Pink Dot 2015

Rev 10:1 I saw still another mighty angel coming down from heaven, clothed with a cloud. And a rainbow was on his head, his face was like the sun, and his feet like pillars of fire.

PinkDot 2015 was a historic event with over 28,000 in attendance. Hitherto, the churches have been praying for heavy rain to come to disrupt the event. Love Singapore will be wearing white today

Instead of the heavy rain, there was the cloud by day from the days of Israel to block from the harshness at the day heat. In the evening, there came an unusual sight of slightly pink clouds. When the time for countdown, there was a very slight drizzle, just enough for a freshing touch without needing to put on the umbrella. God was indeed with His people at Pink Dot in the desert.

When the Pink Dot ended, the Today Newspaper had the picture from up high, the tiny pink torch light made up 28,000 dots. The letter love was boldly lighted in white. From a far, the 28,000 dots, were no longer dots, but one united tribe.

Love Singapore has missed meaning of love. It was white, brightly lighted in the night cooling breeze amongst the radiant pink little dots. Here, the difference of race, religion, age, and status did not matter anymore. Love was not wearing white and declaring your own self morality.

As I was walking amongst the booths set up by the various community groups, there was even the Humanist group, a reminder of the god created without name by the Greeks. They have made themselves little gods created by their own hands. However, there was no Christian booth (due to the speaker’s corner regulations). Christianity at the end losses out.

The Roman Empire didn’t kill Jesus. It was the people of faith, the Jewish religious pharisees who put Him there. It was the mob, the conservative mob whose self righteous anger killed Jesus when Jesus declared Himself as God and the Messiah. The majority of faith isin’t necesarrily right.

Jesus gave Himself up to die for us at the Cross, hanged between earth and heaven, rejected by both because of our sins. He willingly died for us. When the Jews first tried to stone Him when He first declared Himself as Messiah, He just slipped away. The Jews couldn’t even if they wanted to, to kill Jesus. It was Jesus who willingly gave His life for us. Religion, our self righteous morality by the law, killed Jesus. It is the same religious spirit working in Love Singapore.

Even when they wore white, Love Singapore isin’t that white. There are thousands of abortions and divorces each year. When they wear white declaring their self righteousness, they are putting themselves all the sins of killing the thousands of unborn.

This would be last Pink Dot I guess before the world is set for a change. For in the next Pink Dot, the US and Australia would have legalised gay marriage. Change is coming.

But the damage and harm have been done. The Pink Dot was attended primarily by young people full of expectations and hope. They know that change is coming. Time is on their side. But there are many, many more who are mature who have gone. Their lives are no more even if freedom came tommorow.

They have lived through life without love, without grace. Many have died and those remaining lived limited lives. Many lives have been lost and are suffering. They are not at Pink Dot. Change for many is too late. Change is coming for their sake.

The Rainbow is coming. The latter rain of a gentle breeze with a slight drizzle is here. There will be no more crying and sorrow. Jesus is coming back, and He is going to the byways. God’s grace is going out to the outcasts of the nations.

Rev 4.3 And He who sat there was like a jasper and a sardius stone in appearance; and there was a rainbow

around the throne, in appearance like an emerald.