God’s Justice, mercy, Grace on Jesus Christ

Matt 16:16,17,18 Simon Peter answered “You are Christ, the Son of the Living God. And Jesus said to him, Blessed are you, Simon Barjona, because flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, but My Father who is in heaven. I also say to you that you are Peter and upon this rock, I will build My church, and the gates of hades will not over power it”

A new antigay revival church led by a lesbian in Singapore recently published a video posting claiming that the pride flag is a symbol of Satan and gays are Satan’s scheme. The posts was quickly and widely condemned forcing them to make a sort of apology. Sadly, these church members are suffering themselves, internally like any exgay movement. Their way of fighting and affirming they are right and godly is to broadcast their untenable stand.

These anti gay churches ironically manned by “gay Christians” is an antithesis to God’s justice, mercy and grace. In the pursuit of Godliness they have entered into a false godliness driven from the demonic lies to deny the saving grace of christ to the gay community through false condemnation. They did not realise that the gates of Hades are attacking the church if our rock is not Christ centered. They are so zealous because they are losing the fight against their innate same sex attraction and so pour more energy to fight it and to propagate this self rejection in the name of Christianity to the gay community.

These churches have sinned against the very Word of God which is Christ Incarnate. They have also sinned against themselves by hating how God has created them. Propagating their self rejection to the gay community in the name of Christianity is blasphemy. They don’t realise that their effort is against the the flow of justice as the time and season for the anti gay or the ex gay Christian movement is over. It is a destructive both to themselves and the Gospel Good News.

The religious video posts masquerading as Christianity villifying gays as the greatest sinners would have caused much harm 30 years ago and some harm 20 years ago. But it doesn’t matter today because the gay Christians who had accepted these anti gay lies have died. They are gone, many taking their own lives in self condemnation. Just like Pilate, the hand of the church is filled with blood and bound for judgement.

Christians in the exgay ministry are preaching condemnation and condemnation kills. Their ministry causes death. Their own deaths in their soul and those who believed their deception. And this condemnation is a double condemnation because homosexuality wasn’t mention in the Ten Commandments and the context of the clobber verses is always related to worshiping other gods. That is why the church is labelled with hypocrisy. They are preaching a different and perverted gospel. It is not of the grace of Christ. There is a double curse not only on the exgay ministry but the wider churches that supports them.

There are some who say it is a freedom of choice not to act on same sex attraction. But ironically, they don’t tell that to straight people because they wouldn’t have anyone attending their churches if they do. The choices we have is to choose Jesus and not continually deny our innate sexual orientation. In the long run, such lies will result in gays denying Jesus. Through their zeal, these well meaning christians became the pawns used by darkness. The Gates of Hades is near to push our sight from the centrality of Christ into human wisdom and self focus.

Faith choices will always loose out to our natural innate sexual orientation because Christianity is a matter of chosen faith in Jesus Christ but incorrect Bible interpretation will not save us and instead put us into self condemnation. It is a hypocrisy to impose a heavy burden upon gays to come against what is natural. Jesus Christ greatest angst was against the people of faith and not gays because of their hypocrisy and Christians have a choice to do better instead of being greater hypocrites.

Yes, we are called to choose and have a choice, and it is the choice to believe in the God of Israel that Jesus Christ is Lord, God and Saviour. It is a blasphemy against God to confuse this choice with innate sexual orientation. Because we putting dear saints to choose between following Jesus and be themselves in their innate sexual orientation. That choice is so ridiculous that it is never uttered to straight people. And the nations and the heavenlies will laugh at the church.

The issue with these zealous Christians are that their Christian walk is intertwined with their struggle against their innate sexual orientation. Ie their zeal and fervent Christian faith is driven by their increasing energy to suppress their sexual orientation. As observed in the exgay movement, when they finally accept their sexual orientation as a gift from God, their walk with Jesus and faith that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life suffers because their walk and relationship with God was never based solely on the solid Rock of Jesus Christ. It was always a demanding Father, who only accepts them if they are straight. Many have fallen away.

The revival church wasn’t entirely wrong, it was just half truth, just as the Jesuits motto of white becoming black and black becomes white. Yes, Satan is using gays to illicit a response from the church such that:-

1. The Gospel message of salvation in Jesus Christ is side tracked. It takes the focus of the sins of the nation ie adultery, abortion, injustice, etc. Instead, it undermines the message of the Gospel of Salvation. People will know the church by their hate.

