Decline of middle America

The recent Charlottesville demonstration on the removal of the confederate statue of General Robert E Lee has sparked of an ugly latent reaction by the white supremacist anti Jew protestors. Some say alt Right. The protest got violent as a James Alex Fields Jr rammed his car into counter protestors. He was no radicalized religious zealot nor Christian. It was not for religious glory unlike Isis. But there are some who questioned “why didn’t James Alex Field’s christian family and pastor informed the authorities of his radicalism”, you would need to ask the liberal Catholic, Episcopal, UCC, and Unitarian congregation in Maumee. Was the parents to be blamed that the beggar is blind? James Alex’s parent was a single paraplegic mum.

I am reminded of a book published in 1986 and 1988 called “This Present Darkness” and “Piercing the Darkness” by Frank E. Peretti set in the college town of Ashton. Perhaps 30 years later we see this darkness in middle America.

It is sad to see clergy hurdled in St Paul Episcopal in Charlottesville as protestors surround. They thought they are fighting for peace and justice against flesh and blood but actually they have first lost the battle against the devil in the spiritual realm. There is a sad demise of liberal christianity in middle America, a spiritual Christian decline. Where there is a void, darkness comes in. When they deny that the devil even exists, he works best in darkness and hidden to deceive. When God is just the creator, a divine mystery and creativity to them instead of Abba, they are playing religion in the devil’s kingdom.

Ironically,  liberals such as Jesuit James Martin are quick to call Alex a “Christian” terrorist which is a deceptive label since he is not motivated at all by religion nor biblical Christianity but by hate and racism. James Alex didn’t praise God as he ploughed into the innocent counter protestors, nor did he obtained his inspiration from reading the bible and attending the Catholic church.

To associate this with Christianity simply because he was white is terribly opportunistic,  dishonest and intellectually lazy trying to equate to the faith-based terrorism happening in the Middle East and Europe. In fact, the Nazi groups are filled with Satanic occult symbols just like some church society of Jesus. Liberals must be desperate to argue that Christianity also has examples of violent radicalization in light of the daily news of religiously inspired violence and wars.

I grew up in high school in the liberal era where many call themselves Christians but few would attend church nor believed Jesus is their saviour. Their allegiance was to a creator God, a divine mystery and creativity. Hence, the declining numbers in middle America who would still call themselves Christian reflects actual reality which has been happening three decades ago, and only now reflected in a mainline statistics of rapidly declining attendance of Episcopal, UCC, lutheran, and Presbyterian churches.

Mainline Christianism is a dying culture which has all but denied the saving grace of Jesus Christ. They have made Christianity and the power to change behaviours in decline and then deceptively turned around and claimed that the white supremacist are christians just because they are white. Because, they have failed to change hearts and minds to the call of love in middle america by making christianity a part of white culture and not the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

The Progressive pastor Brian Mclaren said that we have failed to teach white christian America that racism is not acceptable, as if Alan Field was even christian. Even then the numbers of young white people calling themselves Christians has fallen below 30%. The emergent has no answers. There is little criticism by the liberal clergy of their own groups such as Antifa who openly promotes violence. Are they christian terrorists as well?

The term alt right is perhaps wrong. They are Nazi fascist white supremacist groups. Like the liberals, the Nazis are anti-Jew, God’s chosen people whose inheritance is in Jerusalem. The white supremist thinks that they are the special race joined by some ancient Aryan union with the gods. The liberals don’t think that God has specials rejecting Abraham and Israel as God’s chosen people to bring forth the Messiah.

The battle at Charlottesville was a battle between the Nazi and the liberals. Both are attempting to create heaven on earth. Yet the liberals are anti biblical Christianity and are quick to blame Christians when the symbol of Christianity is the Cross of Calvary, dying to ourselves, and putting our sin at the Cross to be washed away by the blood of Calvary. It is to cause no harm.

So the actions of the white supremacist is an anti thesis to biblical Christianity, but the liberals want to blame bible believing Christians for it. Real Christianity is about grace. For when came to arrest Jesus, He gave himself up to be captured and crucified, even healing the soldier who got hurt in the struggle with Peter. We can’t love much for it is His love that changed us from the inside.

