Covid 19 – a return to the Holy Spirit

In this highly partisan world, the mainline churches are seen as demanding for the churches to be closed, to help those most affected by the virus whereas the Charismatic Evangelicals have focused on global outreach though the Internet and getting the church open. Both are good attempts at following Jesus, but missed the fundamental question – how is the church different from an NGO welfare groups? This was in-light of the fact that in Singapore, the first Covid cluster were centered around the evangelical and Charismatic evangelicals. There is no incense in the church to ward of darkness.

Numbers 16:46 So Moses said to Aaron, “Take a censer and put fire in it from the altar, put incense on it, and take it quickly to the congregation and make atonement for them; for wrath has gone out from the Lord. The plague has begun.”

Today is Pentecost Sunday. Have you ever wondered where the Holy Spirit have gone? There was darkness in Israel for 400 years before the birth of John the Baptist where there was no Holy Spirit revelation. Many mainline churches do church today and proclaim sacred encounters but there is no Holy Spirit rather routine religious ceremonies.

The incense here speaks of Jesus Christ. As the church proclaims Jesus as the head rather than the tail, atonement comes. However, if the incense is our human effort, then plaque continues. In SG, the first few clusters happened in Churches? Hence, all the services became remote online. What happened? Why is there no healing anointing in the church in Bible houses and Assemblies of God? The sin of the church is not discerning the Holy Spirit but giving space to Satan’s lying witness which leveraged on our fears. We must return to the Holy Spirit of God and wait in the upper room to pray for revival.

Many Christians are scared that judgement even flood would come because of gay marriage because they are deceived by the lies of Satan who is worshiped at many street corners. If they are so afraid of the flood, wouldn’t the flood already come when the Romans crucified Jesus Christ, God’s Son. The sin of mankind that resulted in the flood is not being gay but worshipping Satan whom some Christians even deny.

Let us discern the Holy Spirit of God instead of fear and self righteousness lest the Holy Spirit is removed from us just as prior to the flood. This is happening since 1967, when the Jews entered Jerusalem. It ushered in the End Times when the Holy Spirit will not tarry with unbelieving mainline and a heretical mother church.

When we put the label of sinners onto the forehead of gays, Satan would undermine the church by causing the mega church leaders and priests of the mother church to have their sins exposed. It is all a matter of optics. Satan is using gays as a trojan horse to feed the self righteousness of the church and to distort the Gospel message from the centrality of Jesus Christ. The world will know us for our hate and hypocrisy and not because of Grace or love being the salt in a fallen world. The purpose is to make the church loose its saltiness.

Now that judgement is happening with this plaque? Where are the gate keepers wearing white? Let us return to the Holy Spirit of God rather than act blameless and blaming others. If we want revival in Singapore, the church has to go to the upper room instead of plying the streets and blaming gays. In the upper room, there is humility before God because we have sinned against God for persecuting the innocent. If we ever were to be the Antioch to Asia, the mega churches should not add to the Gospel of faith alone.

The church is called to be salt to this fallen world. Why is it fallen? Because it belongs to Satan. If we single out gays as sinners, persecuting the innocent, it would destroy the calling of the church. When we are sin conscious we tend to amplify the apparent sins of others. If we looked into the original Bible text, we should realise that the alleged sin of homosexuality is actually the worship of Baal because it was practised in this context not that they were same sex attracted. If straight people were having sex with temple prostitutes in the worship of Aphroditus, does it make heterosexuality a sin? Surely not. The sin is worshiping the demonic deities.

The church is in bondage and lockdown long before Covid. In many churches, Jesus is kept dipilated and hanging from the Cross as if not allowed to die nor rise again. So he is kept dripping blood as some sort of continuing pagan sacrifice every week to maintain the power in the church. But only with the risen Christ whom the Holy Spirit of God can come down like fire and wind. The light cannot dispel darkness if we hold on to darkness. Let us see the light and fire of the Holy Spirit anointing.

In many ancient churches, there is a need for the holy fathers of the church when God meant for us to go directly to Jesus at the right hand of God the Father. No one should be called Father lest it displaces the Father in heaven. There is no one Holy except by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Even Mary and the Saints are sinners needing redemption. There is no relevelation except by the Holy Spirit of God to bring us into the Holy of Holies.

The ancient mother church has long become Babylon yet all the evangelicals are worried about is gay marriage because they do not discern carefully by the Holy Spirit but listened to the false witness of the devil. The church is in bondage yet they could only blame gays as the gentle lamb to be sacrificed.

Many US mainline churches even don’t believe that Satan exist but is ourselves which ironically is partially true since they entertained the voice of Satan so much until they become one. Only the Holy Spirit can set them free if they only humbled themselves at the upper room.

