Afghanistan. Tribulation coming before the return

Deut 29:28 and the Lord uprooted them from their land in anger, in wrath, and in great indignation, and cast them into another land, as it is this day.

2 Kings 17:6…. The king of Assyria captured Samaria and deported the Israelites to Assyria. He settled them in Halah, in Gozan on the Gabor River… “

2021. 31 Aug. 3000 years after the House of David, or 2700 years after exile of the Northern ten tribes of Israel or the Kingdom of Israel (leaving only the southern Kingdom of Judah) by the Assyrian King to modern day Afghanistan and Kashmir. The return of the lost tribes are coming.

In the aftermath of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, there were claims of hypocrisy against the conservatives by liberal clergy as pictures of the desperate attempts of Afghans fleeing the country. But the real truth is the failure of liberal Christianity to be consistent with their claims of love. The total withdrawal was so uncessary. Hitherto, there were few criticism of the Taliban people of faith from the left woke activist.

In the aftermath of the US hasty and chaotic withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, all seems lost. These events reflect a stirring by a faithful God for the return of the Northern tribes hitherto lost in history. We called the modern state of Israel, but her ancient namesake of the kingdom of Israel of the Ten tribes is lost in history. God is faithful and is returning.

It reminds me of the left conducting a quick abortion of an unwanted pregnancy. Sure, Biden was correct that it was a wrong decision to go into Afghanistan in the first place, and US should not have stayed for 2 decades. But in Christian Faith, that is what faith means to accept the reality and ask God for wisdom to do no harm, and make all things beautiful in His time, and not simply abort an issue.

If it was all about disparate tribes with no government able to control them, why was the Taliban able to hold on to power before the US took over two decades ago. It was about militant faith and tribal connections that was the glue. In order to succeed, there would need to be a Gospel revival in the land to change the hearts and minds. But the Christian Right in the US were too busy fighting the rainbow gays rather than fulfilling the Great Commission in Afganistan.

The lack of Christian love and charity so often expoused by the liberals was shown by Biden refusing to extend the dateline of 31 Aug 2021 for the Afghans and citizens of nations trapped to leave Afghanistan despite pleas from Nato allies. The lack of any sympathy, grace and mercy is profound. It reflects that many Christians talked about love, but this is vanity without being about God’s grace and mercy. It is not about our love but being conscious of God’s love, grace and mercy.

America went in to Afghanistan and thought that the solution was freedom and Liberal democracy that would stir the Afghanistan people to fight against the faith militant groups. It failed because it did not tackle the twin evils of systematic corruption and the evil of law based religious faith itself. Religion is not necessarily about love but often about a series of laws to hopefully reach God and atone ourselves. These laws can be harsh and evil to justify violence because we cannot save ourselves, but need a sinless Saviour.

The bible is very clear. We are all sinners fallen short of the glory of God, but the level of judgement is the magnitude of judgement used against us ie if we talk about loving our neighbours all the time or that a kinder America is back on the World scene, the withdrawal from Afghanistan is 100% America first and 0% the people of Afghanistan (even though the Afgan leaders cared little for their own people) , we are judged thus. This is a total contradiction to our claims.

The comparisons by some liberals to the withdrawal from a small military base in Northern Syria, a desolate war zone after the faith based militants Isis was substantially defeated is silly. This is totally different from withdrawing from a nation of 38 million who had for the last 20 years came under US protection. The closest comparison is Obama’s withdrawal from Northern Iraq which had allowed the rise of Isis, again a very calculated decision by the liberals causing deaths of millions.

It is true that under Trump, the US had significantly pulled out of Afghanistan because it was costing usd 43 billion per year with nothing much in return. By the time Biden assumed office, the US forces in Kabul was just a token force, incapable of stopping the surge of the Taliban which required a top up of 70,000 troops to stop. But  there was no real need for immediate and hasty withdrawal especially when the US was holding 1500 religious terrorist of faith at the airforce base. But Biden wanted glory to declare at the 911 anniversary, despite the bad timing being the peak season for war rather than the winter months when these faith armed groups would go back home to the mountains. It was the wrong timing.

