Christmas 2015


Christmas is a season of home-coming for many gay churches. A regular attendance of 100 may grow three-fold on Christmas day. It is a joyous occasion when water is turned into wine and we remember Christ coming not in judgement and not only to love but to die. The year 2015 has been a great year for gays with the US finally making gay marriage legal nation wide.

Freedom for gays is part of God’s plan. When we take christianity as a religion of sacraments and laws and worshipping God the right way, it binds us. Religion comes from the latin word ‘religare’ which means to bind. But Jesus, His blood calls out for freedom and redemption. Without Christ coming, God would have remained a mystery. We know God’s heart in Jesus Christ whose resurrection became a stumbling stone for both the Jews and the Greeks, and many US mainline Christians.

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