Nashville Red Line

The Nashville anti gay statement driven by the likes of Russell Moore of Southern Baptist and ex-gay advocate Christopher Yuan was a red line of anti gay positional statements by the evangelicals. The statement is really for their own consumption and to boost their own confidence and assurance as gay rights and marriage is all but accepted.

It is to keep the faithful in line as the acceptance of gays is knocking louder even in the most conservative evangelical church, 2 years after gay marriage was legalized. The Pew Research reported that 60% opposed gay marriage in 2004. In 2017, this has dropped by half to 32%. In 2004, 31% was in favor of gay marriage. Today, in 2017, this is at 62%. This trend is set to continue. In 2004, 44% of millenials supported gay marriage. Today, this has increased to 74%.

What God values as important is our allegience. When Solomon had too many wives, God didn’t rebuke him for going beyond one wife but for the wives worshiping another God. When the bible speaks about a man having sex with another man, it was always in the context of spiritual abomination, because only men were allowed in the worship of Baal and they joined themselves with the pagan god via sex with the priest. Would Jesus have rebuked gays? Yes, for unbelief for all of us have fallen short of God’s glory and righteousness.

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