It was the liberals who had preached ad nauseum about love and loving our neighbours and the poor and minorities, but at the end, maybe it does not matter at all.  They don’t even love those who helped them, the more than 300,000 Afghan civilians who had supported the US control for the last 20 years. Overnight, if caught, they are likely to be tortured and executed. Is the notion of liberal Christianity loving others vanity?

The Christian Left was up in arms claiming that the conservatives themselves never supported women’s rights in the likes of Saudi Arabia but it was the Left who had positioned themselves as the champion of rights. They have forgotten that the conservatives never focused on women’s rights until to the extent of allowing abortion which the Christian Left is whole heartedly supporting. Therefore, Afghanistan showed that the Christian Left can care very little. They just left 15 million women loosing their basic rights.

The biggest elephant in the room is that this is not a small militant faith group, but Taliban is an entire government and army whose faith based cruelty goes against the very assumption of the Christian Left where all religions are about love. The liberal Christians are quick to challenge the Christian Right but chooses to turn a blind eye on the massive systematic faith motivated atrocities. It just doesn’t fit their theological construction.

It was all probably fated at the end, the horrible scenes of people jumping out of planes, and trying to stop the take offs at the airport. The people of Afghanistan had 20 years, yet they took their rights for granted and instead used it to elect corrupted politicians rather than those who would help them fight to the very end. They had taken the grace and mercy given for granted.

Did the Afghans deserved it as implied by Biden? They made the poor choice of electing corrupt leadership which in turn took money and resources from the fight. The picture painted by Biden of a formidable army was clearly liberal fake news as the army units lack food, ammunition and owed pay. The resources given by the US was wasted. There was no motivation to fight because the taliban themselves are Afghans. It is amazing that liberal Christians could tell an obvious lie in public when the knew they would be quickly found out as in the case of Biden.

The elephant in the room is that religion is a major problem because the end justifies the means for some. At the end, the withdrawal of the US from Afganistan marks the end of an era. Nothing is left. The support of Biden by the Christian left supposed to bring love, hope and mercy. Nothing is left except for harsh militant religions because at the end the hearts of men are sinful and could not save themselves except through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. All other works are vanity and we will be left with nothing.

We are in for the greatest upheaval in history for the hand of God controls the hand and decision of Kings including Biden. The Taliban themselves came from the Pashtuns Highlands. Ironically, it is linked to ancient Israel. The Assyrian exile in 722 BC of the ten lost tribes of the Northern kingdom to the river Gozan or modern Ghazni. God is shaking Afghanistan to return to her ancient roots.

Modern Taliban hated the Jews. The last modern Jew in Afganistan, Zebulon Simentov was himself jailed multiple times and his synogue raided when the Taliban ruled from 1996 to 2001. Ironically, the Pashtuns where the Taliban is resourced from is linked to ancient Israel. There were three waves of deportation.

734 to 732 bce Tiglath Pileser III

724 to 729 bce Shalmanesrt V & Sargon II

716 to 715 bce Sargon I

The name Afghanistan came from a person called Malak Afghana (1000 bce), the grandson of King Saul of Israel. He had a role in the construction of the first temple. His descendents later forced to convert to another faith after the invasion of their lands by the Abbasid Caliphate which ended in the lost by the Tang Chinese in the Battle of Talas in 751 AD.

The state of Israel that we see today is actually the Kingdom of Judah (tribes of Judah and Benjamin) . The Kingdom of Israel of the Northern Ten tribes vanished in history after their exile, so it appears. Incredible wars, tribulation and shaking is coming upon Afghanistan that will lead them back to their roots in ancient Israel. The sins of Assyria of bringing the Northern Kingdom into exile will now be judged. A time is coming when the lost tribes of Israel will return. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will ultimately take them out of darkness back to the God of Israel in the return of the 3rd Temple where all the 12 tribes will be present.

Deut 30:4 Even if you have been banished to the most distant land under the heavens, from there the Lord your God will gather you and bring you back.

The coming

2 thess 2:3 let no one deceive you by any means, for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing that he is God.

