Russia invades ukraine, fall of the West

Russian, a predominantly “christian” country in its Rusian orthodox church in moskov attacks Ukraine, its brother who is also “christian” in its Ukraine orthodox church in Kiev.

In Singapore, mega church pastors talked about the beautiful church, the platform God used to bring about His kingdom on earth.

The mega churches talk about end times with the Russian Ukraine war being about the end times rise of wars and tribulation. They are not insightful of history with 5 major events, and the next event coming is a real big one, and its not war but the fall of Rome and her offsprings, and the fall of the Sun God, reflected by the financial power and spiritual control of the masses. There will be a rise of the East.

1. Ad70. The fall of Jesusalem by Rome, and subsequent rebellions for next 100 years when the anti christ sat on the throne. Millions died.

2. Ad325. Rise of modern church hierachal church. The apex sun god came into the western church. The supremacy of Rome meant that “christianity” became default faith.

— 1st to 4th crusade. Rise of the financial powers of the West in the Templars Knight. In 1202. Constantiople. the western church attacked the eastern church. Fall of Eastern church. Started shift of Eastern church to Kiev. Resulted in rise of Ottomans and massive invasion of Europe with tens of millions killed over next 500 years. Ottomomans started to fall after battle of vienna in 1683.

— Reformation 1517. Challenge against the Western church. Resultant counter reformation with tens of millions killed. Rise of Anglican church. Gays persecuted by king Henry VIII, who was the arch defender of faith, against Luther.

— world war 1, tens of millions killed. Jerusalem freed from turkey/ottomons in Dec 11 1917. Start of holy spirit revival azuza steet 1904. Twenty years after 1st Zionist congress 1897.

— world war 2, hundreds of millions killed. Nation of Israel returned 1948. Jerusalem captured later in 1967. Start of holy spirit revival and Christian right/mega churches in the US and Asia. Anti christ tried to destroy jews. Tens of millions died. Gays and Jews special targets.

The next event is the fall of power of Rome/West along with Turkey. Ukraine war is a trigger along with Covid to bring down the ancient financial centres of the West already started falling in 2008. The hand of God’s protection was lifted as a result of the UN resolution 2334 meant to divide Israel in Dec 2016. The resolution against Jerusalem was almost 100 years after General Allenby entered Jerusalem in Dec 1917.

We go back to an antichrist Emperor Hadrian, in the destruction of Judea in the revolt of Bar kokhba in AD 132 to 135 because Hadrian sat at the holy of holies, after which Judea was renamed to Syria Palaestina, 100 years after Jesus Christ died and rose again. The power of the West against Jerusalem shall be loosened. Let my people go. Jerusalem will have peace when her children returns to her.

We have 2 holy spirit revivals marked by. 1897 first Zionist conference. 1967 jerusalem return in 7day war. The first lasted 70 years, the second 50 years. The third is coming, one of incredible holy spirit power of healing and miracles.

There has been 50 years of grace since 1967 to let my people go, and yet after 50 years the world still did not repent and insisted to divide Jerusalem. The period of grace is over and its not because of gay marriage. Since, the nations seeks to divide Israel, God will divide the nations into east and west, and cut down by half and by another half the size of the financial wealth and stock market. The people boast about the value of their houses yet seek to divide the house of God. For judgement is coming where there will be a double division of their value ie 0.5 x 0.5. The people will rise up against their governments whether in the east or west.

The word of God is to hide and go to the mountains not because of tribulation nor persecution but a raging fire of the world wide great depression hardships over the soon coming next 7 to 10 years where jobs will be very hard to find and interest rates very high, and all our wealth in stock market are 1/4. For out of great fire, will Rome let my people free and peace coming upon Jerusalem.

Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines forth… Our God shall come, and shall not keep silence: a fire shall devour before him, and it shall be very temperous round about him

Ukraine war – a truth about Putin and Christianity

In Charisma Magazine article “Vladimir Putin’s Connection to Christianity May Surprise You”, the lack of emphasis of the war, violence and death in Ukraine, and Syria caused by Putin was utterly surprising. Instead, it seeks like liberals do, ask the question “But do we really know who Vladimir Putin is? Do we know what drives and motivates him? More specifically, do we know for sure why he has invaded Ukraine?”, which it doesn’t answer. It is not a twisted marriage or outright support of Putin and hence implicated in the evil as frivolously claimed by the Christian Left, but the alleged connection is purely based on Putin’s strong anti-gay stance inline with the Orthodox Church.

