An Empty darkness in the church

The strong and repeated declaration by the liberal Christians that White Christian Evangecalism in the US is the epitomy of all harm, and is needing a new reformation is actually a reflection state of the Liberal Christian movement in the US. They are really terrified of the rapid growth in the evangelical charismatic churches, finding every reason to condemn it.

There is an deep sense of hypocrisy and delusion in the outrage of the liberal christians. They are fond of accusing the evangelicals of perpetuating white privelage, but look closer, it is the liberals who are guilty. Look at the three leading liberal denominations – they are all white elites. The PCUSA is 91% white,   the TEC is 87% white, ELCA is 96% white and the UCC is 87% white. Ironically, the evangelical Christian movement in the US is powered by its increasing diverse populations of African Americans (COGIC) and Hispanics (AOG). Continue reading

Billy Graham, the Greatest Evangelist

Billy Graham died this week, age 99. Born just after World War 1, he experienced the rise of Liberal Christianity which came to control the mainline denominations pushing Christianity to their left-wing cultural Christianity. Billy graham held firm to the justification by faith in the Cross of Calvary early in his ministry and the rest is history.

Billy was a very humble person and there lies his weakness of often buttering up to the great Presidents and Popes he would meet, sometimes speaking things in private which he said just to appease the very powerful such the incident with Nixon regarding the Jews. This did not reflect the real Billy Graham who had supported the Jewish movement. Continue reading