Just as Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died and rose again in Jerusalem, the counterfeit, the lawless one, quickly built a temple in the place of the holy of Holies. It was the temple of the god Jupiter (son of God Saturn ie Satan who is depicted as pan, the half goat with horns) built by Hadrian after the fall of Jerusalem. Hadrian forced the Jews to worship him and expelled them from Jerusalem.

When Paul wrote Thessalonians, it was perhaps around AD50. The falling away came in AD70 with the destruction of Jerusalem, and the temple of Jupiter was built 65 years later in AD135. The worship of the Emperor continued on, and the sun god was the grantor of power, hence the halo and crowns to the Saints once Constantine adopted Christianity as the state religion, with Sunday as the worship of the Sun God, and 25th December, the birthday.

In other words, Jesus Christ was subtly replaced, and put back on the Cross to be punished and  crucified over and over again every Sunday. Behind it is the worship of the Sun God Ra and Ashteroth, and Saturn, the six pointed star representing Satan or the Hexagon.

Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians predicted accurately that the Emperor who is the lawless one filled with the spirit of Satan sat on God’s throne in the holies of holies in Jerusalem, and later the Roman Emperors with their worship of the Sun God. The God Jupiter is the Son of the ultimate God, Saturn who is a personification of Satan. The world calls it the tree of life or the wheel of life (which is actually at the centre of the church hierachal) but it is actually the Hexagon of Saturn bringing us back to the Garden of Eden, the forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil.

The evangelical charismatic churches have been claiming that the day of the Lord, the coming back of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, will only occur after the lawless one has come. They see it as the future, whereas the truth is that the lawless ones have come and have been sitting on the throne to be worshiped as God and later in Rome as the Co redeemer. The falling away of the Christian church has occurred 1700 years ago. The lawless one is not one person but many who sat on the throne and worshiped as God with the power of the Sun God with the gates of Hades at the centre of the church.

Sunday after Sunday, we see the charismatic Evangelicals preaching that the strong man has been defeated at the Cross because the captives are free, but the irony is that the demonic principalities has a great hold on the church hierachal, and there has been Reformation and counter Reformations. And Christ is being poured out in the church hierachal where the bread and the wine becomes the actual body of Christ, ie Jesus is being crucified over and over again in occultic symbologies.

Therefore, we have such a self righteous charismatic evangelical Church that they do not see that they wear black not white, for the ancient hierachal church has fallen a long time ago. They still think that the lawless one will be coming and they be raptured well before, rather than the church has fallen being part the institutionalised faith hierachy with many  anti christ throughout the history replacing Christ as God. For the last 2,000, Jesus Christ has been replaced in many churches as the direct access to God the Father without intermediaries until God becomes a God of many names.

The strong man, the anti Christ is defeated in the sense that those who proclaim Christ as the Lord and Saviour are no longer slaves to the strong man. The power and authority is found standing on Jesus Christ, on the power of resurrection and the blood of lamb making us righteous and a child of God.

2 thess 2:8 and then the lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming.

For Paul, once the anti christ appears. Surely Jesus Christ will come back and take His rightful place to finally defeat the enemy. But the timing is based on the days of the Gentiles being fulfilled. When the bible was written, nobody knows the exact time because nobody knew the exact trigger point. And the days of the gentile came to an end with the First Zionist Congress in 1897 ushering in the greatest Holy Spirit revival and Satan’s desperate attempt to kill all the Jews in Nazi Europe in the Holocaust.

There have been many anti Christ in history, not only because they claimed themselves to be God and to be worshiped and had replaced Jesus Christ as the point of grace and salvation, but they sat in the centre of the temple of God, the stairways to the heavens.

There was two falling away as predicted by Paul. The first was the falling away of the Jewish nation in AD 70 to AD135 when the 2nd temple was destroyed, and Emperor Hadrian, a type of the anti Christ built the temple of Jupiter in the holy of Holies and sat on the throne at the centre of the temple as God to be worshipped by the Jews. The second falling away was the rise of the Emperor Constantine, who made Rome and the Sun God, the centre of power and worship merging Christianity into it in AD 324 at the Edict of Milan and later formalising the takeover of Christianity by Rome in the Council of Nicaea in AD 325.

