The Pink Harvest is ripening

Where the spirit of the Lord is, there will always be a gathering even in the desert. But when we dont see the lost, there is no real need for the church, the barn to bring the harvest in, neither is there a need for laborers.

In Apr 2016, my progressive friends reacted with glee when Singapore’s ambassador at large Mr Kausikan said that Kong Hee is a “disgraceful compatriot of mine” in response to the missions trips to Japan.  Perhaps they were perturbed when they heard “Sun and I were so stirred and moved in our spirits. We can hear the sound of revival in our hearts and sense that the harvest is definitely ripening” concerning Japan which has very few Christians. When Jesus healed the sick on sabbath, somehow the pharisees did not see the person but only wanted to condemn. It is sad when we progressed beyond seeing the lost. Continue reading

Is Chew Eng Han for 377a?

The 377a is the archaic law from the colonial times which makes gay sex a crime with 2 years jail time. Although not enforced, the National Council of Churches has been keen for the authorities to enforce the law. On the contrary, they should be stricter on those who had committed financial crimes against the good faith of those who donated money to charity organizations, especially church leaders who has been given such great trust and whose deeds impact many thousands and involves tens of millions.

The blog is apparently linked to the former CHC Board Member Chew Eng Han who is facing very serious charges of financial misdeeds and possible jail terms. In the latest blog entry dated July 11, 2016, on “cheating case”, they are coming out against the other leaders and ex-leaders of City Harvest church including Kong Hee and Sub Ho. This they said is a “warning to preachers not to be so daring in future to deceive church members…..”. But is the black pot calling others black? Continue reading

The Church of God’s Love

Acts 2.47 and they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship in brealking the bread and in prayers.

The church is a place where the apostles doctrine is continued in earnest that is Jesus is our righteousness, the Grace of God apart from the law, and the tremendous outpouring of power miracles following the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They continued to break bread, a reminder of Jesus body broken for our curse, and His blood shed for our righteousness. Our fellowship must be centered thus.

The greatest sin of gay churches is unbelief (John 3.18). It is not being gay. They could not believe that God is that good. We are not blessed as a church because we could not accept Christ as our salvation and our blessings. We are adopted into the religion of man, but not as a child into the family and the body of Christ. It is faith in the messiah that gives us sonship not merely religious good works. Continue reading

The House of God

Gal 1:8 But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse!

At the Metropolitan Community Church Conference (gay churches primarily in US), for the first time the word “decline” is mentioned but framed politically in the overall decline of church going in the USA.  They did not mention that liberal churches are falling off the cliff numerically. Whilst conservative are also falling in percentage terms, the numbers remain constant. The greatest growth is the charismatic evangelicals.

The issue perhaps is how to progress beyond “inclusive” and “progressive”? which obviously hasn’t work. We have taken away the power of the Cross and the hope of glory and reduced it to kindom relationships and gay rights activism on earth. Once gay marriage is achived, what then? Sometimes there is no growth despite being the only gay church in a city of millions because God is not allowed to minister His grace and love due to man made theology. Continue reading