Brokenness in our ministry to Gay people

In this world, there are very few Gay Christians, and even if they called themselves thus, are based on the law/love commandments of how and what they can do for God devoid of the acceptance of Jesus as the God and Saviour, and acceptance of His death and resurrection by faith at the Cross. The churches in Singapore do not realised that God doesn’t care whether one is straight or gay but whether one belongs to the light of His Son Jesus Christ, or whether in darkness belonging to Satan. Therefore as the church is busy closing their doors to gays, they are just left in darkness.

Considering alone the Chinese population in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Guangdong, Hong Kong of 30 million souls (assuming 5% gay), we have 600K, where there is hardly any ministry or churches that accepts GLBT tribe with the Word that God loves them, and accepts them, and not against them being gay, but that all mankind sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and must accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. They all talked about love and aligning with God’s love, but few gay ministries would declare the New testament message that the law/love commandments cannot save us, but it is all by God’s grace and mercy in the person of Jesus Christ. As the last days are coming, God is sending out His Word to those not in the cities, not to the highways, but to the hedges. Jesus Christ is coming back and desires that non should perish. His Word is going forth to the last tribe, in hedges.

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The Aftermath – Gay Marriage Australia

What was the aftermath of the gay marriages in Australia? straight people didn’t become gay, nor were the divorce rates, adultery, abortions increased. It was always a non-issue hyped up by the Christian Right to make a “moral” stance. But the moral stance was based on self-righteousness, and not on the bible.

  1. There was no prohibition of gay sex in the Ten Commandments.
  2. The mentioned of it in the wider text of the Torah was related as an abomination of practices related to the pagan worship of baal where straight people would have anal sex with the temple priests, to join themselves with the demonic deity.
  3. Christians has never followed the Torah, which was officially disassociated as a required practice from the entire church since the Council of Jerusalem in AD50 even though the first church was a mix of Gentiles and Jews.
  4. The bible is a testimony of the “Heterosexual Lifestyle” with men having multiple wives, affairs and hundreds of concubines. There is no one clear instance where there is two gay men attracted to each other and having sex, and this was condemned. What is mentioned in the bible is abominations which is always tied to worship of demonic gods and their practices.
  5. The Romans had their public worship of Pagan God Cybele filled with man having sex with man, and with the priest castrated hence becoming a woman. It was no same sex relationship which Paul was condeming rather blatant pagan worship not much different from the Jews worshipping Baal. Everything was in public.
  6. The bible is a testimony of “heterosexual lifestyle” of adultery, concubines, one man to dozens of wives rather than gays.

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