End is near for chc case

The end is near for the City Harvest case. St. Paul was prosecuted and had appealed to Ceaser for preaching the Gospel of Grace. Whilst they are in strive for preaching Judaist legalism resulting in a cover up of tens of millions to start a Hollywood career for a middle age woman. The ten commandments will condemn the best of us. They had failed both the letter and the spirit.

They are bringing disrepute and shame to the entire body of Christ when a much higher moral standards is expected since they preached so much about morality and being part of the love singapore anti gay movement. This is a grave dishonour yet not a single whisper from the gate keepers. Their sins are exposed as light to the open tomb over past 6 years.

Under the Word of Faith teachings, the leadership had believed so much that Sun Ho would succeed in the secular cross over that they made things happened when doors were locked. At the end, only Hollywood and lawyers benefited. Continue reading