The unwilling desolate church

Mat 23:37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often i wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gatherd her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing

I have many lents ago given up direct criticism and debate with hardened people and churches of liberal and far right faith both straight and gay. They have a right to their views even using the pulpit for their agenda platform preaching. At the end, there will be little growth and fruits in a self deserving manner. For many GLBT churches, their own unbelief in Jesus Christ as Lord, and Saviour, the way and the truth to God condemns them. I have no right to criticise for they are already condemned and under judgement.

We have many unwilling GLBT churches and leaders, unwilling to accept Jesus as the I AM, the Messiah, their Saviour. They rejected Jesus just as Jerusalem of old. How God desires to grow and move to mightily to protect and grow these churches like the mother hen but God respect their free will first.

When Jesus entered into Jerusalem, He was anointed King, his supporters from those who had seen Jesus’ healing of lazarus a week after three days in the tomb. The children were praising Jesus whilst the people of faith, their hearts harder than stone. When Jesus arose after three days surely they would have remembered lazarus and the power of God to heal and to save, to deliver us from the curse over our lives because of the first Adam.

Liberal christians are the hardest rock, with the evangelicals a bit softer for they read the same bible as me rather than being an unbelieving Christian, denying mostly everything from the creation story in Genesis to Jesus returning. Not that they have progressed far, for the Greeks, their stumbling stone was the resurrection, and God paying for our sins.

It is the free will of gay churches and their leaders to reject Jesus, hiding behind the love commandments but denying the power and the deity of Jesus. It is their right, their freewill, but they could not one day avoid the consequences. For we are all cursed because of our sin. Without Jesus, there is no forgiveness, but death, eternal death. Their own free will condemn them even though will deny the devil and hell, thus is their future.

The saddest is the lost opportunity to minister the risen Christ and His saving grace to the wider GLBT community, rather than sermons to sooth the conscience of the liberal intellectual elite. So much wasted talent and effort. We are looking for doves in the church, for peace yet offered the same old time religion of religious laws. This peace cannot be bought for it is freely given.

Mat 21:13 and He said to them, “It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer’, but you have made it a den of thieves”

Jesus entered the temple and cleared the money changers who had in collusion with the temple priest who tried to make money by charging for doves, rather than the priest accepting the sacrifices that could easily be bought into the temple by the poor. Jesus chasing away the money changers was not some liberal social justice action, but Jesus cleansing His own temple so that people can pray and see God the Father, through Jesus. Without righteousness and holiness in the temple, devoid of corruption, people cannot see God.

There will be a day, in the GLBT churches when they truly become Christian and God’s holy temple rather than living in unbelief.  GLBT people are suffering and looking for the light that is reflected from Christ rather than self effort to love under the law. We are not interested to be welcomed into man made religion devoid of saving grace and full of metaphorical love.

Jesus cleared the thieves and we have many robbers today in our churches disguised in reverend titles, progressive words and bible college degrees but selling a humanistic, universalistic, and higher criticism theology devoid of the risen and saving Christ. They rob people of their relationship with God and their salvation in Christ, replaced a perverted theology where salvation is in loving others.

When the robbers were chased out,  the corrupted people of faith came, to examine Jesus after He cleansed His temple from the robbers. Each came and left, from the Progressives who challeged Jesus on the resurrection, to the keepers of the law who had exalted the love commandments above the Messiah.

Matt 21:14 Then the blind and the lame came to Him in the temple, and He healed them.

When the imitators and false religious leaders left, the temple belonged to Jesus albeit a short while, and those who are in need streamed in. They received healing, and spiritual ministry. The cleansing is for those in need, to see God, to see God incarnate in Christ Jesus. They don’t come to GLBT churches because the unbelieving christian leaders are still camping there.

Matt 23:38 See! Your house is left to you desolate

Jesus could not stay long. When He left, Jesus lamented that their temple will be desolate. It was no longer His temple but their temple. Jesus didn’t stop the temple from being desolate, gay churches which should have grown many hundreds now languishing because of unbelief. They have a right to worship whatever demonic and occulting spirits and theology they want, putting on a Christian sign board but neither believing that Jesus saves nor heals.

Hitherto, it has always been grey, the left and the right. But the times are here, that their unbelief and denial of Jesus and blibical christianity, with no atonement to save their souls so clearly declared, their hearts hardened for all to see. Thus the triumph entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, declaring the day of the Lord will become a day of judgement revealing the true nature of the people of faith.

As Jesus left the temple to die as an atonement for our sins, and not because of our sins for He chose to die, we are perturbed but not dismayed. In Jesus resurrection power, the true church is birthed by born again believers cleansed by the blood of the Lamb.

There is a time coming, when God will established His GLBT churches that proclaim the name of Jesus above all gods and man made theology. It will be a willing and believing church under God’s hand of protection and covering. It will be like little children and gentle lambs willing to accept the risen Messiah. That season is coming, after the resurrection for the latter rain is coming, a time of blessing, redemption, a return of all that has been stolen from us. Then gay people will stream into the church, because Jesus has come home. The temple robbers tried to sell doves, to sell peace when it is freely given in Jesus Christ. We have peace when we are forgiven and when the joy of the lord is within us.