faith and history about Jerusalem

It is often mentioned by some that faith and authentic christianity is about love. This is half the truth, for true christianity is about the centrality of Christ, the hope of glory, producing the fruits of love, peace and joy. Without Christ, faith per say led by good works and self righteous morality would lead to harming others directly and indirectly falling either into far right or left.

The real nature of the people of faith is seen in the fight over Jerusalem, because it is a fight for legitimacy to be considered as people of God, for Israel was the chosen nation. It is not that God has favorites, but because God chose the least of the nations, that the wise and the proud be confounded. In a way, God also chose the red dot, the least in Asia, and now the Pink Dot.

Indeed religious faith is about conformance and doing away with the personal responsibility by justifying our actions based on religious law rather than our conscience and common morality. The condemnation of gays is based on fear because it brings us back to the religions of ancient Sodom and Gomorrah where the pagan religious practices demanded the men to have sex with the priest to join themselves with demonic beings. Continue reading

God’s imperfect Red Dots

When gay christian friends from Taiwan visited Singapore, they didn’t go to the gay church but straight to City Harvest Church to my annoyance. There was a revival in their hearts and they wanted to catch the spirit of City Harvest despite all the negative happenings.

Perhaps this is expected when gay christian pastors declare their manifesto of “I do not believe….”, indirectly denying God’s redemption through Israel and the Jesus Christ as Messiah. God is not perturbed by the false image of God based on self, nor the “I” repeated many times with many facebook “likes”. Nothing new. The entire Christian faith was actually usurped when Constantine took over even though the gates of hades never fully prevailed. Continue reading

The real truth of the prodigal Son

Luke 15.21, Father I have sinned against heaven and in your sight, and am no longer worthy to be called your son

Luke 15.32 it was right that we should make merry and be glad, for your brother was dead and is alive again, and was lost and is found.

The story of the prodigal son is a story about the Kingdom of God. Many bible college graduates and pastors kept repeating their mantra about the love of God, the inclusive nature of God to receive all Peoples of faith, and lastly God working through our kindoms to the community where we are ministering to others becomes ministering and seeing God. But really, the kingdom of God works rather differently. Often we try to replace the kingdom by the kindom not realising that just like the prodigal son, we are lost without Christ. We should celebrate the salvation in Jesus Christ, the coming back into the kingdom rather than the distorted and narrow ways of the ecumenical bodies.

The story of prodigal son is not really about the son or the father but about the Kingdom of God and the return to the kingdom. Are we dead or alive, are we lost or found? It is not our works that matters but where we are and whose we belong to. When Gay churches don’t preach a kingdom message, they are denying gay people the embrace of a loving Father God.

When the son turned back, repented and returned to the kingdom, the blood of the lamb was applied to his heart for the forgiveness of sin. What he did was remembered no more. So are we when we are in Christ, all our sins are washed away, as if we had never left the Kingdom of God. The celebration was to celebrate the complete forgiveness and restoration into the kingdom, ie the communion table of wine and bread, of the body and blood of Christ. Continue reading

The veil of God is broken

It is God’s amazing grace to enter into the throne room of God, our being on earth, yet our spirit in heavenly realms. It is the Holy Spirit that leads us on, taking us there, revealing Christ in the bible, the light of the menorah, the golden lamp stand pointing inwardly to reflect  Jesus Christ for He alone is worthy.

Rev 5.12 in a loud voice, they were saying “worthy is the lamb” who was slain to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honour and glory and praise

The amazing thing about Christianity is that it was a story foretold over and over again in the stars, in the religious sacrifices, and in all the setup of the temple. At the end only Christ is worthy, all others are imposters thinking that they are worthy. There are incredible deceptions and deep darkness even in churches, trying to undermine the holiness of God and the centrality of Christ. But the law of God will never pass away in that there will always be judgement for our sins and necessity for redemption. It is our conscience who will condemns us despite our intellect trying to tell us otherwise. Continue reading

Evolution, creation, our fears

The love singapore champion Pastor Lawrence Khong of FCBC has caused a strong reaction from some of my Christian friends when Khong calls evolution a matter of faith and unscientific, even demonic. Khong is not popular being an anti gay actvist no doubt evolved from the religious pharisees of old. Some of my progressive friends also no doubt evolved from the Gnostics and the mystical Jewish faiths.

Why the angst? Because creation deconstruct their theology about God being only a God of love, and a love from mysterious  distance. The creation story involves a relationship broken, a large scale death as a result of flooding due to the inter marriage between mankind and demonic angels. We fear a God of judgement, a God of righteousness. We are afraid of the day of judgement where God judge evil because our conscience condemns us. Continue reading