God will use the LGBT community as a Wash Pot

At Pink Dot, what scared the Christian anti-gay activist was an unsaid declaration by each in the gay community – “I am who I am”. I am ready to make my voice known and be heard.

It was claimed by the Christian anti-gay activist in Singapore that “there is diversity of experiences in the LGBT community – not everyone believes in the same thing or behaves in the same way”. They had conveniently defined gays into Activist, Moderates, Seekers, and Overcomers based on their anti-gay agenda. This is of course a lie, for the vast majority if not almost all of the GLBT Community knows what is like to be denied basic rights, denied the opportunity to love, with the Church leading the charge to throw the key away and put them in the closet.

It is true, not everyone believes the same, but 99% do have a strong angst against the Christian Right in Singapore, because deep in-justice is not a matter of opinion but a practical reality where gays are denied to right to be, the right to love, and share life long relationships with whom they loved. To define gays simply based on same-sex attraction and attendance of Pink Dot is to deny gays of individual sacred worth and dignity. The remaining 0.9% are gay activist who will call out the church for coming against love, God’s love. The church can only deceive 0.1% but not for long.

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