Cross Over to the Gentle Beast

The Anglican Church in Singapore and the National Council of Churches have issued warnings of secret gay scenes in the coming Hollywood Beauty and the Beast. Secret because the show is not released and the scene a fleeting moment to the main plot. They tried to scrub out gay from their world but God keeps putting the pink dot back at the communion table.

Pastor Kong Hee of City harvest Church was correct in one respect that the Church must crossover. His methods may be questionable, because there is a deep sense of self righteousness instead of seeing people as God sees them, people that need a touch of God’s grace, love and mercy through Jesus Christ.

We don’t need to go to Hollywood to crossover, when God brings people to our table for us to crossover by accepting them in our hearts by the love, grace and mercy of God through Jesus Christ knowing that at the Cross, the law based Judaist killed Jesus because of the law. When we use the very same faith laws against gays for harm, are we no better than the pharisees?

Inside, Gay people are like the Beast, not to be judged from the outside, but treated with grace, dignity, and freedom. If we do not chose to be straight, why do we not give freedom for others to be. Gays are no different from straight people, just the same sex orientation. If we judge people for their love of others, then truly the love in our hearts are tarnished by deep faith motivated prejudice.

The win by Trump was essentially a win against the liberals because of the deep hypocrisy in the elites in Washington. For ‘progressive’ people of faith, Illegal immigrants are said to be undocumented, and abortion becomes a women’s health procedure! The Faith motivations of violent armed movements are ignored despite hundreds of thousands of deaths in the middle east because it does not fit the religious construction. This is not justice but immoral and reckless. Grace enters when we acknowledge our wrongs.

The reason why Jesus rejected the pagan worshiping woman who came for help, because she was not being authentic and tried to imitate a Jew by calling Jesus, the Son of David as if a Jew. When Jesus corrected her, he indirectly reminded the woman that she was a dog ie a temple prostitute worshiping baal.

When she was true to yourself, ackowledging herself as a sinner, a pagan beloging to Baal, a temple dog, she came to a lowly position of grace to receive the crumbs of God’s grace and mercy which was so plentiful. When she humbled herself, she became a little puppy that even though belonging to the devil deserves grace. God’s grace is so anundant that even crumbs can bring healing.

The Christian left in the US didn’t see that Israel belongs to the Jews despite reading the entire bible not because they are not thinking but considering themselves wise against the knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. The Christian Right is repeating the same mistake of being preoccupied by the law and their own self righteousness as compared to gays.

The EU headscarf ban is attracting all sorts of criticism from faith groups and progressives as a back door to prejudice. But really, faith groups are the most prejudiced group. They are claiming special rights in the name of faith whilst not giving the basic rights and freedoms to others especially to the gay community. In the Anglican and now advisory by the National Council of Singapore, even a very short gay moment in beauty and the beast horrifies their holiness.

This is in contrast to the utter lack of protest against abortions and adultery in Singapore, who has sanitizes the killing of the unborn in a progressive health care manner. The religious right in Singapore is no more less guilty than the Christian left by their inaction with no protest against the red light shops in Geylang nor the hospitals carrying out this procedure. The Christian left cares so much about a most guilty person on death row, but not the 10,000 aborted every year.

Religious Faith and spirituality groups are often steeped in their utter hypocrisy. Often, they are not really about love, but many a times, harsh religious laws which they demand on others. Their own sins are forgotten whilst the sin of others are amplified many times like the log compared to a small splint. They defended Pastor Kong Hee so vehemently, but as the case dragged on and on, the whole and nothing but the truth was all revealed in court with juicy details published over and over again in a long unending drama series.

The judgement is pending at the Apex court but there can never be an easy back down because the facts are so substantial and plain to see. Why didn’t the Anglican church issued an advisory on Sun Ho’s belly dancing to Jamaican pagan drums? To protect children no less.

And yet, these same people of faith blows the loudest trumpet against a small gay scene in Beauty and the Beast which is on strict religious grounds will always be suspect:-

  1. Sex with a beast – unequally yoked
  2. The Beauty appearing in public show not in headscarf
  3. Sin against close proximity as the beauty was not married to the beast

Progressives are no better raising not a finger against the harsh religious laws in many countries with often capital punishment against adultery, gays and conversion to Christianity impacting thousands but could only see a murderer on death row whose proven crime was causing grave harm.

Overtly zealous Faith and spirituality often makes people hypocrites or see themselves wiser than God unless their righteousness is gained not of themselves, not earned but by grace totally unmerited. When it is not our works, and we realized how deeply sinful and fallen short of God’s glory, we will never seek to cause harm.

With the Anglican Church in Singapore so upset about a gay moment in beauty and the Beast which makes very good free advertisement, why are they so upset when they are not the aggrieved party  but the thief who stole the basic rights of the GLBT community. In the bible, there is a four fold return of what was stolen to the victim. The church is readying themselves for a lost.

They have made protecting children the buzzword of their cause against gays. But if so, they would need to protest against the Ministry to put an R rating for every show for most Hollywood shows which are filled with straight nudity. Since 95% of people are straight, seeing a small gay scene in Beauty and the Beast doesn’t make them any more straight. But because they have used the argument of harm against children their main argument when actually gays the innocent children being harm, the judgement of God’s moral law will come against the children, and they will loose the control of their children to the world which they have sought to protect.

This world is changing. With more gay scenes in every movie, the Anglican Church will now become a regular movie critique whom the world will laugh at and measure them by the measuring tape of their hypocrisy.  When the Anglican church and National Council of Churches criticises the minute in the very short gay scene, the world laughs at them and begin measuring the church. The scale of judgement is lowered against the church every time until the smallest breach of the law by Pastors demand a serious penalty because the manner we judge becomes how people judge us.

Do we sow love, grace and mercy, then we will be judged thus. If we sow religious laws, then we will be judged by the same letter of the law without prejudice. Therefore, if we amplify the small sins of others, our own big sins will gain world wide attention. Do not criticise, do not be unkind, but let love of Jesus fills your hearts and mind. Then, truly we will become the children of God saved by Grace, cleansed by the blood of Jesus, and baptized into the household of God, into the lineage of Abaraham, and the promises of the God of Israel.