Pink Dot 2017

Pink Dot 2017 is here again but this time with higher security and only citizens and PR. The “no foreigners” theme was conjured by the Christian Right who obviously failed to see that their churches are frequented weekly by foreign pastors.

Just in the news, the Catholic Cardinal George Pell was called back to Australia being charged for sexual abuse of minors way back in the 70s. He was 3rd in charge of the Vatican. And yet, no gate keepers called for the expulsion of the Catholic Church whose allegiance is sworn to a state overseas no different than Google or the major banks.  But alas, the church hierarchical is richer, bigger, more powerful and have an ancient history.

Freedom to Love? Are we really free? there is no freedom in our lives until we give others their basic rights and freedoms. By limiting the rights of others, we loose our humanity and consistency in our morality. We loose our conscience when we cannot be touched by love. There are no boundaries to love but the boundaries in our hearts to love and be loved.

One of the most touching moments a few years back was the scene of the National Anthem.

I believe that Singapore will prosper when we bring down the walls and the check points for at the end this is what society is really all about, to live and let live, and to love others as we love ourselves. And the Amazing Grace in Christianity is that Jesus came down so that the doors in our hearts can be opened to God’s love. If God so loved us to send His only Son to die for us, surely we can do the very minimum to be give grace to others. For at the end, giving others the freedom to love, gives us the freedom to experience love from one and all.

With Gay marriage on the verge of being accepted in Australia, and Taiwan, it looks likely that within a decade, the Pink Dot will replace the Red Dot as a Singaporean icon being a small nation but happy and gay.