cancel” out gays with false facts because they are unable to reconcile their Bible interpretation with the seemingly innate sexual orientation of gays. It was never about true love but selfishness and religiously inspired animosity.

The repeal will result in a great downhill of the churches, hitherto unmentioned because 377a is the indirect legacy of the foundation of the Anglican Church. The 377A in Singapore was modeled after 377 Indian colonial code of 1871, which in turn  was based on the Act of Buggery of 1531 by non other than King Henry XIII. After executing most of his wives after divorcing them, King Henry put all the blame upon gays and founded the Anglican Church when even the pope condemned him. The repeated claims of immorality by the church hides the deep skeletons of the church in white washed tombs. They are blaiming gays that for which their church founding forefathers were the greatest sinners.

The churches in Singapore preached frequently about judgement and sin, but they don’t realised that the time of grace is over and judgement coming for 500 years of robbing from gays their basic rights whom many had perished:-

-500 years from the founding of Anglican church (Anglican church founded 1534)

-50 years from the clock tower revival (1972), and the baptism of the Holy Spirit of the Anglican Bishop. Changed the liberal Christian landscape to an evangelical holy spirit led thus ushering revival.

The repeal will open a Pandora box and it is not about the breakdown of marriage or the family, but the breakdown of the church which is essentially founded on sin and blamed on gays 500 years ago. The church is founded by Henry XIII on grounds of grievous sins of murders and divorces which he blamed gays on.

The Christian churches have hardened their positions because the very possibility they might be wrong has severe spiritual consequences of a backlog of 500 years of judgement. Their pride and misunderstanding of God’s grace prevented a Stand down and they will see gay couples being so innate and natural every day of their lives as a reminder. Ie they must continue to wear white and to paint gays as black when the truth is the reverse.

Without the Anglican Church, there will be no Methodist nor Presbyterian church, or the Assemblies of God. Hence, the fight by all the Evangelical Churches to maintain anti gay laws first initiated by its founder Henry XIII in 1531 because they know their foundation is mired in sin. Once 377A is repealed, there is 500 years of judgement against the church.

The judgement on the church will be as follows:

1. The gates of the church will be shut and padlocked just as we put gays in the closet. The church will still be mega in size but trapped.

2. Revival and holy spirit power will be quenched for the blood of the victims cries out for justice.

The antagonism against gays by the evangelical charismatics is rooted in the firewall of fundamentalism against the liberal theology of the Jesuits counter reformation which has all but conquered the church and the bible colleges by 1948. It was not surprising that the Malaya Christian Council did not allow the bible houses to join. All the Bishops were then quite liberal. With the charismatic revival of 1967 of the Jesus people, there was a move to put a firewall around the Word of God. Hence, the anti gay movement arose as to protect the bible. It had nothing to do with gays because they knew pagan worship was the abomination and not gays. A false narrative was created to protect to bible and to maintain an outward consistency of Bible interpretation. Gays were dispensable.

The Christian churches will come to a point of grace where they realised that as Paul said, I am the chief of sinners. There comes a place of humility where pride melts away and a deep repentance and contrite heart emerges.

All the anti gay laws are being repealed in the civilised world because God is moving. Outside the city walls into the fringes of society, to the outcasts hiding behind the hedges. “Go out” in luke 14:23 means that one go out of the mainstream to find them. The Gospel has reached the mainstream of society, the city dwellers and even to the poor (luke 14:21). However, even in Singapore, the number of protestants is less than 12% despite 100 years of evangelism and charismatic revivals.

In the last days, God is inviting the last outcasts in society to come into the kingdom of God. It is a special personal invite ie “compelling them personally”. The first part of this invite is breaking down the hedges, the fence.

The End is coming. Jesus Christ is returning. Gays are a trigger because Jesus Christ is bringing the fence down. They are the last tribe. The repeal of 377A brings an end of deep wrongs and a start to right the wrongs and injustice. May it bring peace and shalom from the God the Father.