Judgement coming, the hour glass is up.

Luke 21:24 they will fall by the sword and will be taken as prisoners to all the nations. Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.

Let us pray for peace in Jerusalem.

Since the fall, and the return via the flood, this world belongs to Satan and all the diseases, decay and suffering within. When God promised not to send the flood again, hitherto God never sent any world wide destruction. But the seeds of destruction are always present, whether the Covid virus, and the massive greed of mankind in the stock and housing bubble. It was God’s grace in Jesus that held back natural judgement. What undermines grace, just like the case of Pharoah is mankind persecuting God’s beloved Jewish people. It is not just any sin, but the sin relating to mocking God concerning the Jews which Pharoah did when Moses asked let my people go. The Covid virus didn’t come from China, it may have been released when God’s hand of grace was lifted as a result of UN resolution 2334 and we are left alone. Before the flood, the Holy Spirit departed. Let us pray that God’s grace and mercy abounds because clearly the world are wicked sinners.

The 2nd Judgement may be coming after the first of pestilence and will be far worst that the first. The chilling images of the burning bushes in Jerusalem and the rejoicing of Jews for the fire of Lord is coming to consume the nations bringing division and the dividing of power structures and great loss of wealth.

The ancient world and her religious scholars are well read and aware of the Hebrew and aramaic texts. They know that once the times of the Gentiles are over (ie Israel divided into many states) , and the 2nd temple is rebuilt, the end will come and judgement upon the nations for their worship of other gods when Jesus Christ returns. Many nations have sought to annihilate the Jews and build their own place of worship upon the sacred Jewish temple of God, the Holy of Hollies thus making it an abomination to block the end time events.

The time of Gentiles was over in 1967 and the period of grace of 50 years is over for those who occupied the land to vacate ancient Judea, and Samaria. Therefore those who advocate a two state solution in the guise of peace will be doomed with crushing judgement that has been waiting for 2,000 years. They want to divide Jerusalem into 2, they will walk away divided in their own nation 4 fold.

In the recent Gaza conflict, as Israel was poised to enter the conflict zones with their tanks, the world media was at hand to film the expected carnage. They were all ready to condemn Israel. This is contrasted to the very few videos of the site for the launching of the thousands of rockets against Israel? Why, because it is likely to be next to very populated places, UN compounds, refugee camps etc cheered on by men, women and children. This is not what the media would want to portray as innocent victims.

The world makes it a two nation conflict but it is actually the entire Arab world against Israel. Palestinians are portrayed a victim but actually armed proxy of the Arab nations, the ancient antagonist of Israel. The words used such as Israel aggression and occupation hides an the real truth that the Satan tried to annihilate the Jews in Galilee by killing 2 million Jews in Jerusalem in AD 70, and exiling them to all nations, and 1900 years later, Satan knowing that the End is near, killed 6 million Jews to ensure they never return to Jerusalem. But darkness could not stop the foundation of modern Israel in 1948 nor the return to Jerusalem in 1967. The countdown started in 1967. Those who advocate to divide Jerusalem into two will meet with their own division of power and wealth.

Hitherto, Syria Palaestina (previously Judea and Samaria before the Jewish revolt) was a deserted area in the middle east, but now the Arabs are claiming oppression which hides the truth that they are living on blood soiled property, stolen from the Jews whom God had specially chosen and given the land, to reflect His glory and grace to the nations, and whom the Saviour will return. They will never have peace because the land their occupied is filled with the blood of Jewish saints. Its only a small piece of land, breadcrumbs, 1000 smaller than the Arab lands. So the call to divide Jerusalem will return 4 fold a knive that will not return void.

It is said that all are God’s children, which is a half truth, for God sees whom we belong to, the spiritual entities whom we have aligned and bowed down to. In the bible, God see people based on the pagan principality they worshiped, because they are the strongman who had legal rights over them. So they are not innocent women and children that God sees, but collectively as belonging to whom they worshiped as a nation and people. So, judgement is coming upon the world, upon God’s” Children”, for they have sided with the evil one to oppress the Jews and had occupied Samaria and Judea for two thousand years. The hour glass is up.

