A Prayer of Faith for the Gay Kingdom

In some faiths, we have repeated pleadings to their gods, chants that follows ancient scripts and traditions. The pharisees also prayed with eloquence and people would see how good and holy their prayers were. They are educated prayers I guess, but from a carnal exalting self. Prayer is extending the kingdom and power of God in our lives, and our geographical and social domain. It is the extension of the Kingdom of God, the proclamation of the good news of salvation in Christ, that we are bringing down.

It is therefore very curious that Love Singapore does prayer walks around Hong Lim Park to call down rain for the Pink Dot event the next day, when our prayers should be in accordance to God’s will, so that God has a legal right to act in the situation. God’s will is often centered on the good news, and the good news is about God’s mercy, grace and love in Jesus Christ. When we instead, chose condemnation like the sons of Zebedee asking for fire, we have the wrong spirit and not of the Holy Spirit of God.  

The earnest prayer that God is looking for is an earnest prayer of faith, not a general faith of a “christian” praying to a god of many names ie including all the various pagan gods and say that we are praying to the same God, but a prayer based on the standing as a child of God. We are children of God, not only in a general sense of creation, but by adoption into Christ. Hence, we have a right for our prayers to be heard.

We live in a fallen world. The world is owned by the devil, and what we are exercising as Christians is pulling down a part of heaven to earth. When we pray, we give God a jurisdiction to act in a kingdom that essentially not His. We can pray in the name of God, but God has put Jesus above all names, and in it is in this name which all the heavens bow down to, ie there is authority, honor and power.

When we gather to together, our prayers are magnified as we stand as a body of Christ to carve out that domain. Church is not only about relationships where 2 or 3 gathers, but it is gathering in Jesus name, remembering Jesus death and resurrection. Going to church and belonging to a church that believes Jesus heals and Jesus saves, draws down a bit of heaven on earth.

It is tempting to say that the church is dying or that we need a reformation, when it is the same unbelieving “Christians” undermining the Word of God and exchanging the truths of the Gospel for a perverted gospel based on good works of love. This has certainly resulted in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit leaving the church, and attendance dropping especially in Europe.

There is no point talking about going or becoming church, when such a church is self centered on us. Our doing good,  “Christian” actions doesn’t make us a Christian or more Christian. The reason is that our sins condemns us not our good. There isn’t a scale in heaven which says if we done this amount of good versus bad, then we are saved. This is religion and not progress, and some have made Christianity a religion denying its power and authority to heal and to save.

God may know everything, but He wants us to pray and He limits His power and reach as not to violate His righteousness because we have given earth to the devil. For God to have authority where our two feet are standing on, we have to call heaven down to earth.

We have tried to exchange the Kingdom for the kindom or the commune of relationships ie making our own heaven on earth, making ourselves god. It doesn’t work. The liberal Christians tried and hasn’t progress for a hundred years in Europe. We can’t see God in others, but only sin in others. We may do some good, but surely only God is totally good. In essence, we are denying Jesus coming down to earth and His resurrection. For God sent Jesus, so that He could be known and we to know Him by the revelation of the Holy Spirit of God. Many churches are dying or have not grown in decades because we have self centered churches justified by the works of love without revelation from above, and without association with Jesus our High Priest in heaven.

True reformation comes when we are led by the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit came upon Azusa street a hundred years ago, it resulted in mixed race church attendance and women preachers in the charismatic evangelical scene. Indeed, it had produced some of the greatest preachers such as Kathryn Kulhman. Therefore, unlike the methodist and the anglicans in Singapore, there are many women pastors in the mega churches in Singapore. The Holy Spirit is moving to the acceptance of gays.

We have a spiritual battle that is needed to be fought. There are easily 300K GLBT people in Singapore. Based on 20% Christians or 60K, we should have many churches rather than hardly filling a space of 100 audience. The next phase of GLBT Christian growth is not a commune adopting pagan religions and faiths in the name of inclusiveness, or even Christian discipleship, but is the earnest prayer of faith in Jesus Christ that salvation, and revival will come to the GLBT community. The Christian Jews accepted the Gentile Jews when they saw the move and mighty power of the Holy Spirit working in the midst of the Gentiles.

We are reaching the end times. The Word of God has now reach to the Gentiles to the ends of the earth geographically, and now it is moving to the last people groups, the Gay community. It starts with the earnest prayer of faith, standing upon the Rock, Jesus Christ and not the small rock of carnal man. Let us stand firm, let us be violent in our prayers to bring down heaven to earth for the Gay community. The Pink Dot needed rain, not the thunderstorm of judgement called by the wear white people, but the latter rain of the Holy Spirit that they may be drenched by God’s grace, love, and mercy.  So let us separate ourselves just like John the Baptist, in earnest prayer and reflection to prepare ye the way of the Lord.