Crisis in Evangecalism claims CT

Christianity Today claims that there is a crises in Evangecalism because they support Trump and the Republican Party. If they are consistent, it should also means that there is a crisis in Liberalism because of their total support for the Democrats and the Clintons. Reference was made to solutions to solve this “crises” to emerge to being more thinking through Liberal writings such as by Brian Mclaren departing from orthodoxy. The crisis was said to be due to lack of questioning and not knowing God but liberals often question because they do not believe and wanted to create God in their very own image and be gods themselves and negate God’s supernatural power as a mystery.

We are reminded of Bishop Spong’s similar insistence that Evangelicals must change to be more mainline or perish. Alas the Episcopal church has since fallen sharply. Evangecalism will not fade away because the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus is relevant, yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is not about being Conservative nor centrist. I believe CT has forgotten the God of Israel personified in His Son Jesus Christ, so too has many Evangelicals.

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Christianity Today has fallen

The US evangelical magazine has insisted that Trump should be removed for major moral failures based on the Ten commandments and on the foundation of Billy Graham. They forgotten that Billy was no Saint. After his dealings with Nixon went public, he stayed out of political fray. But Christianity Today went headlong in.

The Christian left and the mainline news organizations cheered when Christianity Today made the damming assertions that Trump is morally unfit to govern. Over night, the mainline Christians were repeating the posts with glee. What Trump did was more comical than destructive or worthy of such harsh judgements. Politicians have lied and abused power all the time. Where were the weapons of mass destruction or the return to peace that resulted in the US withdrawal in Iraq thus allowing Isis to be spawned overnight. Where was CT when the results of these lies by US presidents caused millions of deaths?

Is CT the bearer for high moral standards when it may be associated with the Leftist mastermind George Soros with his open borders plans? There is not a single criticism by CT of Liberal billionaire masterminds who often gains from havoc such as the financial and currency crises in Asia causing the sufferings of many, and whose ognizations actively interfered in foreign political affairs.

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Come bless the Lord all ye servants…

Many years ago, my cell group was held at the Pastor’s home. My pastor’s wife who was also the worship leader of the church was in her room and was quite amused that the singing was out of tune and hideously played. But you know, the Holy Spirit was worshipping along because we were passionately praising Jesus as God, Lord and Saviour, the way, the truth and the life to God.

Just like our singing was not perfect but accepted by God, the Bible is often not complete in fully narrating events not that it is fallible, but it is written by simple servants of God very mindful of the constraints and boundaries, visible and invisible, so obvious yet not noticed by the evangelicals. They were facing life and death to extend the kingdom of God against the prevailing pagan demonic worshipers and so must be ever so careful and constrained, and the message is often indirect.

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