We are reminded that God has no hesitation to calling the flood because they were aligned with Satan even interbreed with demonic angels both men, women and children. Such as the worship of Baal and the existence of giants so strong in Sodom and Gommorah resulting in grave violence and sexual abuse of surrounding nations to subjugate them and not because they were gays, that God chose to destroy the entire group of cities, completely including men, women and children. So judgement is coming like a rotating sword of division.

The UN has rejected the historical rights of the Jews to Samaria and Judea . Therefore, claiming the moral highground, the world repeatedly called it Israel aggression and occupation because they know that they are camping on stolen land filled with blood of the Jews, who died by their hands because the Jews chose to align themselves with the God of Israel rather than the Roman gods. If the Jews have been compliant, and not been so steadfast in faith and alleigence to God instead of Satan personified in the God of Jupiter, the Romans would have left them alone. Two thousand years later, the Jews have returned, the period of grace is over, those who called for Jerusalem to be divided in order to prevent the full return, will themselves be divided. Two thousands years of time glass waiting for judgement is up.

When the bible says the time of the Gentiles is over, it was over in 1967 when the Jews reclaimed Jerusalem. The nations had 50 years of grace to leave, and yet they are still there with hardened hearts. Israel is just a small plot of land, the middle east is a thousand times bigger, and yet they deny Israel this small plot of land. They did not leave the land but hardened themselves. Why? Did God hardened their hearts that judgement may come? We are in a precarious position when God hardened our hearts like Pharoah to receive full judgement.

Every day, there is an increasing judgement upon the nations of those who occupied Israel. The period of grace without penalty is over. Therefore, those who calls for a two nation state in the name of peace will find the wind of great divisions and calamities in their own nations.

We are reminded in the bible that the 400k Jews could have left Egypt without any gold or silver, or the destruction of the first born or the defeat of the Egyptian army, if the Pharaoh had just relented and said OK to Moses when he demanded to let my people Go. Judgement came because of the delay at which time the Pharaoh hardened his heart and instead of releasing the Jews, persecuted the Jews. The Pharoah actually had 400 years to let the Jews free. When Moses stood up to Pharoah, it was the final warning, times up. Once, the final request was rejected, it was God who hardened Pharoah’s heart for judgement. Pharaoh challenged God and lost almost everything. The nations who called for Jerusalem to be divided will themselves be divided and loose much more.

On 23 Dec 2016, nearly 50 years of grace period after the return of Jerusalem in 1967, the UN security Council resolution 2334 declared that Israel was occupying Palestine. The United Nations vehemently declared before God that the land doesn’t belong to the Jews at the end of this fifty years of grace. Now as they sought a 2 state solution in the name of peace, a sword of division will cut across the nations. The wealth and power of the nations will be cut down half by half.

Just like the heart of Pharoah hardened by God, the first of the Four Horsemen came upon the entire world. The covid was always there. It was God’s hand of grace and mercy protecting us. Once the world rejected God’s grace and mercy towards Jerusalem in the UN resolution, the hand of God is removed. Now, the 2nd horsemen is coming.

As the hearts are again hardened with many thousands of rockets, the arrows by night, against Israel and Jerusalem, the 2nd judgement of division is rearing to come out to the world of financial collapse and unrest, ie the sword is dividing the stock and financial markets.

Ironically, under Obama, the US nearly brokered a 2 nation state with most of the demands agreed by the Israel prime minister under incredible pressure by the US. Yet, peace failed because the Arabs had hardened their hearts. As Biden tries again to divide Jerusalem, the US President is not mindful that the clock is over and any nation who now seeking to divide Jerusalem risks bringing immediate judgement on their own nation.

