There can be miracles for gay equality in Malaysia


Job 9:10 He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.

The Gay marriage banquet at Berjaya Times Square in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on 04 Aug 12 went ahead without any fanfare. So too would legalization of homosexuality and gay marriage will be one day in South East Asia.

The Malaysian State Minister, Datuk Seri Jamir Khir asked for Malaysians to protest against same sex marriages and said that even Christians in Malaysia prohibit such practices. But there were no police presence at the wedding banquet or any protest by the well wishes.

With the echoes of gay marriage reaching the shores with news that Vietnam (of all places due to their poor human rights record) may soon be legalizing gay marriages, the legalization of homosexuality is all but certain. The next battle is on gay marriage which may already be lost if US, Europe and South America were a guide.

The Christian Post SG article “Breakdown in Morality due to Gender Lostness: Professor “ on 08 Aug 12 quoted from a Professor Dale Kuehne who defined traditional morality as a “heterosexual monogamous marriage” which he claims has been the Western consensus for the last 2,500 years unchallenged even by the Greek and Romans and went on to blame gays for the apparent breakdown of sexual morality.

This is an unsupported argument for the history of traditional sexual morality has been profoundly immoral. Paul was so angst by the thousands of prostitutes in the port city of Corinth and which was prevailing in Jerusalem and Rome where heterosexual adultery was rampant that he said it was better not to marry.

Jesus Himself was particularly critical of the hypocrisy of the religious Pharisees who were divorcing their wives at will whilst claiming a moral stand. Heterosexuality was the issue and not homosexuality.

The hypocrisy by people of faith will be one day outed in the secular courts. How can the unrighteous judge the righteous? For even the unrighteous has become more holy.

We are reminded the royal protector of faith of the Church of England, Henry the VIII didn’t lose his gender identity when he divorced each of his wives and had them killed for failing to bear him an heir. Going back further, King Solomon had 300 wives which corrupted his religious faith in God. Quoting traditional morality is delusional.

Biblically and historically, the concept of marriage is ownership of women by the men with one man having many wives and concubines if he could afford it and was sufficiently virile and certainly not the monogamous practice. The setting was a patriarchal male dominated faith setting.

Contrary to the Rev Professor’s assertions, the Greeks and the Romans have had no problem with same sex relationships as seen in their writings only modern day Christians who got it confused with religious practices of the ancients where sex was used to unite one with the spiritual deity.

Blaming gays for causing Gender “lostness” is delusional when our sexual morality being dominated by straight alpha male bulls and equally curvaceous females. They know their gender roles tool well with the prevailing adultery, and large scale abortions. The news stand filled with pictures of half-naked women certainly has no gender confusion.

It is not “gender lostness” that the church will be facing, but a lost of morality, an unseen lost of righteousness. Unlike many other faiths, we claim we have the truth and the only way to God. Our standing will be compromised for if we could have been so wrong on homosexuality for which we have made into a religious dogma, the Gospel message is shamed.

Pastor Derek Hong, the famous anti-gay church of Our Saviour in Singapore was not wrong when he said that “Homosexuality will destroy Christianity”, for the church is liable for judgement. When gay marriage comes, and nothing happens, it would destroy the churches’ soul and spiritual standing.

We have denied gays the basic rights of existence and relationships which we have taken for granted. We have robbed them and blamed gays for our own sexual immorality. It is not only a false witness, but stealing and killing of their lives and dignity.

Professor Kuehne in Christian Post sees the beauty of democracy has a safe space to raise his views on homosexuality as a subject of debate and varying opinions in a democracy, but we are talking about the lives of people. We cared about our own dogmatic religious faith construction. On the contrary, it is in the public forums, that the church will receive due judgement.

The people of faith may see history, tradition, and orthodoxy as their defence. But it is the point of judgement. For 2,500 years, gays have been denied justice and freedom by the church whilst the church engaged in the vilest of sexual immorality and child abuse from the Catholic to the Protestant churches. We are judged by the weight of history. The law will not pass away for history seals our fate.

As the gay wedding banquet at Berjaya Times Square, Malaysia, came to an end, it only highlighted what we have lost and the relationships and the living of lives stolen from us. It was not just the living who attended the banquet, but listen closely and you would hear the echoes of gays gone past. They are also looking for closure, for justice.

There is now no more fear in Christ Jesus. Let us start living and be not ashamed in who we are. The miracle has happened.