Christmas, but where is Christ?

The Christmas lightup at Bugis shopping centre in Singapore for Christmas was incredible, great stage, sound and decorations. The only issue was the main issue that Jesus was missing from the scene and there was no manger. The entire Christmas scene was replaced by the Avengers.

There were no complaints from the public nor Churches to the shopping centre and non of the blogs reflected on this irony that the incredible green hulk has replaced Jesus Christ. No one really bothered for our anti gay preoccupation has diminished the Gospel Good News. Whatever half truths, hyprocisy, and grave harm peddled by the church with a very loud voice, has meant a silencing of the message of the Cross of Calvary of God’s love and salvation in Jesus Christ of dying for us. For 377A was uniquely anti Christ, for instead of loving and dying for others, we took the lives of others for the only benefit of maintaining our theological construction and blibical stand. For the churches are afraid because gays are so innate, it might undermined the bible itself. The slippery slope was that if the bible was wrong about gays, surely it could not be the Word of God.

In the 377A debate, the churches have kept maintaining the moral high ground claiming that gays are not discriminated, and using the well known slogans of protecting children and the family. But the churches never called for banning divorce or abortion, or legalised prostitution. We put all the sins of the straight community on gays, put them in the prison closet and then have the audacity to say gays are not discriminated.

The denial by the churches of gays to love and be loved, on the basis of a moral framework, and then call their gross denial of basic human rights a matter of righteousness, undermines righteousness and holiness itself and hides pure evil. To then say that it was the churches who suffer discrimination rather than gays means that they have no conscience. Now the world judges the church, and the churches will be called to the judgement seat of Bema.

After all 377A came from the laws by King Henry VIII, the defender of the Christian faith, divorced his wives and had them killed. Its now 500 years after the law of buggery was instructed by the King. The church is hiding the fact that the reign of King Henry VIII and his gross sin of persistent adultery and murder even as the defender of faith changed England and the world forever.

Religious wars reign after his death under his ligitimate children Edward VI (1547 to 1553), Mary I or bloody Mary (1553 to 1558). Elizabeth I (1558 to 1603) came stability and the return of the Protestants. But she never officially married, and James I (son of Mary I) became king. She had an illigitimate son, Sir Francis Bacon, and the tension and tales between King James 1, Sir Francis, and Sir George Villairs (1st Duke of Buckingham and gay lover of James 1 and antagonist of Sir Francis) changed the world in the creation of the KJV bible, spearshaker society, and masonic and rosicrucian secret societies of Bavaria and their battles with the Jesuits, and the founding of the United States. Gays were used as a sin to hide the adultery, secret religious and pagan sins of the elites, royalty and church hierachal.

This is the first Christmas after 377A is repealed. Just as the churches put gays in closet, there is a kind of judgement coming where the churches are put in the closet.

We go back to the Christmas celebration scene in Bugis. There was no Jesus but an incredible green hulk. Once the churches looses its salt, it will not regain it and its usefulness for the Good news Gospel message has been undermined. In UK, where the new defender of faith, a King Charles is being coronated, the christian faith itself is being undermined with Charles not believing that Jesus is The truth, the way, the life to God. After all, King Charles like King Henry VIII are divorcees. After 500 years, gays are set free, but the very drums of judgement is coming upon the Anglical church of closed doors and closed hearts.