The mainline churches with their long list of religious academic credentials have long sought to restructure and reconstruct Jesus into their own image as social justice hero which He never was. Healing and feeding the poor and baptising in the lonely desert doesn’t make one a radical street protestor against power in the city. Jesus chose to die in the city, not to come against injustice but to pay for our sins, for liberation comes from within. We are not free inwardly without Jesus Christ.

Why are some reconstructing Christianity? Why not? The Conservative churches does the same proclaiming Jesus as the chief pharisees at the Guard House wearing white and coming against gays. Just like the religions who bought the adulteror to Jesus, you could never ever find the man. After all, there are less than 10,000 abortions each year is done in SG without much protest from the Christian Right. Why? Straight people sins are put on gay people.

The Covid 19 has found the church wanting, without power nor healing presence. In US, the mainline churches wanted to follow Jesus but they have no power nor healing. Because in the Bible, they followed Jesus home, whereas these new age Christians want to make Jesus their own. There is no power nor salvation in the flesh.

Satan also made the evangelical churches so fearful of sin that they crucified gays. But it is always the sin of others. No one bothered that people worship pagan gods at every street corner that the bible condemns as abomination. We need to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit and be filled with the Holy Spirit of God to do the will of God. The lion lingers to devour.

When they crucify gays, they put the innocent to the Cross and the condemnation by the law comes back to the church four fold. So there is no power and healing in the church because they are bound by blood in their hands like Pilate did which cannot be washed away. The gate keepers may wear white but those with spiritual eyes see their blood stain and Satan smiled with glee. Let us listen to the Holy Spirit to proclaim Jesus Christ as the centre.

We have lockdown for the last 3 months in many parts of the world. Many are suffering depression, loneliness and even protesting. But many gay people, have been in the closet for a whole lifetime because the church have kept them there. When we throw away the keys, we also ban the Holy Spirit from filling the church over and over again that revival may come.

It is said that Covid will soon be over when the economy restarts, but many have forgotten that a financial pandemic will follow the plaque. The virus has pricked a hole into the giant financial bubble the world is living in especially the US. The great depression that follows will cause much more harm than the deaths from the virus. It is important to walk by the Holy Spirit of God rather than the spirit of this world.

In the midst of Covid 19, in the quietness of the desert, I begin to realise that we have a spiritual environment where there are many voices of different spiritual deities. They camp even in churches and within services. Both darkness and light exist. Our flesh tries to balance it, but darkness tries to destroy us yet we often listened not to the saving grace of God in Jesus Christ. The church needs to be filled again by the Holy Spirit of God.

In the midst of Covid 19, in absolute silence where even the church services are no more live because they have failed against the plaque, it is important to burn incense of Myrrh and Frankinsence as a sweet offering to God as a daily reminder of the sweet smelling aroma of His Son Jesus Christ. Let the Holy Spirit filled us with tongues that we may discern the Word of God in such a grave time as this.

Let Pentecost come. Come Holy Spirit. Revive us again. Fill us with your power, with your love, grace and mercy. Let the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit be manifested to break the yoke of Satan upon this land. Bring revival O Lord upon this dying land. Let it rain like never before, healing rain.

Pastor Sy Rogers – the end

The death of Pastor Sy Rogers formerly of Church of Our Saviour in Singapore marks the end of the ex-gay ministries. Pastor Kong Hee of City Harvest in remembering Sy said that he provided clarity and helped for those who struggled with issues pertaining to human sexuality. At the end, many friends who were under his ex-gay ministry or heard his teachings at various charismatic churches became very suicidal, and departed from the faith, or even died due to self abuse/suicide.

The ex-gay ministry destroyed the faith and personality/soul of many. The churches associated with Sy Rogers and provided him an ex-gay platform are equally responsible. May God have mercy on them.

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The End is near but not today

As the Coronavirus Covid-19 strikes the nations with some nations having deaths of more than 1,000 a day, the talk of the End Times among Christians with Jesus coming anytime becomes very hot. I believe Jesus is not coming back anytime soon, although the season of His coming back is very near. The Coronavirus will end because this is something not new for the Spanish Flu killed many, and the world moves on but it changed the world. This is a very dark Easter with so many deaths and the virus comes in the night killing many so quickly. But as Believing Christians standing on the finished work of the Cross of Calvary this Easter and not on our own good works, we have an assurance of true faith that we will be with Christ that even if we die today, we will live in eternity with Christ.

Some people of faith even blame gays, and they may not be that wrong that someone should be sacrificed to appeased some angry gods. The sinners however are not gays but people of faith even mainline Christians worshiping pagan gods who are but fallen angels. But Covid-19 is not caused by the God of Israel, but Satan. When the world voted against the God of Israel in the UN in Dec 2017, so is the covering of God against darkness lifted. And all the nations will suffer even Israel because redemption has not come. Eg if the earth’s electromagnetic fields decline, we will be exposed to dangerous rays. But these rays had been there all the time just that we were protected. This is a fallen world. The virus has always been there but the nations have made a mockery of God’s grace and tumped His Holy City.

