Trump impeachment. The coming closet of the Christian Right.

Mark 3:22 and the scribes who came down from Jerusalem said, “He has Beelzebub,” and, “By the ruler of demons He cast out demons”

As liberal Christians rejoiced with glee that Trump is being impeached the 2nd time, it is perhaps reflective to say that the animus they have shown is anti Christ and will impact their own rights. Such zeal to impeach an ex-president already out of office is rather unnatural. The evidence presented of the incitement would be objectionable in most court of law because showing the actual mob breaching the Capital Hill does not prove that Trump directly incited it. Calling a protest is not an incitement for rebellion. Not doing anything much to stop the mob does mean he is guilty of causing the insurrection. Who are they led by? This is unnatural? A nation divided by extreme partisan of the liberals is no salvation on earth.

There was no speech, email, twitter text by Trump to direct the protestors to breach Capitol Hill. Political rethoric to protest does not meet these standards and so with little evidence, the left put on a grand show of the dramatic violence caused by the protestors, and the mainstream media and my liberal Christians all behind the bandwagon. For a trial to prove that Trump was guilty, the evidence presented by the left in most courts would be objected by the defence as unrelated and conjecture. A nation divided cannot stand in the best of times lest an impending financial crises. It was not about Trump, it was the Left attempt to divide the Right and destroy the Republicans. It sets a precedence for viciousness.

The danger with Social Justice is that we can easily move towards Socialism and then to Marxist liberation theology where free speech is restricted in the name of justice and equality which is an oxymoron. We now could not even use the greetings “ladies and Gentlemen” and “Father” God is banned because it is deemed politically incorrect. The very foundation is the right to free speech ie I may not agree with the Christian Left or Right, but I will defend their right to free speech even importing (I meant inviting) foreign pastors each week to preach in their churches. The move by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the mainline media to ban Trump and his supporters is very detrimental to everyone’s own freedom of speech. The deep hypocrisy of the left urging on the mob violence of BLM but now acting righteous to denounce trump.

In some ways, the Right had it coming.

The Christian Right has been most vicious and anti gay over the past 50 years. In the Red Dot, a one sided cultural war against gays have been fanned by foreign pastors invited each week by the mega churches over the last 30 years. Even the ex transgender US Pastor Sy Rogers became famous for their now defunct exgay movements. With the advent of gay marriage in 2015 and the election of Biden in 2020, the world has changed. Those that have unlimited free speech to cause harm to the weak hiding behind the Christian faith, they will be going into a closet as we see in the US.

It is not whether the “import” of cultural wars is pertinent, but the war is soon over and just as the Christian Right has put gays in the closet for the last 50 years, the churches will now go into the closet. This is Bible law. As there is false witness against gays, 4 x the judgement will be upon the church. The judgement is very clear, the loss of the speaking rights for the Gospel message. Because the church has put a banner in front of the church building that gay relationships are not about true love but straight relationships are, one day no one will even look to the church. Yet, no banner is raised against the thousand abortions by straight couples every year in the red dot. We become preachers of hate and hypocrisy.

Not so long ago, Australian Justice Kirby married his gay partner, this being 50 years together. They were prevented from marriage by the the Christian Right and their strongly held opinions. But most others are not so fortunate and their blood cries out against the church. The church has the freedom of speech and strongly held views, but there is judgement for the harm caused and justice denied.

There wouldn’t be a trial for the Christian Right nor the very loosed evidence the left are now trying to impeach Trump, the 2nd time. There is no need for a trial, because the suffering of many is judgement upon the church. Their special privilege and entitlements of the church will be no more. Their freedom of speech and to preach the Gospel curtailed because of their anti gay rethoric last 50 years.

In the recent expose of the RZIM ministries, it was exposed that their former lead minister who was virulently anti gay was involved in many sexual relationships outside marriage with other women over the last decades. There is no forgiveness nor grace because Ravi Zacharias was virulently anti-gay. The door is shutting on many Christian ministries for their false witness against gays hides their own sins.

Why would God used Trump? Because Trump was clearly unqualified, incompetant and a childish brat but his heart was for Israel. God doesn’t see the sins that the Christian Left and Christianity Today has so maligned him for. Is he a greater sinner than Keneddy, Clinton, and Martin Luther King with their many affairs? Churchill was a hero during WW2, but his helping the Russians has a tragic impact.

There is almost an incredible vengeance and hatred against Trump by the mainline media and many Christians. Why? Because Trump moved the Capital of Israel to Jerusalem by recognising the city as the Capital of Israel, thus returning Jerusalem to Israel after 1950 years from AD70 or 70 years after the founding of Israel in 1948.

“mat 12:25, 26 but Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them:” Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand. If Satan cast casts out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand?

As Jerusalem is coming to unity and wholeness again very soon, the world and its nation states will breakdown in disunity whether in Asia, Europe, and America, and the kingdoms of this world will fall whether great empires, and faiths, the Christian Left or Right or the Catholic and Eastern Church. For at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow down.