The curse of religious fundamentalism

Singapore is in the midst of religious fundamentalism with the call by love singapore and the catholic church to ban Madonna and Adam lambert. We wouldn’t need Madonna if their geisha aka china wine had succeeded in Hollywood. Alas, its not just scantilly dressed women, pole dancing. The curse of religious fundamentalism is that we see only the small sin in others but not the log in our eyes, whilst at the same failing to do the common good in our society. It detracts us from the centrality of Christ and the grace of God.

Religious fundamentalism is part of the human nature and is driven in part by the yearning to return to God’s abode in the Garden of Eden. We are created in the image of God, each with a yearning to be in relationship with God. Outwardly, we may proclaim that we are all children of God, but consciously we know we are separated on our own account. Blibically, we are separated twice, at Eden, and by the flood. Continue reading

Grace actually

In a city of 5 million, say 1 million christians and catholics, we have 50k gay christians who may not be readily attracted to churches who offers a welcoming door but still the same old law based religion, whether of doing work of love or doing moral self control. Our conscience convicts us of our sin, and that sin is not because we are gay. Our conscience condemns us.

We are moral creatures made in God’s image. We know it in our conscience that God is not only a God of love but also a God of judgement for He is a righteous and holy God. The mainline churches are so vehemently anti gay because their law based theology condemns them and they are putting their own sins on the gay gentle lambs. Continue reading

jesus is still on the throne

When we were younger, we have an ideal view of life – family, work, church and love life. When all falls apart, Jesus is on the throne though the rubble, pain and sadness may be deep and dark.

Religion has forced gays to walk through the valleys of the shadows of death, but Jesus leads us to rest beside still waters, the burden and the yoke of the law of religion replaced by the light burden of expecting God’s grace to come in by faith. Continue reading

The suspension of the christian century

Some were upset when the Episcopal church was suspended from the Anglican Communion  for supporting gay marriage. It is a red herring when the real reason is perhaps the church over 150 years with her elite seminaries of Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Oxford, and Cambridge have “progressed” to a denial of Jesus, as being born a virgin, resurrected from the dead, and is God and Saviour. The rest wanted to stay far away and have a reason to do so. They too are sinners but sin differently.

God has allowed the liberal churches the space to do His will in social justice. Its just that they thought they had made the road by their own walking. The space is getting smaller as what has been grey has been made white and black by the church strong effort to exclude a biblical Gospel faith in the name of diversity.

Their presiding Bishop Rev Curry calls for a Jesus movement but does not believe in individual salvation by faith in Jesus, nor that Jesus is The way and truth. For the Anglican communion, the gay reason is only an excuse because the fear that such regressive voice may spread beyond the Episcopal church. It is with irony that the old colonial states are now excluding their former masters from the table. Continue reading