An inclusive invite to the wedding feast of the Lamb

Luke 14:23 The master said to the servant, ‘Go to the highways and back alleys and urge people to come in so that my house will be filled.

Matt 22:8 Then he said to his servants, ‘The wedding is ready, but those who were invited were not worthy. 9 Therefore go into the highways, and as many as you find, invite to the wedding.’

One of the greatest call of the Bible is the open invitation. It is an inclusive invitation regardless of whether gay or straight, rich or poor, whatever pagan faiths we believed in.

The Gospel message of salvation in Christ alone has gone out to the ends of the earth. They are all invited to a wedding feast.

Those invited in the cities have not come. The call is now to the dark alley ways, to the fringes of society, to the outcasts. The Gospel call, the invite has gone out to the GLBT community.

The Gay marriage in the US, is a rainbow sign from heaven that God’s grace is extending to the GLBT community. The wedding invitations have gone out.

Gay marriage must necesarrily come first before the wedding of the Lamb of God. For if gays are not allowed to marry by the church, why would they ever come to a marriage celebration of the church.

The invitation by Jesus is to a wedding feast, to the feast between the bridegroom of the church, and the bride Jesus Christ. It is Christ own wedding feast.

The call is inclusive, and open to all, to partake the table, wine and fine dining, to feast of the return of Christ to the church.

The invite goes out, but few came to the table to dine and celebrate with Christ. Because at the table, we acknowledge our religion, our spirituality and efforts to reach God have failed. We are only worthy when we realised we are under God’s grace.

Marriage is a covenant. Just as Christ is married to the church, when we chose to attend the feast, we are choosing to enter into a personel covenant with God that Christ is our redeemer.

The invite is inclusive to all, but each one of us need to decide individually whether to accept the invite and enter into a covenant through the blood of the lamb.

Some have called Christianity as “an exclusive club”, and it is, if Christianity means the church, its religious laws and membership. But our salvation is personal, and its always been because the Christian faith is foremost about reconciliation with God, a relationship with Jesus.

When we reduce the Christian Faith, to some kind of spirituality without Christ atonement, there is no need for Christ death nor covenant with God. Then, there is no marriage dinner, no food nor wine to dine and be merry.

We may enter such places of inclusive welcome but of empty tables, and imagined that a feast is happening. We can do so, the feast can be in our minds, but people need the Lord. They are hungry.

When we make salvation earth bound instead of an heavenly destination as a child of God with Jesus as our Saviour, the oil of God’s grace fills us not. The Holy Spirit is quenched and blasphemed and leaves silently whilst we play church.

The GLBT peoples are so hungry and thirsty. They are outside the church starving. But the labourers are few! There is no money to pay for the laborers for the money has gone to the mega churches in the city. They are in the empty desert.

The invite is going out to the dark alleys of outcasts in society but the labourers are few. The work is much harder because these people have been kicked out of the church. Gays have been condemed as hell bound by the churches. They walked aimlessly in the dark alleys their heads bowed down.

The trumpet call for the wedding feast of Jesus Christ has gone out to the highways, and byways beyond the cities. The Christmas thanksgiving menu is out.

Eat, wine and dine says the Lord of Hosts for I am coming back and I am going out into the dark alleys, to the wilderness to bring back the lost sheep. Jesus is going out bringing His rainbow flag. All are welcome to have a great feast and it is all by God’s grace, and we do not need to pay for it because it is all paid by Jesus death at the Cross.