There is no 7 years tribulation after rapture. Just as in the days of Noah, they all died in the day of the Lord when the flood came. No 7 years tribulation. Which means if Jesus came back today, the grace for salvation and the door to heaven will bang shut and the whole world destroyed in a blinking of an eye.

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Judgement is coming upon the nations part 1

The news of the resignation of an iconic Prime Minister in an Asian country shocked many after a week of intriguing battles and treachery. It was indeed a backdoor coup. As my liberal friends go out to the streets to join the protests, I am reminded that those who come to divide Israel will be herself divided.

The former PM was anti Israel to the core, calling the faith based terrorism in the Middle East as a direct resultant of the creation of the State of Israel. He has called Trump the villain for relocating the US embassy to Jerusalem.

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Christian right cults infected

Matt 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

In the latest coronavirus outbreak of a South Korean cult Church, Shincheonji Church, some in the West were curious about why it was called a cult Church, eg is it 60% Christian etc. Coming from their liberal background, the question hides a fear that their own churches are also cults in the sense that it does not really believe that Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life to God.

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Choosing life. A heart to choose Jesus Christ, our Grace eternal

Deut 30:11 to 20

Deut 30:17 But if your heart turns away and you will not hear but are drawn away to worship other gods and to serve them.

18 I declare to you today that you shall surely perish. You shall not live long in the land that you are going over the Jordan to enter and possess.

In Deut 30, the Jews were at last entering the promised land after 40 years in the desert because they had been very naughty to worship pagan gods in the midst of the camp and God had to do the cleansing of the previous generation whom within 40 years had died.

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MLK day

On the day of rememberance of this great liberal clergy who bought equality for the black folks in the US, I enjoyed the song “we shall overcome”. But it is one thing to have equal rights but another to move on when we have lost much. After 50 years, things have changed with even a black President but the stats on welfare, adultery, abortion, substance abuse, wedlocks, and incarcerations are not good.

It is very hard to move on when we have suffered much. The mainline churches keep bringing up racism still as an issue, but the real issue now after 50 years of equal rights is within, to forgive and to recognise our own darkness, pain, frustrations and woundings. This the Cross of Calvary why Jesus had to die. The black community and clergy in particular are notoriously anti gay because gays are the other, lower than them, and a scapegoat for their own sins.

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When light is denied

John 1:5 and the light shines in the darkness, and darkness did not comprehend it.

There is deep darkness in the Persian revolution led by the mullahs and people of faith. Thousands of gays has been slaughered with minimal human rights yet little condemnation from the mainline churches in the US lest it contradicts their theology that all religion is about love and leads somehow to God. They denied the truth. The mainline churches are so eager to ban Israel yet not ban Iran, Iraq, and Saudi for persecuting Christians because they do not see the suffering body of Christ.

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The true light shall overcome darkness

As the funeral possession happened in Iran for their beloved General, the people of faith were shouting “death to the US” and “death to Israel” (not reported in liberal Christian media) . The US liberal mainline news organizations claimed that it was an assassination not revealing that the General was a designated a Terrorist (designated by the Obama administration) and he was in a meeting with the militias who had just attacked the US Embassy.

There is so much darkness and yet this darkness was not perceived by mainline Christians determined to take a higher ground by calling Trump a war monger. The darkness of the war already happening in Iraq since 2004 they do not see much like the deaths of the unborn they actively condoned, a reminder of the Jews sacrificing their new born to Molech in the bible. The gatekeepers in Singapore fear that gays will bring the wrath of God to Singapore, but biblical darkness can be seen in every corner in pagan worship. Gays are just a scapegoat because the gatekeepers also fear darkness.

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The drums of War rising against nations of faith based hate

“there is no damn thing you can do…” khameni

The killing of the Iranian mastermind General has provoked strong response from Mainline Christians and clergy claiming that it was an election ploy to start a war with the likes of Iran or North Korea and the US did not do the same to Saudi Arabia for 911. These alleged Christians should be ashamed of themselves for indirectly supporting Iran, a nation known for persecuting Christians, calling for destruction of Israel, and killing GLBTs.

The General was such a pain with all the paper cuts against the US that killing him doesn’t matter any more. Iran thought the US would never react and escalate into war lest they get blamed by liberals being a war monger. US took the single strongest retaliatory action because it was a calculated risk that the aftermath would be no different than the increasing attacks by Iranian proxies against the US. The Iranian Supreme leader, a clergy of faith, taunted Trump that he could not do anything after the attack on the US embassy.

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