Bringing down the Walls

The media are having a field day with pictures of Trump detaining children and forcibly separating them from their parents. It was a “nuclear” option to stop the flow of unlawful immigrants who with the help of the liberals are using all the legal loop holes to gain entry and are actually paying for the convoys of immigrants coming from latin America via Mexico.

Is this not Parental abuse of bringing young children to walk thousands of miles through dangerous tracks? If the human rights situation was so desperate in Central America, why wasn’t a resolution passed at the UN HCR to bring to world attention? After 500 years of the near universal control by the Black Pope and the Colonial elites have resulted in deep poverty and political strive in much of Latin America despite the many priest led revolutions and independence.

The mainline media has tried to twist this as a purely Trump initiative, but there were no new laws. These laws were already in the books under the Democrats but were not enforced. Nor were they exceptional. Therefore the criticism by the UN HRC was indeed hypocritical as all their member states have the same laws. Worst still, illegal immigrants in these states are by far worst treated.

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The Day when judgement begins

Zech 12:3 “It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it.

Hear the trumpet sounding from Jerusalem for the day of the Lord is here, for it is nigh at hand. It is the end of the 2nd day after the birth of Jesus, and after a full generation of 120 years when the bud was first seen in the fig tree in 1896. The flower has bloomed a full generation later. Jerusalem is again the capital of Israel. The last 50 years from 1967 when Israel first returned to Jerusalem until 2017 was a period of grace, one of the greatest revivals in modern Christianity of the charismatic evangelicals.

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Drawing people to Jesus

Gen 3:24 After sending them out, the LORD God stationed mighty cherubim to the east of the Garden of Eden. And he placed a flaming sword that flashed back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life.

We ourselves could never really draw people to God. Only the Cross can tear the curtain into two. When the curtain is torn, the Holy Spirit, the light in the Holy Place comes out to reveal Christ, His beauty and majesty. For the many churches that has denied Jesus as Saviour from eternal death in hell, the entry to the Kingdom of God is barred by the angel protecting the Garden of Eden. They will not let any to pass through no matter how inclusive we may be. The same cherubin guards the Holy of Holies.

Why are so many GLBT churches failing? despite having very good people, the resources and funding, and a captive outreach without competing churches.  Because they draw people to themselves rather than pointing to Jesus. Sermons are preached with repeated interjections of quotes from the likes of Nouwen and Borg. They have made them their idol, the pastors and famous liberal theologians. As long as it doesn’t point to Jesus, it becomes a golden idols.

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A Walk by Faith

Last 2 or 3 years, too many Christian friends have died early and suddenly. I suspect that they are tired after fighting the good fight of faith being gay and Christian. It is not being conflicted that is the issue, for most have reconciled their Christian faith and their sexual orientation, but they have lost so much of their lives. At the end of the day, many have lost everything. It is too much for them to bear. I don’t blame them. I missed many of them.

How do we walk by faith? Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of the Lord. It is not listening to some theologian preaching about his/her own man-made religious construction of the many gods in this world nor self effort of love to reach some mysterious divine being, but the Word of God, the Word of Christ giving life to the tired soul. When we do not see the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, there is no power to save, deliver nor resurrect out Spirit. When God is made to be so far and distant, it contradicts the good news of God’s embracing love and closeness to us as a friend, as Saviour, and as God. In Christ, the God of Israel is no longer distant but now family. Continue reading

An Empty darkness in the church

The strong and repeated declaration by the liberal Christians that White Christian Evangecalism in the US is the epitomy of all harm, and is needing a new reformation is actually a reflection state of the Liberal Christian movement in the US. They are really terrified of the rapid growth in the evangelical charismatic churches, finding every reason to condemn it.

There is an deep sense of hypocrisy and delusion in the outrage of the liberal christians. They are fond of accusing the evangelicals of perpetuating white privelage, but look closer, it is the liberals who are guilty. Look at the three leading liberal denominations – they are all white elites. The PCUSA is 91% white,   the TEC is 87% white, ELCA is 96% white and the UCC is 87% white. Ironically, the evangelical Christian movement in the US is powered by its increasing diverse populations of African Americans (COGIC) and Hispanics (AOG). Continue reading

Billy Graham, the Greatest Evangelist

Billy Graham died this week, age 99. Born just after World War 1, he experienced the rise of Liberal Christianity which came to control the mainline denominations pushing Christianity to their left-wing cultural Christianity. Billy graham held firm to the justification by faith in the Cross of Calvary early in his ministry and the rest is history.

Billy was a very humble person and there lies his weakness of often buttering up to the great Presidents and Popes he would meet, sometimes speaking things in private which he said just to appease the very powerful such the incident with Nixon regarding the Jews. This did not reflect the real Billy Graham who had supported the Jewish movement. Continue reading

Year 2017 – Jubilee, Year 2018 – Justice/truth

Year 2017 has been an incredible year of Jubilee. Lives that were stolen, of gay people was allowed freedom in gay marriages in Australia and soon Taiwan. Jerusalem, the temple mount which was stolen from the Jews was declared as returned to Israel when Trump declared it as the capital of Israel. The Word has gone out, the Word has spoken and will not return void. The liberal western media and the people of faith have refused to mention the gross human rights violation of Turkey, Iran and the Middle East nations, even against Christians. There is going to be great internal conflicts coming soon that will divide these nations for the truth of their sins will be revealed that justice and righteousness will flow. The veil is going to be torn soon in the Middle East showing the truth, the darkness and oppression of the pagan worship.

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