Christmas 2015


Christmas is a season of home-coming for many gay churches. A regular attendance of 100 may grow three-fold on Christmas day. It is a joyous occasion when water is turned into wine and we remember Christ coming not in judgement and not only to love but to die. The year 2015 has been a great year for gays with the US finally making gay marriage legal nation wide.

Freedom for gays is part of God’s plan. When we take christianity as a religion of sacraments and laws and worshipping God the right way, it binds us. Religion comes from the latin word ‘religare’ which means to bind. But Jesus, His blood calls out for freedom and redemption. Without Christ coming, God would have remained a mystery. We know God’s heart in Jesus Christ whose resurrection became a stumbling stone for both the Jews and the Greeks, and many US mainline Christians.

There is an ancient Jewish tradition where the bridegroom can come anytime to snatch away the bride to bring her home. Jesus is coming back anytime within the generation or 120 years from 1967 when the fig tree which represented Israel started to bud. The gospel has gone one round and now goes back to the Europe and the middle east.

Jesus is so different from the church whom we see as not much different from the religious pharisees who wore white, kept the law on the outside but not the spirit of the law on the inside. For many gays, the church is a religious hypocrisy of bread with yeast who sees people not in their humanity but in their perceived sin. The pharisees quoted the Shema of Israel or the love commandments every day yet killed God when Jesus appeared and was getting popular. It was religion that killed Jesus.

Singapore christians are so religiously law minded like follow the law both the 10 commandments and the love commandments. Those who advocate the love commandments have failed to love God because they made god their own intellectual image and have worshipped the creature rather than Jesus. The God of Israel is one and not the many gods today in the different faiths nor the many gods in ancient Israel. We are not a community of faith per say, but a community with Christ as King. Faith alone in spirituality is empty without the light of Jesus.

Why did the bible makes a great deal of male homosexuality? Because the worship of Baal and Cybele in ancient Israel were male orientated and it is because of religious faith that they had anal sex with the temple priest so that the demonic spirit can join themselves to the worshippers. It was the same-sex acts in the name religious faith that is the context and not same-sex attraction. When we are joined in anal sex, we become one flesh with the devil who had possessed the temple priest. When God sees them, it was an abomination because He sees the devil.

We are actually owned by the gods we worshiped. When God sees the people of Canaan so steeped in their pagan worship, He sees only the demonic spirit. Some Christians have difficulty with the mass slaughter of the pagan worshippers because they do have spiritual eyes. Conversely if we truly had been bought by the blood of Jesus, God cannot see passed the blood of Christ. As Christ is righteous, so are we. We are dead in Christ so much as the Holy Spirit made no mention of Isaac when they came down from the mountain of God.

The manger where Jesus was born was a hard rock not the wooden manger that we so used to. When they put Jesus into the manger, it was like a tombstone. Jesus came to die that we may have life in His resurrection. The rod of Aaron buded because God was in it. There is resurrection power that comes in right theology and right believing.

Any church that denies Jesus as God, and Saviour, and even the resurrection will remain in the curse. Just because we put up the label “church” or worship God does not mean that we are of Christ. Faith is not faith in the existence of God per say but faith in Jesus as God and faith in the resurrection power to save.

Indeed, the first murder was due to religious faith when Cain was jealous that his offering by his own hard work was not accepted by God. Cain killed Abel who had brought an offering of an animal sacrifice which was pleasing to God since he identified with the animal to be killed on his behalf. Cain bought the law before God whilst Abel bought grace. There is life in the blood. When Abel died his blood cried out for justice so is the blood of many gays who died in the name of religion. Religion binds. When Gay churches continue to preach religion reclassified as love, it is still no different and will be rejected by gay people because the blood of gays who died call out for justice.

When we are accursed, we walk in flesh and not in the supernatural faith in Jesus. When we push away the mercy-seat to seek the law of the love commandments, we are rejecting Jesus Christ. There is no power to save, deliver nor heal for those coming to many of our gay churches. It will be a cold trickle water  of humanistic revelations instead of the warm revelation from the Word of God. Gay churches must move past being inclusive to being christ centered. Incluvisity will come when we realised we are all the same under Christ, sinners, needing God’s grace and mercy.

Churches such as City Harvest grew because they had faith in Jesus power and stood at the Cross of Calvary even though they mixed law with grace. When there is law, it produces death and condemnation. Therefore, a CHC approach for gay churches will not work because it will bring condemnation to a people group already so condemned.

Every year, Christmas seems the same for Gay churches. There is no honour in calling ourselves the biggest gay church, when we are the only one in the city and haven’t grown for the last 10 years. When we make incluvisity as our god, we push out Jesus as the way, the truth and the life to God.

When we get to heaven, there will be a whole multitude of people from all nations and people group worshipping the Lamb of God. Gays will be there. The Word of God is going forth like a two edged sword to the ends of the earth to set the captives free, to bring the year of jubilee to the gay community. We see it in gay marriages being made legal, for freedom is given so that we can make the choice to worship Jesus. Jesus died for gays too and the harvest is coming for the last tribe on earth.

Why did Satan went after the Jews and gays in Hitler, an anti Christ? Because, the seed of the woman came through the Jews to crush the devil, and because the gay community whose symbol is the rainbow of God’s end time grace will be the final tribe to return to God. There are very few gays in the church and far fewer in the isolated gay churches. The people of faith in nations surrounding Israel hates them so much because it is spiritual so is the hatred and animosity against gays by many christian groups.

The year 2016 will be a great year. There will be more storms, earthquakes and violence by people of faith.  There is a two edged sword which is going around the nations bring revelation on the true nature of different faiths and governments so that in the despair of darkness of faith, people will turn to Jesus. And, the word of God is going forth to release gays from bondage and condemnation. It cannot be stopped nor dependent upon the will of the majority.