It was not gays who had caused the fall of the Roman empire as often claimed by the charismatic Evangelicals. It was a immoral nation steeped in occultic practices and worshiped the enemy, destroying the 2nd temple in AD70, at first persecuting Christians but by the 4th century, consumed the churches as part of the Roman institution. The fight has always been the five solas, Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Solus Christos, Soli Deo Gloria, Sola Scriptura, in totality. Just as Rome destroyed Jerusalem, they too fell by the hands of the barbarians. It was not gays.

The physical and spiritual battle for the last 120 years since the First Zionist Congress in 1897 is one of the return of Israel to Jerusalem, and the Holy Spirit revival. The charismatic Evangelicals has blamed gays because the real anti Christ(s) are within the church hierachal and major faiths who now revealed by the very fact that they opposed the return of the Jews to Jerusalem because when Christ comes back, on the day of the Lord, judgement will come upon Rome, and Washington, and the centre of political and faith powers around the world.

So we have the mega churches in Singapore declaring every Sunday that the strong man is defeated, and that immorality is personified by gays. And when the anti Christ comes, true Christians, will all be raptured before the tribulation against the anti Christ and people of faith. The real truth is that one cannot separate the wheat and the weed (mat 13:27 to 30). Even the day of Lord, Sunday, is in actually in honor of the Sun God with all the saints having a halo in their head and their pagan symbols filling the church hierachal. So when the Christian Gate keepers wear white, they may be gray or even black. Gays are just the scapegoat.

It is with great irony that a former senior pastor, Derek Hong, of the church of our Saviour once said that Satan will used Gays to destroy the church. Historically, the only openly gay Emperor was Hadrian and it was him who built on the Temple of Jupiter, expelled the Jews from Jerusalem, and then changed the name Judea to Syria Palaestina after the Bar Kokbha revolt by the Jews due to Hadrian putting his own statue at the most holy of Holies and demanding to be worshiped as God. Therefore, the church is in for a time of tribulation and judgement, and gays will be the trigger for the harm caused by the church. Just as the church put gays in the closet and threw away the key, this will happen to the church.

Gays are always the scapegoat of the church as immoral because the evangelical Church dare not look within for many great evangelical pastors have paid homage to the church hierachal just as Satan offered Christ, power, glory and honour. In the end, lawlessness of the Evangelical church will be revealed and judgement will start within the church.

Jesus Christ is coming back. In the last days, there will be a very long period of judgement and tribulation against the nations and the church hierachal for what they have done to the Jewish people. The weeds will be separated out from the wheat in God’s judgement and tribulation against the nations. The centre of the church is not wear white but full of weeds which slowly entangled the church for the last 2,000 years.

As Christ is, so are we. It is time for a Holy Spirit end time revival before great tribulation and judgement reigns across nations and people of faith so that they will let the Jewish people go back and return to Jerusalem to rebuild the 3rd temple of God before the return of Jesus Christ.

For I am building, a people of power and I am building a people of praise. That will move through this land by My Spirit, and will glorify My precious name.

Jesus we enthrone you, we proclaim you are King, standing here in the midst of us, we raise you up with our praise. And as we worship full your throne and as we worship fill your Christ, and as we worship fill your throne, come Lord Jesus take your place.

Come Lord Jesus. Come.

The nameless ones

As I walked passed a famous economical chicken rice in Chinatown Singapore, I always remember the seat I sat when talking to a dear gay Christian friend. It was the last time I saw him. His story is one of the many killed by the condemnation of the Charismatic Evangelical Christian Churches. They are nameless, for few recalls nor remembers them, nor call for those who had caused harm to be bought to justice.

When the Christian Right takes away the basic rights of gay people, they do it by grouping and labelling, so that gays are no longer a person created wonderfully and uniquely in the image of God, but hitherto referred to solely by their same sex orientation. The gay person becomes nameless. Christians refused to see beyond a person’s sexual orientation, because the truth scares them that their gay sexual orientation is innate and the evangelical’s Bible interpretation wrong. What else could be wrong? And who bears the punishment for the sin against gays? Jesus Christ?

