A Walk by Faith

Last 2 or 3 years, too many Christian friends have died early and suddenly. I suspect that they are tired after fighting the good fight of faith being gay and Christian. It is not being conflicted that is the issue, for most have reconciled their Christian faith and their sexual orientation, but they have lost so much of their lives. At the end of the day, many have lost everything. It is too much for them to bear. I don’t blame them. I missed many of them.

How do we walk by faith? Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of the Lord. It is not listening to some theologian preaching about his/her own man-made religious construction of the many gods in this world nor self effort of love to reach some mysterious divine being, but the Word of God, the Word of Christ giving life to the tired soul. When we do not see the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, there is no power to save, deliver nor resurrect out Spirit. When God is made to be so far and distant, it contradicts the good news of God’s embracing love and closeness to us as a friend, as Saviour, and as God. In Christ, the God of Israel is no longer distant but now family. Continue reading