End is near for chc case

The end is near for the City Harvest case. St. Paul was prosecuted and had appealed to Ceaser for preaching the Gospel of Grace. Whilst they are in strive for preaching Judaist legalism resulting in a cover up of tens of millions to start a Hollywood career for a middle age woman. The ten commandments will condemn the best of us. They had failed both the letter and the spirit.

They are bringing disrepute and shame to the entire body of Christ when a much higher moral standards is expected since they preached so much about morality and being part of the love singapore anti gay movement. This is a grave dishonour yet not a single whisper from the gate keepers. Their sins are exposed as light to the open tomb over past 6 years.

Under the Word of Faith teachings, the leadership had believed so much that Sun Ho would succeed in the secular cross over that they made things happened when doors were locked. At the end, only Hollywood and lawyers benefited.

Would the church members even agree if millions of charity were to be used for Sun Ho secular career? And even if they do, is it legal under the charities act. Buying a CD of sgd 20 to support Sun Ho is a far cry from donating sgd 1000 in the guise of the building fund.

It pains me that they are going to jail espeacially Pastor Tan Ye Peng who was my cell group leader/pastor. Are they guilty? Of couse. But they have paid a very heavy price, their reputation in tatters.

When we focused on the Ten commandments and the summary of the law, loving God and others, which is not wrong by itself, we will be sin conscious and become the greatest transgressors. Because the commandments affirmed our sins. The Jews were law minded until they killed the grace of God in Jesus Christ.

The new wine of God’s grace in Jesus cannot be contained in the old wineskin of OT laws written on stone. It is not love really but grace that enables us to love naturally from a softened heart. The old wineskin speaks of the law written on animal skin, rigid and unbending. The wine speaks of the blood of Christ cleansing us.

Kong hee had nearly absolute power and control leading to a spiritual and moral abuse of the sheep. The leadership lorded over the sheep with an over controlling spirit abusing their spiritual authority. It is in this secretive and hierachal culture, where Kong Hee’s word became god’s word and unquestioned, that a culture of absolute faith and obedience to the leaders were nutured under the guise of faith.

The remaining five accused, the inner circle of leadership helped accomplished the deeds in the night and hide the truth. They broke both the letter and the spirit of the 10 commandments.

They all gained, albeit indirectly for following orders. Their salaries in leadership of the biggest mega church in Singapore would have been very good. They are repeatedly honoured at church services as world shakers.

The allegations by a church member early on that the church had supported  the secular career of Sun Ho and their denials and threats of legal reprecussions with Sun crying that she had done nothing wrong locked them in. Their own words bound them.

If supporting Sun Ho financially as a church was legal under the charities act and supported by the church members, surely there would not have been strong denials when the church member raised his concern more than 13 years ago. He was forced to put a public apology in all news papers. It was pride, the appearance that Sun Ho did it all by herself.

Hence, begin a 8 year mahjong table of money movements to pop up the lie of secular success. To have backed down before they were found out would have opened themselves to allegations of cheating, deception, misuse of building funds by church members, the churches in singapore, and the commissioner of charities.

Even throughout the 6 year trial, their position and spin that it was actually church funds for church purposes remains unchanged despite the unforgettable images of Sun Ho half naked dancing and unintelligeable lyrics. They had no choice. If the church would have agreed to fully supported sun ho financially why the eloborate cover up. Because, it would be tantamount to an admission of failure and that they had lied repeatedly. They had created an illusion of success at great cost.

The argument that the church did not suffer permanent lost is only partially relevant because the gap was covered only after they were taken to tasks 6 years ago. We can see Kong Hee working frantically to visit all the foreign chc associated churches to gain support and offerings. He worked super hard in the lucrative mega church preaching circuit.

It was not that the building fund had stacks of cash for investment. They were constantly asking for more with the expediture to sun ho hidden in services and advanced rental to xtron. Hence, the church members were asked to give more because of the gap instead of telling the truth that tens of millions went to Sun Ho career.

The repeated mention of audited accounts were just a cover with xtron becoming a defacto piggy bank not under the charities act. It was money for their own use billed to the church under a different use.

It was a brilliant plan and if there were no informants resulting in persecution by the authorities, who knows, the losses may be also hidden in creative accounting.

We end up with the final scene of church building fund for a contrived church purpose of Sun ho half naked belly dancing to pagan pop songs. Ultimately, church charity funds for a hollywood dream of fame and stardom in the poor guise of the Gospel good news.

In Hollywood days at Payar Lebar, the CHC dressing rules for ladies were like convent school regulations, very strict. So when friends who were ex CHC saw the China wine, they were shocked. The Cross Over should be helping the poor, the sick and the outcast. Even Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor, and not from to the poor to the Hollywood rich. Paul was persecuted for Gospel righteousness sake, and they for the unrighteousness sake.

Why should grace be given? They preached and had condemned other churches for not emphasising the ten commandments.Hence, they should be rightly judged by the law. Without a contrite heart admitting their guilt, there is no grace. They were lawless not because they did not know the commadments but because they hid from the light of God, the light of grace.

At the end, they should repent as David said “Create in me a clean heart, o Lord, renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence O Lord, and take not thy Holy Spirit from me. …”. The entire church in Singapore is now judged for being hypocrites when we do not humble ourselves. The Gospel Good News will be undermined. Are we continuing to wear white protesting against the next pink dot?







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