A Jubilee year for the Jews

Lev 27.24 in the year of Jubilee the field will revert to the person from whom it was bought, the one whose land it was.

The lost in the US elections to trump has embolden some to come out to launch a final solution against the Jews. It will be a very eventful year, just as it has been the last ‘jubilee’ in 1967 and 1917 for the Jews where there was a return of what was lost and taken away. The land was actually a no man’s land for 50 years.

At each Jubileee of modern Israel, what was hitherto stolen from them is being increasingly returned to them. The title deed is returned to Israel for the days of gentiles over Jerusalem is over. Others have been camping on it but it was never their land. For the last 8 years, God has hardened Obama’s heart until it has been a personal crusade to eject the Jews from the temple mount so that a tipping point of judgement is reached.

The Jews suffered injustice in the hands of Pharaoh for more than 400 years, during which time they were harassed physically into slave labor, their babies killed because the Jewish population was growing rapidly, and there was spiritual oppression having to bow down to the gods and spiritual deities of Egypt. The judgement on Egypt appears seemingly on the “innocent” first born. But God sees the first born as being under their parents. So the sins of the parents is imputed to the children under God’s law.


When Moses appeared before Pharaoh, to let my people go, he could have just agreed to let the Jews depart to Canaan, to the promised land. Through Moses, God gave Pharaoh mercy, a chance to forgo judgement for the sin of the nation against the Jews. By his decision to resist God’s offer of grace, judgement came:-

  1. The gods and deities of Egypt were being brought down, and could not save the nation of deep famines and sufferings, retribution for the sufferings of the Jews for the past 400 years. The gods included the Sun and Moon gods who have been keeping an eye on the US dollar and with a majestic falcon.
  2. The first born died, when Pharaoh was still stubborn, a judgement for the fact that Egypt had killed the first born of the Jews
  3. Destruction of the Egyptian army, the armed forces that persecuted the Jews
  4. The Jews left with the gold and silver of Egpyt the wages back pay for 400 years.

If Pharaoh could have just let the Jews go in the first place, judgement would not have come. But God has hardened his heart so that judgement would come. The Jews have now been suffering injustice for almost 2,000 years from AD70. The Romans and various caliphs have divided Israel amongst themselves. For 2,000 years the Jews were persecuted, killed in the name of their faith in the God of Israel, whose religious life is centered upon the Temple of Jerusalem. (The temple mount which some say is not Jewish).

The Jewish faith suffered incredible hostility. The Romans built the temple of Jupiter after destroying the Jewish temple. Later, the religious caliphs built their own dome in the same location. It was an act of abomination to the Holiest place of the Jewish faith. The nations and UNESCO at the UN immorally declared that East Jerusalem is not even under the Jews thus denying history.

The Jewish started returning after 1917, the Balfour Declaration which recognised the Jews ancestral rights to Palestine, and later set out the borders which essentially includes Israel, Judah and Samaria in the British mandate ratified in the league of nations 1922 Palestine Mandate Article 6. The Balfour declaration was given by a letter from Balfour to Lord Rothchild, the mega rich banker on 2 Nov 1917. A month later on 11 Dec 1917, the British under General Allenby defeated the Ottomons in the Battle of Jerusalem, thus Jerusalem was finally free from her Arab conquerors.

As the Arab occupation forces were defeated, a remnant started returning after this first Jubilee. It was said that a Jewish allied soldier, Louis Isaac Salek hung a blue and white flag with the star of David from the Tower of David in 1917 on the 2nd day of chanukah which was quickly taken down. It had to wait for the 2nd Jubilee.

When Israel became a nation in 1948, the surrounding nations went into rage in violent wars against Israel. After two decades of conflicts against Goliath, it ended in the 6 day war in June 1967 with Israel actually gaining the territories which was set in the first place under the British mandate. Israel was against the overwhelming nations 100 times larger who could have literally pushed Israel into the sea since the land mass was tiny.

The UN resolution in Dec 2016 insisting on Israel to go back to pre-1967 borders is a desperate attempt to negate God’s move because there was no pre-1967 borders but only war fronts of 1949. In the ultimate insult, it even included the temple mount in Jerusalem, the heart of the Jewish faith. The designated lands under the British mandate already included Judah (what they now called West Bank). Therefore, the settlements were not illegal.

The return started en-mass in 1967, a second Jubilee, 50 years after 1917. The 1917 and 1967 wars were a miracle with the hand of God coming against the enemies of Israel. When the UN voted in Dec 2016 to make Israel settlements illegal in Judea and East Jerusalem illegal, they are essentially trying to undo the 1967 and 1917 victories.

The Year 2017, is 50 years after 1967, the 2nd Jubilee. The election of Trump has forced the New World Order to go out of their way to break up Israel into separate nations just as the Romans, and later various Caliphs have done. In reality, the Palastinians and Jews could have just shared the same land but they really wanted the Jews out of Judea and Samaria (ie West Bank and East Jerusalem).

The UN has voted to make all the Jewish settlements illegal, essentially challenging the return of the Jews to their ancestral lands. The vote is made up of the old Roman empire and the various Caliphs who had divided Israel for 2,000 years amongst themselves. Just as the Pharaoh of old decided not to let the Jewish people return back to Canaan, it was all planned by God so that Egypt could be judged for the harm done. But it was Pharaoh’s very own decision.

The hearts of the leaders of the nations are now hardened against Israel. They are asking Israel to get out, to get out of Jerusalem, to get out from the Temple Mount, the Holy Mountain of God.

  1. Just as the gods of pharaoh were brought down, and the different political and faith ideologies of the nations will be brought down. The ancient gods of Eypt of the Sun and Moon gods permeating to the New World Order and religions will be brought down.
  2. Just as the first born of Egypt died, what the nations treasured most will suffer. It wil be a very costly affair and price being paid.
  3. Just as gold and silver were given to the Jews by Egypt, there will be a deep financial cost.
  4. Just as the armies of Pharaoh fell, the armies of the nations will be defeated supernatually even before they reach Israel.

In the US dollar note, there is a pyramid and the all seeing eye of the sun god and falcon. It was going to be a New World Order hiding within the ancient powers. The Pharoah has fallen in the US who had insisted that the temple mount, the very core and heart of the Jewish faith and identity be taken away. Her first born was not elected and now she sents the nations to declare the Holy of Holies illegal Jewish settlements. The flood is coming. The New World Order is falling.

The stage is set for Israel to fully return to Israel, Judea and Samaria, and for rebuilding of the Temple in the temple mount. Just as none died when they came of of Egpyt despite being pursued by the Egyptian army, God will keep Israel safe supernaturally. Year 2017 is going to be a very momentus year.