Peace in Jerusalem at last

The nations of the world and religious people of faith took their turns to condemn US at the United Nations for declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel with United Kingdom even declaring that they consider East Jerusalem where the Temple Mount resides not part of Israel. It is so far away from Singapore.

The argument that Trump is destroying the peace process is a half truth. I do not believe that the nations and certainly not Trump understands the significance of his decision. Trump is a type of Cyrus and Nebuchadnezzar of the bible, used by God precisely because his intellect doesn’t come in the way. If they do understand the times, they will be preparing for the flood.

It is amusing that the nations and the people of faith are asking the Jews to negotiate and share the land violently stolen from the Jews and made an abomination to worship other gods. It is like sharing with the thief who stole all your goods and killed all your sheep! God is weeping not because peace is jeopradise as alluded by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, but because judgement is coming upon the nations for rejecting God’s grace. The people of faith may wear white, but their hands could not wash off the deep red blood stains of the Jews, the chosen people of God to proclaim the Messiah.

The God of Israel has commanded that the Holy Temple with the Ark of the Covenant be built in the Temple Mount, or Mt Moriah, now East Jerusalem. When Jesus died and rose again, the anger of Satan was against the Jewish people, and this anger is permeated again through people of faith now condemning Israel. Hence, the Romans who worshipped Satan through the various deities was inspired to destroy the heart of Israel, which is Jerusalem in AD70, and later built the temple of Jupiter in place of the holy temple.

Till this very day, instead of the Holy Temple of Israel, God sees a religious abomination at the mountain of God which is a spiritual portal to heaven. This portal is deliberately blocked so that the Messiah cannot return as the Temple has not been rebuilt. Therefore, the elephant in the room, is the great fear that in East Jerusalem, the 3rd Temple will be rebuilt bringing in the power of the God of Israel, and the return of Jesus Christ.

The Jews have already suffered tribulation for 1947 years (AD 70 to 2017)  with tens of millions killed by Rome and people of religious faith of many colors. The 2nd Jewish temple was completely destroyed and they were exiled to the four corners of the earth so that they could never return. Why? Because they were the people chosen by God to bring forth the Messiah. Because of Jesus sake, the Jewish people suffered annihilation. Jerusalem, Israel and Judah are all promises of land given by God to Israel. When we declared these are occupied territories, we are declaring our rebellion to God even though we call ourselves people of faith.

The Hope of a return was stirred at the first Zionist council in 1897, and 50 years later the miracle happed on 29 nov 1947 with the UN mandate for the foundation of Israel. Seventy years later, in 2017, by the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital, Jerusalem effectively returns to Israel including East Jerusalem ie the Temple Mount (after 120 years or a full generation from 1897, and also the year of Jubilee, 50 years after Jerusalem was returned to the Jews in 1967 war, where the captives are released).

The religious people of faith are aghast claiming that this would destroy the peace process. There can never be real peace that justifies and exalts the deep injustice and the horrendous sufferings and stolen lands of the Jews. Hence, the peace that has been used as an argument to deny the full inheritance of the Jews is a false hope that perpuates injustice and rebellion against the God of Israel.

When Moses came down from the mountain of God to deliver Israel from Egypt, the Jews have already suffered for more than 400 years. Therefore, the redemption of Jews will only have one end, the suffering of Egypt who lost their most precious, their first born, and all their gold when Moses said “let my people go”. Therefore, when Trump declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, it would bring peace and deliverance in Jerusalem and Israel, chased they may be by the modern Egyptian chariots of fire. The Red sea will open and not one hair would be lost.

Similarly, there will be peace in Jerusalem as they celebrate the passover on the night of 30 Mar next year, but the angel of death will bring judgement throughout the united nations of the world which will passover Jerusalem and Israel. Effectively, the safest place, is within the temple where the doors are lined with the blood of the lamb sacrificed to the God of Israel. Hence, Trump may have been too smart for himself. He brought real peace to Jerusalem, but initiated a sequence of judgement and tribulation amongst the nations so overwhelmingly against the return of the Temple Mount to Israel for the construction of the new temple.

At the United Nations in New York on Friday 08 Dec 2017, when each nation in turn condemns Israel and effectively cast their ballot against the return of East Jerusalem or the Temple Mount Moriah to Israel, by their own decision will be judgement upon their nations, just as God judged Egypt with the 10 plaques, the more the Pharoah’s heart was hardened and fighting back with demonic rage until the Pharoah lost his most precious first born, and the people, all their gold. The united nations of the world so united against Israel will one day be forced to give all their gold for the building of the new Jewish temple in East Jerusalem.

In closing, there will be continual riots in Jerusalem and Israel, but really in the midst of trouble, there is the deep waters of peace in Jerusalem. When the waters come back down of those who had pursued Israel day and night, the Jews will return to their promised land, far bigger than the borders of Israel today, because all her enemies will suffer terribly and supernaturally until they would surrender.

There will be peace in Jerusalem, but much chaos and tribulation in many nations. Rome laid siege to Jerusalem 1947 years ago, and now the armies of God of Israel will in return lay siege on her offsprings and bring them down, until their anger and indignation, turn to grave fear and trembling, even the people of faith.

Behold, the chariots of legions and the four horseman are coming down from the heavens to the nations. They have been waiting for two thousand years under the period of God’s grace. Jesus Christ is coming back. May God protect Singapore and keep her safe from trials and tribulations.