Liberal Christians are no better. They don’t see the unborn as humans at all, but a problem to be destroyed and annihilated not because of health, but because of selfish choices and personal rights. The rights of the unborn does not matter because they are nameless and hidden. The liberals don’t really love, and perhaps hate the unborn that was killed, and they became nameless. These supposedly Christians kept on emphasising on love ad nauseam as to compensate for their hidden sinful deeds. This again is vanity.

The Christian Right in Singapore are dumb silent on abortion with the wear white gate keepers not giving even a murmur against it despite the many public statements against gays. This is because they do not want to look into their straight mirror and see their own much more horrid sins. Putting their own straight sins on the gay gentle lamb will not save them forever. Instead of rainbow banners insidiously welcoming gays home to be changed to straight, shouldn’t they be displaying aborted foetus when thousands of abortions take place yearly. This again is vanity.

We are actually all nameless, because we are all sinners fallen from the glory of God if indeed Christ is not in our lives as the payment for our sins. We often hear that we are wonderfully and beautifully created, but the God of Israel sees us as nameless because we are under Satan’s dominion and ownership. We remain as such until we call out to the God of Israel through the name of Jesus Christ, thus giving us back our name and presence before God to be pulled out of the nameless swamp and be given a name as a child of God.

Some ask why we pray since God is all knowing. It is because the God of Israel can only have the right to answer and help us if we pray to God in Christ Jesus to ask for help on account of the finished work at the Cross. After all, we are actually nameless, all sinners before God under Satan’s domain. God has no moral reason to answer our prayers let alone to bless us where it is needed since He is all knowing. He is unable for righteousness sake until we give God a righteous reason. And that reason is our petition standing on the Rock and the finished work of the Cross. If Jesus had not died and risen, our prayers have no standing to be replied, let alone many who do not believe Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

Many churches are nameless because the God of Israel sees them nameless as they pray to a God of many names for the God of Israel is a very exclusive God, for God is One and does not want His glory shared whether the Mother Sun God Ashteroth, the Sun God Ra, or the saints, the holy Father or the universal divine. The church say “let us pray” but it is not to God the Father through Christ our redeemer and advocate, for many churches now do not believe that Jesus is Lord God and Saviour, nor the truth, the Way and the life. They play church to justify themselves before man and God. This is again vanity.

The US dollar note has the bold statement “in God we trust”. However with pagan symbologies on the very same note to the Sun gods Ra and the God Queen Ashteroth, which God is the US trusting? Is God nameless unless we meant the God of Israel? The liberals and even conservatives have made the name of God vague, until it is nameless and there is no salvation and redemption in Jesus Christ, as Lord God and Saviour. Even God becomes a nameless divine in the liberal theological construction becoming themselves little gods and co-redeemers. With God nameless, all is vanity.

This week, Gays are given a name, it is Tom Daley who had won the Olympic Gold and Bronze medal in diving, and another gay person, Jerry Windle, the father of an Olympian Jordan Windle who took care of the Cambodian orphan and raised him up to be a champion. Whilst the same time, the news in UK, US, and Australia was about the head of Hillsongs being charged for concealing child sexual abuse. When gays are given a name, the church is in trouble because the nameless is given a name whilst Christian leaders with a big name have their names dishonoured.

The nameless ones are also victims of sexual abuse often by faith authorities such as Catholic priests and Church pastors. They stayed quiet bearing the guilt and shame. The charge against Brian Houston was that he covered up the grave sins of his father of sexual abuse against minors. The cover up is coming to an end for the church. Soon their sins will be uncovered. Houston was charged because one of the nameless victims decided to come out and took on a name.

The evangelical church has stolen the lives and dreams and bore false witness against gays. As long as these are nameless, there is no judgement. As the nameless ones receive names, the church is guilty as charged and judgement starts at the church. In the end days, the God of Israel will give the Eunuchs a name in the house of God. In the ancient times, there are Eunuchs of straight people due to forced castration or natural Eunuchs with no desire of sex with women. The God of Israel is giving a name to the outcasts in the last days, that their lives will no longer be in vain.