The term Palestine was actually the new term used after the Romans crushed the Jewish Bar Kokbha revolt in 136 CE. So time is reversing itself, and judgement coming upon Rome and her children. Those who now called for Jerusalem to be divided will see the 2,000 years of judgement upon their heads.

Soon there will be peace in Jerusalem, but incredible division is coming to the nations of financial crises, great loss and unrests. The 2nd judgement is for an extended period. It will be a shaking and divisions within the nations. The Pharoahs will fall. Power, Wealth and gold will be taken from the nations. Many will loose much. There will be lawlessness and great division and conflicts within nations. It will be fall of Rome and her many children and the ancient nations surrounding Israel. The Rock will fall and topple them.

I am often amazed at the Christian Right in the US, who are fighting against gays at every front, but not realising that Obama/Biden in Dec 2016 by refusing to veto the UN resolution 2334, has put the US in grave mortal, spiritual and moral danger. And the danger of the collapse of the US economy is so near because of greed. The Covid has just expedited the coming financial crises.

Let us not only pray for peace in Jerusalem, but for ourselves. We are to flee for the return to a four fold of 1929 Great Depression is coming. We pray for Jerusalem, but actually we are the ones that trouble and calamity will come.

Jesus will bear our pain and suffering as victims of injustice

In the extreme victimhood mentality of the Christian Left, Jesus death at the Cross is simply reduced as Jesus being a victim of terror and violence. But Jesus was no victim rather He chose to die so that He could be victorious over death, and in doing so brought us the power over death. Indeed, declaring Jesus is a victim of terror and violence completely misses how Jesus saw His own death:-

1. Jesus cried for it was His own Jewish people that rejected and killed Him, mostly people of faith. Hence, there would be later grave tribulation for killing the Son of God which happened in AD70 onwards with the death of 2 million Jews and diaspora to the nations.

3. Jesus Christ did not deserve to die because He was totally without sin and was totally righteous. He was a victim because He was totally undeserving of death and not just because He was a victim of terror and violence. Hence the two thieves beside Jesus was deserving of death and were not fully victims.

3. Jesus was not a victim because It was His decision to die for us, to drink the cup of suffering. It was mankind motivated by Satanic deception that put Jesus at the Cross. Satan thought that He could destroy the works of Jesus by putting Him to death and even worst using the Jewish people. Jesus became a victim, the victim for our sins, so that we can escape from becoming victims ourselves to Satan’s deception.

4. From the Cross, Jesus looked far into the horizon and saw the hundreds of millions of harvest field His death and resurrection would bring. If Jesus had not been a victim as claimed by the Christian liberal left, we would still be in our sin. Jesus was no victim, the Cross was a necessity because mankind was doomed to suffer eternal violence and terror in hell.

At the Cross, Jesus was not a victim of violence and terror, but indeed if we should call Him a victim, a victim for our sin. Jesus chose to go to the Cross, for He could have sent His legions of angels to destroy the Roman garrison in Jerusalem. To declare that Jesus was a victim of violence and terror is an indirect denial of the finished works of the Cross, God’s saving grace and a denial that mankind is in sin and deserving of death and eternal hell.

When we say that Jesus is a victim of violence and terror, we are negating our individual responsibility but put the blame of causing Jesus death to the Romans and the Jews. If Jesus was indeed a victim, each one of us is equally responsible.

Jesus would be most saddened that after going to bible college, on Jesus death, some Christians would put it down to simply a victim of violence and terror, totalling diminishing His finished work at the Cross. This is the deception of Satan who did not forsee that Jesus’ death would take from Satan, the keys to hell and release the captives.

Jesus was no victim, but He was the sacrificial lamb. To attribute Jesus death as simply a victim of terror and violence is a subtle denial of Jesus perfect sacrifice as gentle lamb. It is His blood that washes us clean. There was no other way.

