Right believing in the Gospel of Grace

Eph 6.14 stand therefore having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness.

The great attack by satan, rulers of darkness of this age, is often not through physical attacks but spiritual, through half truths and deception. The attack on the GLBT community has been on going for the last 50 years through ex-gay groups and on the gay churches itself.

Satan wants to destroy the weak, the Gay community even using the condemnation of the church whilst feeding half truths to gay churches that you only need love but need not accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Therefore, in Australia, after 50 years, the exgay ministries are gone, so are the liberal gay churches which are left with only a signboard and a building whilst declaring that we cannot believe the bible literally.

Gay churches have fallen over and over, they could not stand and even after decades where they should have grown to thousands being the only accepting church but remained a few dozen attendance because they could not stand without hope of eternity. After a few decades, a largely empty building and a welcome home banner that is left. This is so sad.

Without their waist girded with the truth that Jesus rose again and we have the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ, they are easy targets for the darts of satan into our hearts. When the dart hits our hearts of hopelesness without the hope of eternity through Christ, the love of God and our love for God in our hearts grows cold and snatched from us the assurance of salvation.

The truth of the Gospel of grace that Jesus saves and heals is not placed in our mind like a headband, but a belt to anchor and hold us together without which we are naked and could not stand when attacked by the lies of satan. The irony is that many gay churches calls themselves wise, yet do not believe in satan nor the Gospel of grace.

One of the great fallacies of liberal Christianity from the depths of darkness from the likes of Marcus Borg is for us to fall into the deception that Christianity is about relationship with God and the other rather than right believing. If we dont believe right like the pharisees who believed that Jesus was only a good teacher rather than the Messiah, they will lead many to the gates of hades.

It is Right believing leads to right relationship with God and right living. For, it is the breastplate of the righteousness in Christ that protects our heart that sacred place where we love God and where God’s love is known.

The Greeks wanted to believe god in their own terms, the many pagan olympian gods and even an unknown god as if groping in the dark. Without believing in the right things, without believing that God indeed has come and is with us in Christ Jesus, that relationship with God would not be possible.

Christianity is not about relationship with God per say, for the Jews had relationship with Jehovah as a nation, but about right relationship with God, to be accepted as a child of God, not only by virtue of creation, but by grace in Jesus Christ. Right relationship and right standing before God can only be found in right believing.

There are many who claim that Christianity is about relationship with God rather than believing in the right things because it is simply unbelief, not in God per say, but in Jesus, as the way, the truth, the the life. They have made the Cross redundant and Jesus suffering to bear our curse needless, yet have the deception to claim they are part of the body of Christ!

Without receiving the truth of baptism by water and by the spirit, we cannot save ourselves by love. Many are baptised by religion of works by their self efforts of love rather than dying to self in Christ Jesus and accepting their lack in order to receive the fullness of Christ redemptive work on our behalf. Without dying in our human pride, we cant receive.

Eph 6.17 and take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the spirit which is the word of God.

Many Gay churches are not prospering because the doors are closed, they are closed to the Word and Spirit of God, because their god is man himself, their own intellect which rejects Christ as God and Savior. Through Higher Criticism of the bible where they cant accept Jesus literally, the sword to bring truth to withstand the attacks of satan through wrong beliefs are blunted. As many gay churches dont believe in eternal salvation, the deceptive thoughts and teachings enters the mind and thinking of the church.

There is a call to Gay churches to stand on right believing, to stand strong on the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus which protects our heart, the place where we can love with God again. It is His love, His righteousness, His sacrifice that sets us free and brings us home.

Many gay churches and pastors consider themselves theologically wise and blibical literate after graduating from mainline colleges. But true wisdom is the knowledge of Jesus Christ in the bible whom the holy spirit brings revelation. It is not from religion teachers who emphasised man’s ways to reach God negating the power of the Cross.

The bible is not only the Gospel good news. It is about entire nature and character of a righteous God, the fallen angels and how man kind is separated from God. It was God who created the flood against man kind who had sided with Satan and the dark angels, and God destroyed the pagan worshippers of Egypt and Canaan, defintely not good news for them.

The bible tells us that religion doesn’t work. The moment the law was handed out, they worshipped the golden calf and we have 5,000 dead at God’s hand. Hence, the Gospel is not the good news about God’s love alone for love alone cannot negate the curse and judgement upon mankind. We knew the love and the heart of God in creation how he dealt with Adam and Noah, from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But they feared God for God is righteous and our sin deserve death.

The gospel is the good news that God sent His Son to pay for our sins, for we are sinners and our works to abide by the commandments have failed according to God’s law. Jesus took our place of judgement and curse.

By claiming the Gospel is about God’s love without the context of man’s sin and separation from God, the lure of Satan of power and wealth, and the finished works of the Cross, we are preaching half truths whilst calling ourselves biblically literate.

No wonder there is no power to minister, heal, and deliver the gay gentle lambs. Gays are under oppression from the power of darkness, the evil one, and most gay churches are just sign boards with no spiritual presence and power to claim the land.

We need GLBT churches that believe right in the grace of God through Jesus Christ which is the gospel good news, without which we can never enter the promised land, and claimed the lives of gays for the Gospel.