2. Sin is somehow synonymous to being gay, when being gay is innate, whilst the real sin is worshiping Satan rather than the God of Israel which happens at every street corner.

3. Made a mockery of the existence and true nature of Satan so that people can deny it, rather than focusing on the fact it is the force behind pagan worshiping even behind the church hierachal. Ie why would Satan used gays when he already is the strong man having most of the population captive.

The leader of the Christian church apologised yet still maintaining they were telling the truth, but they should actually apologised to God the Father. It is not the Gay rainbow flag being satanic, but they themselves duped. I see many of my “exgay” friends becoming ex exgay and ultimately rejecting the Gospel message. This is very sad. Jesus didn’t die and rose again to come against something innate such as sexual orientation. He died because we cannot save ourselves because we are innate sinners through Adam and subservient to Satan. Putting our sin on the gentle gay lambs does not make us more godly.

Jesus greatest angst was against  people of the Book, against religious leaders as if the Christian church had not heeded the warnings of hypocrisy. The first and greatest commandment is to love the God of Israel, in essence, to be against God’s enemies, ie the Satanic realm.

Instead of preaching against the darkness in the straight community and their worship of satanic principalities, what does the church do? Preach against something that is innate and attribute it to Satan and put the label of truth on it. The church should apologise to Jesus Christ because the truth is the Gospel message of Jesus Christ which is distorted by their anti gay crusade.

The claim by these Christians that gays and the rainbow flag is the agenda of Satan and epitomise sin is akin to visiting Geylang, the red light district in Singapore, and come away with the conclusion that the sin there is homosexuality. Their delusional mindset do not see the hundreds of prostitute dens for straight people. Gays are but a scapegoat.

It is true that Satan is using gays, but as the punching bag of the Christian faith to blame for their own sins. Why didn’t the church condemned the thousands of abortion each year or the pagan worship? Because it relates to straight people and destroys their narrative to blame gays. Satan is leading the church to be obsessed with gays so that the church is defined by hyprocrisy and the church would ignore the strong spiritual principalities that control the nations.

The church has totally been duped to fight a red herring and a Trojan horse because Satan is the greatest liar and has deceived the church. The self righteousness of the church has bought them into this deception. In the art of deception, it is masterful to make your enemy being busy thinking that they are in the right and using all their energy to fight the wrong battles. The fight against gays are doomed to fail because gays are innate but the church can’t leave them alone resulting in grave injustice which results in judgement upon the church.

Why is Satan so focused against these group of tiny churches led by lesbians with “gay Christians” trying to suppress their natural same sex attraction? With the demonic effort to deceive them? Because the field is white unto harvest. If these churches just realise that the demonic agenda is to put them and the gay community out of the away, their focus would be to witness Jesus Christ to the gay community and to bind the spiritual principalities rather than fighting their own sexual orientation. The real fight is a spiritual battle.

Such passion and drive by “gay Christians” to suppress their innate sexual orientation even opening churches to proclaim this false gospel if channeled correctly will change the nations. Instead, Satan tricked them to fight an imaginary enemy and they get stuck in the desert for 40 years. Propagating fake theology about gays will harm the Gospel Good News which is Jesus Christ setting you free and paying for your sins and not that you can be free from your innate sexual orientation. The gay community is not small and Satan wants to shut the door of the Gospel to this tribe through the exgay deception.

In summary, the Satanic agenda is not the rainbow flag, but the rainbow speaks of God’s grace to the nations and to the gay community. The real agenda is making sincere and passionate Christians to come against their own innate sexual orientation rather than using God’s grace to bring revival to the nations and the gay community. The gates of hades can only be overcome by focusing on the Rock, which is Christ Jesus so that the Gospel Good News is not compromised.

I am not perturbed by the rising local remnants of the exgay movement masquerading as true love, fighting hard against the world wide ending of such movements after 50 years not because it will not last and self destructive but I am sad. The opportunity for the Good News Gospel to the Gay community is just shut out by them and in time to come the same fervency by these exgay youngsters will become ardent non believing ex exgay “Christians”. Jesus asked us, to guard our hearts, because it is most precious.