Nashville Red Line

The Nashville anti gay statement driven by the likes of Russell Moore of Southern Baptist and ex-gay advocate Christopher Yuan was a red line of anti gay positional statements by the evangelicals. The statement is really for their own consumption and to boost their own confidence and assurance as gay rights and marriage is all but accepted.

It is to keep the faithful in line as the acceptance of gays is knocking louder even in the most conservative evangelical church, 2 years after gay marriage was legalized. The Pew Research reported that 60% opposed gay marriage in 2004. In 2017, this has dropped by half to 32%. In 2004, 31% was in favor of gay marriage. Today, in 2017, this is at 62%. This trend is set to continue. In 2004, 44% of millenials supported gay marriage. Today, this has increased to 74%.

What God values as important is our allegience. When Solomon had too many wives, God didn’t rebuke him for going beyond one wife but for the wives worshiping another God. When the bible speaks about a man having sex with another man, it was always in the context of spiritual abomination, because only men were allowed in the worship of Baal and they joined themselves with the pagan god via sex with the priest. Would Jesus have rebuked gays? Yes, for unbelief for all of us have fallen short of God’s glory and righteousness.

It was not particularly political being very poorly timed in the middle of the Hurricane Harvey. When Houston is facing a massive disaster caused by Harvey, Category 6 hurricane, the folks in Nashville could only focus on is sex! Very few evangelical charismatic mega churches joined in because the Holy Spirit has restrained them to keep their lips from evil.

Liberals such as Brian Mclaren tried to linked it to white supremacist and the expectation of evangelical refugees to liberal churches! But alas people will continue to leave the mainline in droves. It was not driven by race. For the Southern Baptist even had their first african american president in 2012 followed up by a strong stand against the white supremist in 2017. Christopher Yuan, the ex-gay preacher goes around the asian evangelical churches fighting against gay rights.

The red line was drawn with an article 10, which is really extra biblical which states that it is sin to even support gays and gay marriage. Why the line on the sand?

1. It is the last stand of the defeated. Homosexuality was decriminalised nationwide on june 26, 2003 and gay marriage legalised on june 26, 2015. There was no massive breakdown and descent into lawlessness. Their prophecies had not come through. All their arguments about the breakdown of families is pure hubris.

2. It is accepting a lie from the devil. The firm and concise statement becomes the basis whereby these churches are judged. Satan has deceived them to focus on the letter of the law and have audacity to put judgement on paper. The final purpose is to weaken the Protestant declaration of salvation by faith by Martin Luther of 1517 in 95 theses. So now, the churches are under full four fold judgement for the sins against gays, for the lives stolen. Instead of grace, they are now known for sex for which few can keep themselves clean.

3. The evangelical churches are loosing ground. Although not loosing attendance unlike the mainline liberals, they are not growing rapidly in contrast to the evangelical charismatic. The statement is a fight for a purpose for existence for the likes of Christopher Yuan to continue his preaching anti gay preaching circuit.

4. The voices of innocent blood are too loud. When Cain killed Abel, God heard the call for justice from the blood of Abel. There are millions of gays who died, some of Aids, many more broken-hearted, their closeted lives and freedom to love and be loved stolen. The blood cries out for vengeance. This voice drives the evangelical church to a point a judgement. The blood cries out against the conscience of the evangelicals.

5. It is hypocrisy when the same line is not drawn against Trump in his known sexual forays nor against the spiritual adultery and ancient heresies of the Catholic, and Mormons. When did gays become the scapegoat of a nation founded largely by the Freemasons escaping from mother England? Like the Catholics and the liberals they are adding to the bible, reducing spiritual adultery of worshiping other gods to about gays, a scapegoat for their own sins.

When God listed the Ten Commandments, the Jews were foolish to declare that they are well able to follow the law, hence come under the judgement of the law. When we agree to the Nashville statement to condemn gays, the signatories also come under her judgement. For everything they do will be measured under a very low bar.

In summary, the Nashville statement is desperate and not too wise statement without any grace, mercy nor a sense of humanity and humble self-reflection. It is not biblical and contrary to the blibical witness of the Great Commission. The church has thrown rocks at the innocent. But the innocent has long walked away.





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