The demise of the mainline church has left a void in middle America. A christian tradition remains, but look closely, they worship the occult. In the pictures in the James Alex with the group Vanguard, a picture emerged of someone holding the symbol of the black sun, a highly occult symbol of satan worship that originates from ancient occultic practices in Germany.

The White supremasist worshiped the Sun god, Baal from ancient Babylon. Like the liberals, they are deeply anti Jew because out of the Jews came Jesus Christ whose death and resurrection effectively disarmed the powers of darkness. The goal is the destruction of Jews as opposed to biblical christians who supported the Jew’s blibical claim to Jerusalem and Judah. The liberals are no better, white washing history and denying the Jewish historical right to Judah, Israel and Jerusalem.

The devil uses the likes James Alex Field, speaking to him lies because he was not himself allegedly suffering from schizophrenia according to a high school teacher. His father was killed by a drunk driver when he was months old. Surely there was injustice done to him with this lost which breeds hatred. Liberals don’t see him as a real individual, one who is hurting and under privileged but grouped him as priveleged and christian just because of his white race. He found significance and meaning by being part of a white supremacist who considered themselves being oppressed. Inside James Alex was hurting badly and outwardly even violent to the mum which was reported to the police.

Ultimately what is happening in middle America is a tragedy, the demise of the mainline church leaving a spiritual void. There are over 5,000 liberal Episcopal churches in the country side. In fact, there are three big Episcopal churches at Charlottesville. James Alex Field came from Maumee, Ohio, a liberal town. There resides an Episcopal Church, St Paul’s. There is also the liberal mainline St Paul’s Lutheran Church, and the UCC and Unitarian church.

White America Christianity is declining as a result of the decline in the liberal mainline especially the young. Less than 30% are Christians between age 18 to 29. There is a void filled by rage, anger, bigotry, and racism especially by those who are hurting and underprivileged.

Liberals have no answer as they see people as groups. Eg white privileged etc. It was corporate salvation for the down trodden but also corporate blame for the privileged. But God looks at us as an individual. It is not black lives or all lives matter for God sees us an individual. When the syrophoenecian pagan worshiping woman came to Jesus for healing for her child, Jesus first response was the traditional Jewish religious response to declare His calling to the children of Israel and not to dogs of the temple. Why dogs? Because these were temple prostitutes where men would have sex with to join themselves to Satan. Helping her would be like throwing food to stray dogs in the streets.

Jesus has a heart for her as she cries out for mercy. When we cry out for mercy in our prayers, we give God the right and opportunity answer and save us. But OT law sees people as groups just like liberals do. She belong to the pagan nation worshiping satan and tormenting the Jews. There was a gulf that separated them and restricted God from acting.

She was desperate and bowed down and humbled herself not once but twice. When she bowed down the first time, she tried to imitate a Jew, calling Jesus the Son of David. When she bowed the second time, it was her true self, admitting she is a sinner, a temple dog but then declaring that even the crumbs of blessing, the left overs from the God of Israel is more than sufficient. Even the crumb of God’s grace is sufficient. She became a puppy, a household pet, hence entered into the household of Israel through the backdoor. Even the pet has more to eat than the hungry street dogs.

The Syrophoenecian woman came to Jesus because her daughter was possessed by a violent demon. She a pagan recognised that her own god cannot help her. She was worshiping Baal, the powerful Sun god. Yet, it was no avail because both entities are from the kingdom of darkness. She must have heard that Jesus is the Messiah, the God of Israel Himself, who could forgive sins and heal her daughter.

As Middle America goes into darkness with demon possessed hate filled Nazi causing trouble, will mainline Christianity like the woman crossed the line and humble themselves admitting that they have worshiped a god of their own individualism and flesh? an ancient gnostic heresy.

God meets us when we humble ourselves and be our true selves. If the crumbs of God’s grace can heal, how amazing is the fullness of God’s grace. God wants to meet us as a unique individual and not hide behind our faith, being white/black, poor/rich, gay/straight. There is no corporate salvation but individual salvation and decisions. Each one of us like James Alex Field is responsible for his/her own.

We see a darkness prevailing as the mainline church pulls back across the American heartland. It is the end of a hundred years of a christian century.