We are all naked and fallen

Gen 3.7 then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realised they were naked, so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.

When sin entered into mankind, the focus of Adam and Eve was suddenly about themselves, they felt shame, and a sin conscience came in, aware that they are under judgement from God.

The history of ages is of mankind trying to cover themselves and to return to Eden. But we are really all naked and fallen and our progressive liberal christian knowledge can never save us.  For God has planned for our return in the redemptive grace through His Son Jesus Christ.

Adam and Eve tried to cover their sinful flesh with fig leaves, and hide away from God. At the end, they were expelled. They couldn’t enter back to the Garden of Eden for there were two cherubin angels with swords guarding the entrance. Hence, a distance separated them from God.

Liberal Christianity tells us that sin is not within the flesh rather something external, the harm done to others. And so love is the answer. Surely God is a loving God who will not deny us His presence. But God remained a mystery for them, a deep dark separation, for our theological construction could never negate God’s judgement for our sins and tainted flesh because of Adam. They talked often about love but do not have the love of God which is the grace of God in Jesus Christ. Our own love is selective at best and tainted with sin.

Adam and Eve instinctively hide from God because fear, condemnation and judgement came in. It was God who sacrificed the first animal, a lamb, and put on the bloodied lamb skin as a covering for them. Adam and Eve were supposed to die but the innocent lamb took their place. The innocent lamb speaks of Jesus Christ whose death and resurrection will one day cleanse us from our sins if we indeed put on the blood. Mankind has ever since found the innocent lamb to bear all their sins eg the gay community.

At the garden, for the first time, Adam and Eve saw evil, and evil was within them. So we put on our leaves of bible knowledge and spirituality to see differently but inside us is a sin conscience that can can never be covered by our intellectual reasoning. People of faith tried their best to enter the kingdom of God but to no avail. They covered up their sins or temptations to sin, women were covered so that men would not fall into sin by what they saw.

Religion and spirituality engaged with good works in an attempt to negate the shame of sin in our lives. Since the ancient times, we sought the mystery religions and supernatural deities to seek blessing and we sacrificed our love ones to Baal/Moloch, the Lord of the Harvest in ancient times. Even today there are many pagan deities worshipped by the masses.

Much earlier, at the beginning of time, before the flood, mankind even tried to be god by ‘marriage’ with demonic beings creating half humans with giants. Only Noah remained pure. This vile marriage resulted in a massive cleansing of earth when God sent a great flood against the giants.

By the second and third generation, the descendents of Noah were again having sex again with the fallen angels. Noah’s great grand children eg Nimrod, was a giant (mix breed with fallen angels) and a rebel in defiance of God, went against God building the tower of babel (a tower so tall that even the flood waters of judgement will never again reach!). The tower was destroyed and God found in Abraham of Canaan, a man of faith who walked with Him that the seed of redemption might come to crush Satan.

Romans was written to reflect the abomination of the pagan cults in Rome and Judah. The church comes against homosexuality when it was actually heterosexual men worshiping cybele. The straight men had anal sex with the castrated temple priest so the demonic spirit could enter the worshippers.

After the flood, fear came in. The fear of God leading to a self-righteousness and seeing the sin in others fearing that God will judge us as an entire community and send in the flood. We have good reasons to fear for sin demands judgement and death. Liberal christianity tries to distort the truth by saying God is love and will surely not judge us.

Truly God is love but His righteousness could not let our sin go unpunished. A just God could not let justice be denied and our sin and rebellion against God unanswered. To do so, God would be unrighteous.

In the Holy of Holies, in the heart of the tabernacle, stood the ark of the covenant. The two angels of the ark of the covenant are now permanent fixtures. Their eyes are now on the mercy seat of Jesus Christ where the blood of the lamb is sprinkled each year. For Jesus Christ is the sacrificial lamb once and for all and his blood poured out. It was as if He took our sins and walked straight into the garden and the sword of the angels pierced Him. Jesus took our curse, judgement and our deaths if we are indeed hidden in Christ.

In Christ Jesus, we are no longer naked but clothed again with glory, honour and righteousness as a child of God. We have returned home to a better covenant. For the first Adam was a created being, a servant/worker in the house of God, the second Adam gives us an everlasting inheritance as a child of the kingdom, the spirit of sonship to cry abba Father.



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