Kong Hee is free but the Gospel tarnished

They were waiting for him at City Harvest to welcome back the hero who had suffered two and a half years so that the church could move to the next level. Sorry for the pain but not much repentance of any guilt, Kong Hee has indeed served the judgement by the law of the land albeit truly by grace because of the very short term in light of the monetary sum. And for those outside the faith, it appears to be injustice at face value, hence the many negative comments. But to City Harversters, Kong Hee remains their hero and saviour and saint. For them, Not fallen by any means, and still the Senior Pastor.

There were no call for kong’s resignation from the Christian Gate keepers at the National Council of Churches nor FCBC who were quick to condemn anything gay reminding me of the law based religion condeming the small splint in the eye of gays but not the giant logs in their own eyes. There is one standard for their own but no grace nor mercy for others.

Kong Hee was released early for good behaviour, and it looks like he has been similing, praying and reading the bible all this past 2 years. His hair became white, hopefully with more humility. However, for the wider church in general, it is a lost of integrity and innocense, a loss of a good name. The church in Singapore only cares about being anti-gay with gays the greatest sinners, never mind that the greatest bible sin is against pagan worship.

In the height of the court case, a cab drivet asked what was my opinion of Kong Hee? I replied that since it is church money, the congregation should be free to decide! the lame argument of church funds for church purpose. But I smiled as I replied because Sun Ho’s China wine was not the red wine Jesus poured out at the wedding at Cana! If it was, the cross over would have been a success.

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