Pastor Sy Rogers – the end

The death of Pastor Sy Rogers formerly of Church of Our Saviour in Singapore marks the end of the ex-gay ministries. Pastor Kong Hee of City Harvest in remembering Sy said that he provided clarity and helped for those who struggled with issues pertaining to human sexuality. At the end, many friends who were under his ex-gay ministry or heard his teachings at various charismatic churches became very suicidal, and departed from the faith, or even died due to self abuse/suicide.

The ex-gay ministry destroyed the faith and personality/soul of many. The churches associated with Sy Rogers and provided him an ex-gay platform are equally responsible. May God have mercy on them.

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The End is near but not today

As the Coronavirus Covid-19 strikes the nations with some nations having deaths of more than 1,000 a day, the talk of the End Times among Christians with Jesus coming anytime becomes very hot. I believe Jesus is not coming back anytime soon, although the season of His coming back is very near. The Coronavirus will end because this is something not new for the Spanish Flu killed many, and the world moves on but it changed the world. This is a very dark Easter with so many deaths and the virus comes in the night killing many so quickly. But as Believing Christians standing on the finished work of the Cross of Calvary this Easter and not on our own good works, we have an assurance of true faith that we will be with Christ that even if we die today, we will live in eternity with Christ.

Some people of faith even blame gays, and they may not be that wrong that someone should be sacrificed to appeased some angry gods. The sinners however are not gays but people of faith even mainline Christians worshiping pagan gods who are but fallen angels. But Covid-19 is not caused by the God of Israel, but Satan. When the world voted against the God of Israel in the UN in Dec 2017, so is the covering of God against darkness lifted. And all the nations will suffer even Israel because redemption has not come. Eg if the earth’s electromagnetic fields decline, we will be exposed to dangerous rays. But these rays had been there all the time just that we were protected. This is a fallen world. The virus has always been there but the nations have made a mockery of God’s grace and tumped His Holy City.

There is no 7 years tribulation after rapture. Just as in the days of Noah, they all died in the day of the Lord when the flood came. No 7 years tribulation. Which means if Jesus came back today, the grace for salvation and the door to heaven will bang shut and the whole world destroyed in a blinking of an eye.

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