The CPF is not like CHC Building Fund

The attempt by a famous Singaporean Blogger Roy Ngerng of Heart Truths to associate the Government investments/CPF to the City Harvest Court case was met with a quick legal response.

I just wonder if Roy had talked about gays and their lack of rights, whether he would still be accepted by the general public. Nevertheless, his heart for basic freedoms, equality and accountability is something we need for a better society. However, the mob at speakers corner which Roy frequents as a speaker could easily turned against gays!

In fairness, the association of financial misappropriations was very far off, unlike CHC where the accused have a clear case to answer. Continue reading

Joel’s army coming soon

The Christian group Love Singapore has links to foreign Christian movements including the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Pastor Lawrence Khong is an ordained apostle since Year 2000.

It’s not that Singapore is becoming more conservative, we are the target along with African Countries for a Christian conservative transformation and domination using covert means disguised a moral defence, and pro-family. Gays are the wedge issue for army mobilization. Continue reading

The Red Dot Army fails to land at Padang

The attempt by Faith Baptise Community Church (FCBC) to hold an anti-gay rally on June 28 at the Padang (main public square) in Singapore where we have had national rallies have been denied. “I am puzzled by MSF’s restrictions on TOUCH to organise and also confused with their position on family.” Said Pastor Khong. But I guess, the hidden agenda and ulterior motives were found out. It was not meant for their own national day padang rally against gays.

Disguised as a pro-family and pro-morality event, it would instead make gays the scapegoat as a rally call for Christians to unite. Strategically, this was on the same day as the Gay affirmative Pink Dot event planned at nearby Hong Lim Park. It was a political rally for power and influence by Christians. The participants wearing Red in the Red Dot family movement, would rally against their Pink counterparts in the Pink Dot. Continue reading

Pastor Khong blames Gays for Conservative sex revolution

Pastor Lawrence Khong of FCBC and Love Singapore highlighted the Momentum 2014 held at FCBC where a Dr Jennifer Roback Morse proclaimed that LGBT agenda has resulted in three decades of a sexual revolution promoting divorces, abortion, and adultery in the straight conservative population. Hence, gays are to be blamed for the conservative sex forays.

It is like going into Geylang in conservative Singapore, the red district many times bigger than Kings Cross in Sydney and say it is all caused by homosexuality when gays played no part in the conservative debauchery. The desperate blame game undermines the integrity of the Christian faith. Continue reading

Religion vs Christianity

In Brunei, the King in Brunei has just mandated the death sentence for gays under the religious laws of his faith. In Malaysia, a national newspaper made a ridiculous spin that the massive rally against the GST in Dataran Merdeka might be infiltrated by gays to become a Gay pride. This is the state of religious faith.

There is no outrage by progressives because they still believe that religion is about love. Religion is about religious laws required to go to heaven and to define whose a sinner and a saint. Gays of course are the worst sinners and the convenient religious scapegoat we placed our sins on. Continue reading