Go and Sin no more

Sex joins two together eg in marriage, and in the bible it became a religious abomination when men had anal sex with the temple priest of Baal so that through this act, they can receive the demonic spirit. This is not the same sex orientation as we know it today. God destroyed Sodom including all the women and children (they were obviously not gay) because once the men were involved in this deep pagan occult, the spirit comes into all their families. They become one with Satan. They acted as one when the angels visited Lot. When Lot offered his daughters, it is a reminder of the days of Noah when the seed of mankind was corrupted. So let the truth sets you free that whether gay or straight is not the issue, but your allegiance to the God of Israel.

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Grace, mercy, and peace

“to Titus, a true son in our common faith: Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ Our Saviour” Titus 1:4

“Paul, a bondservant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ, according to the faith of God’s elect and acknowledgement of the truth which accords with godliness, in hope of eternal life which God, who cannot lie, promised before time begin” Titus 1:1,2

If our lives were to be bonded, what is our message or manifesto? the conservative may proclaim a Trump like support whilst the liberals will rage on about Clinton. But the manifesto for Paul is that he is a servant, a bonded servant for life ie an eternal slave to the cause, and this cause is to be an Apostle, to preach the Word of God of salvation, of eternal life in Jesus Christ. Paul was upward looking, whilst the modern the church is downward looking, condemning the sins of those outside the church as if these sins are far greater than those within the walls of the church.

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True love is Grace

Gen 28:10-19

There was quite a furore of a 3:16-church  located at various locations – auditorium 115 Eunos Avenue 3 #02-04 Singapore 409839, 178 Payar Lebar Road 409030, 19 Toronto Road Singapore 574440 with their gay conversion ministry. The description by many liberal Christians of how disgusting this is and deceptive using the rainbow imagery. But really, the church is kicking against a rock which will not move and will hurt them. But, they too are part of the Body of Christ, a body which by enlarge has rejected the gay community. This is no “safe” space but a very dangerous manipulative endeavour who cares not for the people but just to maintain their theological construction irrespective of harm.

After the forum on homosexuality and Christianity in Amara Hotel 2007 debated amongst the esteemed pastors even from Trinity, i saw young gay guys holding hands in the quiet alleyway outside the Amara hotel as i was leaving. God was talking! And today after reading the reports from the gay activist against the 3:16 church, i again saw young gay guys holding hands in the busy public places in Somerset. God is again speaking. There is no turning back…

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Turmoil in Gay christiantiny

It is just over 3 years that Gay marriage was legalised in the US, on 26 June 2015. And coincidentally, it was 15 years ago, on 26 June, 2003, that same-sex activities was legal. The major Gay denomination in the states, the MCC, has been a great blessing to the Gay Christians but the battle now starts to find meaning and purpose for existence in an increasingly left-wing mainline Christianity. Will the Rainbow bring something different to the highly polarised state of Christianity.

The recent fracas in Other Sheep (an outreach for Gay Christians) whereby the MCC members had muscled in and replaced the Executive Director, Stephen Parelli formerly of MCC and First Baptist Church  just because he is a Trump supporter is reflective of the ever-increasing liberal radicalization of Gay Christianity. The MCC had started being more inclusive with their founder Troy Perry even having Pentecostal roots. But MCC churches are now more akin to the liberal alt left of Christianity after decades battling with the Christian Right. They had become as dogmatic and narrow as those they had opposed. The outrage at the Other Sheep’s former Executive Director’s manifesto was almost universally felt by the liberal Gay clergy including the likes of Rev Darlene Garner and Rev Rachelle Brown. Has the Gay church lost its mission in a changing world? to be inclusive? instead of an exclusive hyper liberal club.

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Bringing down the Walls

The media are having a field day with pictures of Trump detaining children and forcibly separating them from their parents. It was a “nuclear” option to stop the flow of unlawful immigrants who with the help of the liberals are using all the legal loop holes to gain entry and are actually paying for the convoys of immigrants coming from latin America via Mexico.

Is this not Parental abuse of bringing young children to walk thousands of miles through dangerous tracks? If the human rights situation was so desperate in Central America, why wasn’t a resolution passed at the UN HCR to bring to world attention? After 500 years of the near universal control by the Black Pope and the Colonial elites have resulted in deep poverty and political strive in much of Latin America despite the many priest led revolutions and independence.

The mainline media has tried to twist this as a purely Trump initiative, but there were no new laws. These laws were already in the books under the Democrats but were not enforced. Nor were they exceptional. Therefore the criticism by the UN HRC was indeed hypocritical as all their member states have the same laws. Worst still, illegal immigrants in these states are by far worst treated.

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The Day when judgement begins

Zech 12:3 “It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it.

Hear the trumpet sounding from Jerusalem for the day of the Lord is here, for it is nigh at hand. It is the end of the 2nd day after the birth of Jesus, and after a full generation of 120 years when the bud was first seen in the fig tree in 1896. The flower has bloomed a full generation later. Jerusalem is again the capital of Israel. The last 50 years from 1967 when Israel first returned to Jerusalem until 2017 was a period of grace, one of the greatest revivals in modern Christianity of the charismatic evangelicals.

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Drawing people to Jesus

Gen 3:24 After sending them out, the LORD God stationed mighty cherubim to the east of the Garden of Eden. And he placed a flaming sword that flashed back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life.

We ourselves could never really draw people to God. Only the Cross can tear the curtain into two. When the curtain is torn, the Holy Spirit, the light in the Holy Place comes out to reveal Christ, His beauty and majesty. For the many churches that has denied Jesus as Saviour from eternal death in hell, the entry to the Kingdom of God is barred by the angel protecting the Garden of Eden. They will not let any to pass through no matter how inclusive we may be. The same cherubin guards the Holy of Holies.

Why are so many GLBT churches failing? despite having very good people, the resources and funding, and a captive outreach without competing churches.  Because they draw people to themselves rather than pointing to Jesus. Sermons are preached with repeated interjections of quotes from the likes of Nouwen and Borg. They have made them their idol, the pastors and famous liberal theologians. As long as it doesn’t point to Jesus, it becomes a golden idols.

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