Why is the church not having a revival

The charismatic evangelicals often proclaim that sin blocks revival, and by sin they meant gays, etc. They are not wrong that

sin blocks revival, but it is the sin of the church.

What are the sins that block revival in the Christian church:-

  1. Seduction of wealth
  2. Seduction of power
  3. Seduction of fame/glory
  4. Seduction of greed/possession of assets
  5. Seduction of self righteousness/ justification by work, thinking that they could follow the law.
  6. Seduction of self-centeredness – End justifies the means, and preservation of self
  7. Lack of conscience, justice, and full of hypocrisy

The greatest attack by Satan upon the church is in the power of the anti-Christ, where Christ is replaced at the center of adoration and worship. There are many churches today who have the symbol at their gates, “Chi Rho” symbol which is the very foundation of the modern church in AD312, Rome in the battle of Milvian Bridge. Yet, darkness came in the guise of the light, for Constantine had effectively replaced Jesus Christ, and the church of Jesus Christ, paganized and merged into the prevailing occults from Egypt. The church itself was seduced.

The power and attack plan by satan is half truths and lies in the power of seduction. The greatest seduction in the mega churches is now the marketplace ministry or conquering the 7 worldly kingdoms, for satan is offering the church his kingdoms so that the church may be transformed into the kingdoms of this world, but not the Kingdom of God.

Jesus never had any deep revelations for the good religious people of his time, because they were the greatest of hypocrites, so are the modern churches whether liberal, or evangelical charismatics.

Even the most pious is a dreadful sinner. For example, the liberals would proclaim President Carter as a person of the greatest of holiness and integrity. And it is true, that I would love to have met him. But he was not free of seduction. In fact, he succumbed to the seduction of power and the end justifies the means, where for the sake to bring down the Soviet Union, his government funded/created many of the religious militants against the Russians.

The black churches are so anti-gay because they are fighting for survival and preservation of self – because adultery is rampant in the church. It was J Edger Hoover recording of their famous pastor who had a dream of equality but nobody writes that he had multiple partners every week, and his troupe of pastors were engaged in group sex! The pastor/activist was in public holding hands with celebrity girlfriends whilst married, yet none would see the obvious immorality.

For evangelicals Christians, their coming against gays is solely because the end justifies the means, because gays are so innate that it would in accordance to their interpretation of the bible, destroys the evangelical faith. The liberals are no less innocent, championing rights whilst actively supporting abortion which is the killing of the innocent.

Satan attack against the mega churches are so simple, and they fall right in eg

  1. Hillsong churches where the seduction of wealth, power, glory, possession of assets can be seen in the release of financial records in the Tasmanian parliament.
  2. Mega church pastors living lives of superstars and sucking money dry from their sheep.
  3. Many churches putting up anti gay banners masqueraded as “love” because of self righteousness, survival, and preservation of self.
  4. The mega churches are so powerful and wealthy in line with the USA supporting Israel in 1973 resulting in the USA being in the reserve currency of the world. The Arabs responded back then with the oil embargo.
  5. The Christian churches have never spoken out strongly against the cults in their midst eg the Mormons, and the occultist practices of the church hierarchal, or the blasphemies of the mainline churches denying Jesus Christ as the only way, the truth, and the life to God the father, above all other gods. All the sins are put on gays when the church/religion are the greatest sinners like white washed tombs.,

Jesus Christ is coming back very soon, but not anytime, because the Christian Church is not ready. The trigger will be the breakup between the liberal USA, and Israel, which started in earnest under Obama who insisted on Jerusalem being divided. The Episcopal and United Churches of Christ supports those who wants to push Israel into the sea. The period of grace for the churches are over, and incredible hardship is coming for the mega churches in the USA, where they will loose all their special entitlement and special rights.

Out of the valleys of the shadow of death, we will find springs of living water where it is not of self but all of God’s love, grace and mercy in the risen Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The springs of living water will bring an end time revival like nothing before.

USA is a “Christian” nation but desperate to hold on to power at all means, by printing trillions of US dollars, which the world must buy from them since they are the reserved currency due to the petrodollar. ie the world uses their hard labor to produce the goods that the US pay by printing money. The US has no danger of default because the debt is in US dollars and they just need to print more dollars, like the idea raised of US treasury minting a trillion dollar coin !!!. Countries that have tried to escape and sell oil in their own currencies were hitherto sanctioned and dreadfully treated with the full might of the military. But the change that is coming which we have not seen in a hundred years of the dollar loosening its specials entitlements, will not impact the rich as much, but the middle class and the poor. Dark days are coming, but Jesus is still on the throne with His mighty power extended.

Rome is falling, and it is not because of gays. The church became institutionalized and emasculated with the worship of the morning star, in the first fall of Rome in AD 312 to preserve their power. The 1500s were a period of great turmoil for the Church was challenged by the 1517 Reformation. Alas, the hold of the church was broken by king Henry VIII, who hitherto was the defender of Faith (1521) against the reformation of Martin Luther, until the pope excommunicated him in 1533 for killing his wives and gross adultery, and marrying Anne Boleyn . Out of sin, arose the Church of England (1534) which ironically came to carry on the Reformation that was so opposed by Henry. By the late 1500s, out of the daughter of Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth 1 (b. 1533 of Anne Boleyn), there arose from the British/German aristocrats under the leadership of her illegitimated son, Sir Francis Bacon (b. 1561), hidden dark secret Freemasons/Rosicrucianism societies that challenged the church in Rome, leading to the founding of the United States, the new Rome. Will the church rise up, humble themselves, and return to the power of the Holy Spirit, with the coming 2nd fall of new Rome.

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