US Election Trump lost, and the end is near

With the Christian left so perturbed by the fact that it wasn’t a landslide repudiation of Trump, it wasn’t a death of democracy as they claimed, but a celebration of it. Biden won. Despite the Covid disasters, Trump didn’t fall, because his supporters were voting for themselves being perturbed for being blamed by BLM and continually being cast as white supremasist subjugating blacks and being blamed for the their poor social economic status. Discrimination do exist, but the laws against blacks were removed more than 50 years ago.

Trump did very well precisely because of the abusive excess of the Christian left and their identity politics. The indulgence into divisive racial identity politics by the Christian left is part of their theological framework of putting people in nice boxes and blaming them based on the labels put on them. Whites are cast as the rich oppressors, whilst blacks are cast as the poor victims. This creates a deep animosity and it will be further hardened into conflicts when those who felt that the elections were stolen from them. The grey areas doesn’t fit too well in liberal Christianities whose Marxist liberation theology must clearly be defined into the oppressor and the oppressed. The real sin is within all mankind, by our nature we are sinners apart of the grace of God in Jesus Christ.

The irony is that the Christian left living in large liberal rich cities pertuating race identity politics is a reflection of their guilty conscience to apply this narrative to their entire community when they are the priveleged rich highly educated wall street white folks. Hence, Trump’s message resonates deeply with the rural white folks who are perhaps innocent of much of the condemnation. They are simply a scapegoat of political and religious correctness.

Trump lost because like King Nebuchadnezza, he became proud, and thought that the US presidency was won in 2016 by his own effort when he was placed there by God for the sake of Israel. He will now go out to the pastures, roaming in twitter land.

Joe Biden won but it was not a clear victory as claimed. He slumped over winning line. A 100,000 votes either way in the marginal states would have meant a total reversal of results. Despite Covid and financial disasters, it should have been landslide. But the left framing this as an overwhelming victory may loose in the future for it is not that difficult to find a much better contender than Trump. But they have gained a bitter chalice for after 50 years of living beyond her means by removing the Gold backing of the currency, the US day of reckoning is coming.

The future of Christianity is at stake, just as the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire by the trickery of Rome using the last crusade to attack Constantinople resulted later in the Arabs invading Europe. Christianity spread because of the Romans and the Catholic Church continued the supremacy of Rome even to the extent of disposing her Eastern Church and exposing them to the invading mullahs. So too Christianity had spread because of the British, European and the US Empires.

Both the Christian Right and left have forgotten about the US privelege being the reserved currency. The greatest sin is not white privelege. The US Empire is set to diminish as it may soon looses the priveleged position of the world slaving for them and using their position as the reserved currency to chalk up debts. The end is quite near and the Dow Jones records reflects a 1929 scenario but perhaps worst with a housing buble and huge Government debts. The Covid virus will trigger her demise.

Obama increased the total debts by twice and Trump doubled that potentially ushering a sovereign debt crises. They had no choice because the US economy is no longer producing the goods but living a good life and printing more money to sustain it. It can’t last more than 50 years from 1970. And they know it. The US is desperate even to the extent of the US treasury buying near junk bonds to keep the economy afloat. The market keeps rising because the economy is such a bad state and has to be inflated by money printing and zero interest rates.

When the buble collapse in the US, it will be the start of the end, and the Christian mega churches and the mainline liberals will go down together in the US. The judgement is coming upon the churches in the US who has been priveleged and tax free whilst not doing sufficient for a charitable purpose but on the contrary known to be anti gay.

With the end of Trump and the resurgence of the Christian Left socialist movements and the Christian Right movements, they all forgotten that once the US losses its priveleged as the reserved currency allowing it to print money out of thin air, the fall is coming when the currency devalues. The division of blacks and whites so emphasised by the Christian left will literally cause great civil strife and sufferings when the currency and sovereign debt crises do comes.

The US is linked to UK/Europe, their ancestral home, historically and economically. And her fall, may further trigger the fall of Rome, the heart of the European Union, who have been against the return of the Jewish people to Jerusalem whom they had killed many millions.

The fall of Trump perhaps is the sounding of the trumpet ending and starting great tribulation in the Western nations, the former Roman Empire. Their sin against Jerusalem is not forgotten, neither the death camps nor the siege and destruction of Jerusalem and Masada.