Jesus chose the Cross because there was no other way for mankind to comeback to God the Father. Jesus heart and eyes was on the multitudes. The pain that He felt of their sufferings that could only be alleviated through God’s grace which the narrow road of salvation would provide.

The self centered and sin denial focus of victimhood so pervasive in mainline Christianity has and will destroy Christianity because it will become no different than any NGO or civil organization promoting good without the centrality of Christ as the Saving Grace and resurrection power. Its self centeredness will consume us instead of acknowledging that it is us who are the sinner who put Jesus to death, and only in Christ that we are redeemed and cleanse by the blood of the lamb receiving our righteousness. The mentality of victimhood of the Christian Left will cause so much harm, terror and violence as we now see in BLM and Antifa bringing anti Christian socialist terror.

We are killing Jesus over and over again in our hateful revenge rather than letting Jesus be our sin offering and redeemed what we have lost 4 fold. We cannot find our own sanity and peace with revenge and a deep victimhood self righteousness. For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

Indeed the Christian Left mentality of extreme victimhood will not bring peace rather it will drag nations into civil wars and socialist liberation theology which itself is an endless cycle of hate, self righteousness, terror and violence. The left movements of BLM, and Antifa are anti Christ socialist movements powered by revenge and hate which will eat itself up and destroy nations.

Yes, we are legitimate victims eg the gay community who has been robbed naked by the Christian Church, but Jesus was naked at the Cross. In Christ we are clothed in a new perfect Righteousness when we chose to forgive on the basis that Christ has forgiven us of our own sin. We are no longer become victims because all our pain and suffering is put on Jesus Christ at the Cross of Calvary. Jesus Christ more than fully paid for all the terror, violence and injustice, we have suffered. Jesus Christ is the only one who can bear all our loss, our pain and sorrows, and be our recompense for all that we have lost. He did it all at the Cross of Calvary, and resurrection power.

Sky lights up on Jerusalem day, sound the trumpet

The attack by many hundreds of rockets firing upon Israel within minutes marks Jerusalem Day of 10 May 1967. It is 54 years from 1967. The attack was by Palestinians but the focus by the biased media is on Israel aggression with few in the liberal western media mentioning the massive scale and intensity of the rocket attacks nor the supply of the rockets by Iran. Turkey who is the Ottoman of old who once ruled Jerusalem is also eager to teach Israel a lesson. As her enemies surround Jerusalem, peace is not an absence of war but a coming defeat of her enemies. There will be seemingly a return to a sense of peace soon in Jerusalem for the real war will not be in Israel for the times of the gentile is over.

God has put an iron dome around Israel and Jerusalem. The arrows of her enemies shall not go through by night or day for the times of Gentiles are over. But in return, rocks will fall down from the heavens on the surrounding nations. For the coming calamaties will be crushing.

Iran and Turkey are notoriously anti gay where gays are hunted and killed by their faith based governments. You seldom see the liberal western media criticising such violent faith based actions. But the battle for Jerusalem is all about faith. Israel and most churches does not understand the time and season until they see the hand of God coming against her enemies from the North West, North and the East. They thought that peace is an absence of war when peace is a return of Jerusalem to the Jews and her enemies who had conquered and destroyed her gates and taken her citizens away be totally judged.

Ironically, the liberal Western media calls it the occupation of Jerusalem by Israel. But the historical truth is that Rome had invaded Jerusalem and killed millions of Jews, and the 2nd Jewish temple desecrated by various nations as the hexagonal temple to Jupiter and when the mullahs invaded, they built their own temple on top this sacred place 600 years later. There is no peace in Jerusalem until Jerusalem is returned and her walls rebuild, and her faith based invaders expelled.

The peace upon Jerusalem of 50 years from 1967 is over. The period of grace of 50 years is over. Therefore, the next phase of judgement is upon the nations who came against Jerusalem and had occupied her. The rocket attack is a an opening of the judgement seal not of war in Jerusalem herself (for the times of the gentiles is over), but just as the nations attempted to divide Jerusalem, the spirit of economic calamities, internal conflicts, division, and judgement is coming upon her enemies by the God of Israel.

