Jesus is not a homophobe but our Saviour

Exo 20:7 “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.

The Christian Post article “Court Judgment: Ohio Student Can Wear ‘Jesus Is Not a Homophobe’ Shirt” on 22 May 12, and “How should the churchlove a Gay couple” represents a sub-conscious shift that despite all the hundred of millions used to prevents gays from having any basic civil rights to getting married, the inevitability is nigh. Whlist still maintaining that homosexuality was sinful, there is a glimmer of a turn around. However, the space for redemption may long been over. Continue reading

We need to die to be resurrected and to receive grace

In many societies and people of faith, there is a yearning of something beyond death and religion is a way to make sense of God and the life thereafter. There is no empirical science for few have came back from heaven to give a full testimony which could be proven as fact. If it could be proven, it is no longer faith. But Jesus offered something much better than mere religion and ideas about God by people of faith.

Jesus died but He rose again, His risen identity seen by many as a testimony of a new creation, a new body from whence He rose to the heavens. Therefore, we once grope in darkness as if blind men, but Jesus became the 2nd Adam, the way, the truth to life thereafter. We are certain of eternity, of being resurrected with Christ because of faith and hope of redemption in Jesus Christ. We have the assurance of salvation, because we have a resurrected Christ, a fact testified by many witnesses. Continue reading

Angry Queers?

A group called “Angry Queers” smashed some windows of the famous anti-gay church, the Mars Hill Church in Portland headed by Mars Driscoll on Apr 24, 2012. The Rev Jim Wallis of Sojoourners claimed that “”Angry Queers’ taking on Driscoll, Mars Hill the Wrong Way” that whilst the churches’ anti-gay rethoric against GLBT is wrong, it is wrong for the GLBT community to respond in a “hate crime”.

The Rev Jim Wallis had a strew of emotions when he read of the incident and wrote that “It also compromises the entire face of the pro-LGBT movement”, and that “..such a response actually serves an opposite purpose from what I believe was intended. “. And on the face of it, Jim is probably right. Violence is never the answer.

Yet, we smile when some is standing up to the overwhelming power and predominance of the church to say whatever they like and to cause harm with seemingly no consequences over the many decades. Perhaps the times and seasons are changing. There is a far deeper spiritual and moral reality that is emerging beyond the incident. Continue reading