There is a flaw in the Christian Right, a flaw which is against the fundamental of the Reformation, which is Solus Christus. During the height of the anti-gay movement in Singapore, a mega church pastor claimed by Satan is using gays to destroy the church. He wasn’t too wrong. Because Christianity has become defined by whether we are for or against gays, when it should be whether we are for or against Jesus Christ. The legalist would claim that Christ didn’t come to replace the law, because conveniently neglected to preach that homosexuality wasn’t condemned in the Ten Commandments. But murder, including by definition the unborn, but we do not see rallies against abortion. It is because straight people are sacrificing to Molech of old.

What both the Christian Right and Left did not realized is that it is always about Jerusalem, even the war in Ukraine. When Obama mentioned in passing in the UN in 2014 about the historical links of Crimea to Russia, it was a gross understatement. Historically, Ukraine was not the occupant of Crimean peninsula, it was Russia who annexed it in 1784 from the Tartar hoards who lost from from the Ottomans after the Russian Ottoman war (1877-1878). Tartars were far from innocent and they were part of the “Golden Horde” who were the Mongols invaders under Batu Khan who invaded Kievan Rus and Moscow in 1242 who splintered the land. Otherwise Russia and Ukraine would have remained much closer for the lineage were traced back to Vladimir the Great, the founder of Orthodox Christianity in Russian. It was the conflict between Churches (Catholic vs Orthodox) in Jerusalem, in the Muslim Ottoman Rule in 1853 that led to the First Crimean War between the Europeans (France, UK, Italy)/ Ottoman and Russia which used the excuse to attack Crimea to limit the increasing Russian power. it was the Turks who were supported by the British fleet who declared war on Russia on Oct 4, 1853.

A hundred and seventy years later when Russia attacked Ukraine, it is a start of the ancient conflicts between Europe, Ottomans, Russia, and between the major faiths – Western Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox, and Muslims. What the Christian Left never preached about is the fact that the 4th crusade attacked Constantinople (Centre of the Eastern Orthodox Church and under Byzantine) in 1204, weakened it significantly and started a decline that led to the city falling to the ottomans under to Sultan Mehmed II (Mehmed the Conqueror) in 1453). The weakened Byzantine could stop the rise of the ottomans from 1299 to 1453. After the ransack by the Western Catholic Church of Constantinople in 1204, the Byzantines could only recapture Constantinople in 1261. As Kievan-Rus based Kiev was primarily a secondary trading city on the river trade route to Constantinople, it was also much weaked to fell to the Golden Horde. The fall of Constantinople, also led to the massive Muslim invasion of Europe and 450 years of great wars which lasted from 1453 to 1917. It ended in Word War I, with the lost by the Ottomans of Jerusalem in 1917. The Battle of Jerusalem against the Turks ended with General Edmund Allenby entered the Old City on foot through the Jaffa Gate on 11 Dec 1917.

The claim by the Christian left that somehow the Christian Right in the US is aligned with Putin, is so neglectful of facts. Yes, the Christian Right is so careless using solely gay marriage reasoning to support the Russian Orthodox church, and for some by extension, Putin. The move is historical for it brings us back to the 4th crusade, with history reversing itself. Ie the West and the Catholic church will be weakened by the move from the East to the West, with the coming fall of Rome. We are coming back closer to the return of Jerusalem, before the coming back of Jesus Christ.

Christian anti gay activists

A reflection on the list of Christian anti gay activist who left us.

Louis Sheldon (May 2020)

Sy Rogers (Apr 2020)

Marcus Brown

Ravi Zhacharias

Bob Enyart

Bishop Eddie Long

Sometimes, we project our own Ten commandment breaking sins on the gay gentle lamb, rather than fight against the real abomination which is the goat at the apex of the pyramid, or stop the sacrifice of babies to molech.