This is just the start. As the rockets are fired, they will break the seal of the revelation at Mt Zion. The fire in the burning bushes is a sign that the spiritual hosts and mighty army of angels is coming down. There were scenes of dancing by the Jews in the background of the burning bush. Soon the fire of the God of Israel will consume the nations. The spiritual significance bring us back to Mt Sinai where the all consuming burning bush appeared before Moses to let my people go. Now the same consuming fire is coming after 2,000 years.

If the new Biden administration, Rome, and the United nations do not let the people of Israel go and return to Jerusalem but insists on dividing Jerusalem, deep darkness is coming upon the nations. It is already happening with the first horse of diseases which was triggered by the UN resolution against Israel in 2017. The triggering and escalation of violence against Israel and Jerusalem is the opening of the seal of the second and third of the Four Horsemen to come against the enemies of Jerusalem.

The enemies of Israel sees the opportunity with Biden at the helm of the US to launch the rocket attacks and pushed for a separation of Israel as desired by the liberals in the US democrats. But the more they pushed, the more is lost. The timing of the rain of rockets is prophetic.

1896 First Zionist Council

1917 General Allenby entered Jerusalem taking over from Turkey

1948 (+50 years from Zionist Council) Israel is founded.

1967 (+50 years from entry into Jerusalem and 70 years from Zionist Council) Jerusalem is fully under Israel.

2017 – (+50 years from return of Jerusalem, +70 from founding of Israel, +120 years from Zionist council) declaration by UN for separation of Israel. Thus ushering in judgement upon the nations.

The EU, and the UN is again making a grave error in a declaration that Israel’s reposessing of East Jerusalem be stopped.

The white horse has come with its arrows of diseases. Now the other horses are coming of internal divisions/economic collapse, followed by famine thus weakening of the powers of the nations with the pale horse. The horses represents events that God has allowed to occur for the power of the antichrist has come to consume Israel lest it be united. Antichrist is simply a theological framework of replacement where the world religious systems replaced Christ to take the centre of glory, revelation and the way and truth to the God of Israel.

The next horse is coming…. It is important for Christians to prepare for the next stage is going to be worst than Covid because overnight the stock market going to plunge and the housing bubble and debt crises will follow. This will result in grave internal conflicts around the world as 1929 repeats herself.

The Gate keepers of the charismatic Evangelicals in Singapore got it so wrong. They thought that God will judge Singapore and send the flood because of gays, but forgotten that blibical abomination is idol worship and not sexual orientation and the greatest abomination is the world making the temple Mount in Jerusalem, Babylon. The men at Sodom and Gommorah were not gays but had wives and children and were worshipping Baal, and in their faith were subjugating the surrounding nations through anal sex, and they wanted thus with the angel of the Lord visiting Lot. Why is the church deceived? Because gays are scapegoats to avoid the deep darkness of pagan worship and their gods which remain the major principalities today. The Freemason and the templars also worship the gods of Sodom and Gomorrah but no one calls them gay.

Blow the trumpet in Zion Zion, sound the alarm on my Holy mountain. They rush on the city, they run on the wall, great is the army that carries out His word. The Lord utters His voice, the Lord’s army, before His army.

Sound the trumpet from Mt Zion Jerusalem. A new kind of War is coming but the spiritual war will be at the gates of the city of the enemies of Zion who had laid waste to her. Through Zion, the powers and principalities of this world will suffer grave violence, before the great revival once the enemy is bound.

As the world is so interlinked and declared with one voice at the United nations that Jerusalem is to be divided, so will great calamity coming, in some nations more than others. Pray that this time might be shortened by God’s grace and mercy for the incredible pain and suffering is coming for a deep and dark winter.