Prospertiy Theology, Grace and Gays

Deut 28:3 You will be blessed in the city and blessed in the country. 4 The fruit of your womb will be blessed, and the crops of your land and the young of your livestock—the calves of your herds and the lambs of your flocks. 5 Your basket and your kneading trough will be blessed. 6 You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out.

The huffington Post article or blog posting of a Baptist Pastor Rick Henderson entitled “The False Promise of the Prospertiy Gospel: Why I Called out Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer”, has been a favorite of many liberal christians who has forwarded the posting in Facebook with glee.

There is no such thing as a Prosperity Gospel, because the Gospel is about salvation to a heavenly abode in Christ Jesus, because Jesus was made poor at the Cross of Calvary. The blessings of Deut 28 belongs to us as Christians through the obedience and righteousness of Jesus Christ.

God is very liberal in giving His grace to the Gay community.

Jesus has indeed blessed the GLBT community. Gay marriages started in 2003, at New Hamsphire, where the first pilgrims settled. Ten years later, we have more than 15 states with Gay marriage being legal. Yet, the activist did their part, but surely it was a miracle by God’s grace.

Too long we have been slaving under a theology of works, even loving others. It’s time, for a balancing shift that Jesus wants to bless the GLBT peoples as well. God is good to gays.

Jesus gave up all, His heavenly standing and glory, and become naked at the Cross, that we may have life and life more abundantly.

Is this life that Jesus is calling us to, full of hardwork to love others , and Gospel evangelism after we are saved. Can’t we just take a rest and receive our blessings by faith? because Jesus wants to bless us. Is Jesus’ promises, a false hope?

I believe that Jesus wants to bless us in our work, financially, in our family, friends, relationships and health. He wants us to be whole because at the Cross He paid for our sins and sicknesses. We are redeemed to be blessed.

It’s easy to talk about Jesus being a God of love, but not about Jesus at the Cross, whose redemption brought us hope of a better future here on earth and eternity in heaven by faith.

Does Jesus want us rich? I can’t say. Only many of my charismatic and liberal christian friends can respond because they are quite rich. We may not be prosperous, but enough to eat and be comfortable.

The baptist Pastor Rick Henderson was perturbed by Prosperity Gospel, but also some peculiar doctrines of Joyce Meyer, nothing major mind you when compared to most of the supporters of Huffington Post who do not believe that Jesus is the way, the truth, the life to God, nor that the bible was God inspired. The good works of Love is their mantra back to the 60s.

Joel Osteen is a story teller with not much of a deep thelogical teacher whom Pastor Henderson can pick on. I actually like him.

Huffington Post had to use a blog posting by the Baptist Pastor Henderson, with the youtube message by the evangelical pastor, John Piper declaring the Prosperity Theology is an abormination, because they had been dishing the bible too much and had no credibility to quote the bible against the mega churches prosperity theology. The aggenda was to promote their Social Gospel which is the opposite of the “Prosperity Gospel”.

In the youtube posting linked by Pastor Henderson, the baptist pastor John Piper declared “Why I abominate the Prosperity Gospel”, Piper talks of the 1500 or so remaining people group that needed to be reached with the bible and the good news. If Piper and the evangelicals were so concerned, they should make it their aggenda and not making gays their prime aggenda.

This is not blibical, as abomination in the bible refers to worshiping other Gods apart from the God of Israel, and from whom Christ is revealed as God.

In Singapore, we have the Faith Baptist Community Church being the moral defenders of Singapore in their crusade against gays. What next? gay detectors at the airport? It doesn’t seem they are too interested in going to dangerous places around the world to preach the Gospel.

I don’t see many baptist christians in those dangerous places mentioned by Piper where the Gospel is needed to be preached, but in their lovely homes in the American heartlands. But I wouldn’t know!

It may be innocently deemed as calling out about the harm caused by others, but John Piper’s assertion that Prosperity Gospel is to be blamed for Christians living a good life and not going to God forsaken countries to preach the Gospel is silly when many Christians supporting Huffington Post don’t even believe in the Gospel good news of a heavenly redemption. Salvation to them, is making the earth, a better place ie a heaven on earth. Is this more or less harmful?again who to judge?

It’s not that many of the liberal and conservative elites are any different. They are already living in prosperity as opposed to the hillbilly uneducated poor Pentecostalist whom the messages by Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen seemed to be targeted at.

I don’t see a lot of posting from many liberal and conservative christian friends of how they are amongst the poor, the lonely, the suffering, to bring heaven on earth. But the good gym life, exortic holidays, good restaurants, nice hotels, the luxury cars, the good homes they posted sure looks good. I can’t comment since I too yearned for their kind of prosperity and heaven on earth.

The outreach to the people’s groups have not been particularly evident from John Piper’s or Rick Henderson’s baptist affiliation, with charismatic para church organization such as YWAM taking a lead role, and living literally by faith with very little belongings remniscent of the Jesus people. But, I do like the prosperity lifestyle of many of my conservative and liberal christian friends, and not living like a church mouse of the YWAM people that I had known.

The YWAM’s are the true John the Baptists of this modern world out in the desert of life. They are now trying to convert gays, but again this is vanity.

Eating my cheese cake at Coffee Bean at the airport departure lounge in Kuala Lumpur, perhaps the whole debate is vanity. We are to enjoy the treasures that God has given us, our families, friends, work, and the cheese cake.

Count your blessings, day by day, for God is good. Jesus said, I am with you till the end of days, let us enjoy and be prosperous when Jesus is our all even though we may not have much in this life. God is good, All the time, God is good because Christ is with us, here today with me eating cheese cake.

God wants us to be blessed in Christ Jesus becaused He is a good God. When we are so self righteous in either the liberal or evangelical way, we can find it hard to receive.

Jesus went out to the lost sheep to carry him home. What did the sheep do? nothing but willingly ride on the shoulder of Jesus. It’s much harder to receive than to give. It takes faith to believe that God is good even when we often do not see Him in our lives.

Let us live with an expectation of grace, God’s grace in our lives even though many a times we have sinned and fallen short of God. Let us live with an expectation to be blessed.