Thy Kingdom come

Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King. The events in Jerusalem seems so far and mundane from Singapore, but the Spirit of God is moving.

The nations and people of faith have blamed Trump for destroying the peace process in the middle east by declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It is not actually Trump. If he had not spoken, even a donkey would declare the word of knowledge and prophetic warnings at the UN. Apparently, quoting the ancient and historical rights to proclaim Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is so insulting because it is true. It also follows that Jews have been killed, tortured and lost all their lands by the perpetrators who now feel aggrieved when reminded.

Remember Egypt, for the Jews receiving Jubilee, not a single person was lost, but jugdement fell upon Egypt and her gods in their own lands. Likewise, judgement is coming upon the nations in each nation before the coming back of Jesus Christ.

The claim by some people of faith to be utterly wronged and aggrieved is dubious at best and criminal at worst. The people of faith built their temples near or on top of the most sacred Jewish sites, 500 years later. They then called it their own and have it rubber stamped by the UN. They were built to prevent the Jews from coming back. Therefore, when Trump made the announcement of ancient connections of these sites to the Jews, a self righteous anger is stirred within. Their own conscience condemns them of grave sins against Jews and the God of Israel.

The surrounding nations called the declaration illegal by international law, and some even say will hasten the destruction of Israel. But God’s law being applied means a four fold judgement against these nations, for occupying the Jerusalem given to Israel. Just as they called for Israel’s destruction, four fold destruction will come upon their lands. Their response determines the judgement. The Kingdom of God will come with judgement for Israel’s enemies.

Some people groups even called it a declaration of war and begin firing rockets into Israel. The sounds of ramparts of stones crushing the rebellion at Masada, the sounds of children gasping for air in the poisonous chamber in the death camps, the sounds of bullets killing the last defenders of the Jewish Getto in Warsaw, the voices and screams and sufferings of brutal killings of the Jews is no more. War and tribulation will be returned four fold upon these groups just as they declared.

The nations of the North declared the pronouncement deeply disturbing and insisted that Jerusalem is the capital of two states. Just as they divided Israel and killed millions of Jews in AD70, they will be divided and their unions broken apart,  there will be fear and violence and chaos in the streets. The church hierachal will fall.

The Temple Mount at Jerusalem is the portal or the gateway to the heavens. Therefore nations and people of faith have strived to conquer and controlled it even though it was ordained by God to the Jews because they wanted to be gods themselves. The Arabs conquered it and quickly built their place of worship by destroying the previous temples. The Catholics tried very hard to conquer and control Jerusalem in their many crusades. When General Allenby entered Jerusalem in 1917 it was just a run down outpost. One hundred years later, it is declared for the second time in history as the capital of Israel, thus returning to the rightful owner. The nations and people of faith reacted with incredible agnst to Trump’s declaration because they have lost! and not only that, their past sins will returned to them according to God’s law. They know.

Bonhoeffer’s writing “Thy Kingdom Come” on Nov 19, 1932 corresponded to Hitler’s meeting with President Paul von Hindenburg to form Government. This corresponded to the midway point of 70 years/7 weeks from 1897 (First Zionist Convention of 29 Aug 1897) and the return of Jerusalem in 1967. The midway point is the 3.5 years of bible prophecy of the appearance of the anti christ ie Hitler who tried to destroy all the jews and gays.

From 1932 to 1967 (3.5 weeks or 35 years) was a period of incredible tribulation for the Jewish people with millions dying in death camps at the hands of Hitler, a type of anti Christ, and 2 wars where the surrounding Arab nations gathered around her to push her into the sea:-

  • 1948 Arab Israeli War
  • 1967 Six day War

The Year 2017 is 100 years from the Balfour declaration which gave the Jews the right to their homeland in 1917. The Jews have started returning since the first Zionist conference of 1897. In 1882, it was reported that less than 250k Arabs was residing in Palestine ie it was sparesly populated.

The Palestnians complained that the Balfour declaration by the British in 1917 was a tragedy. But it was a no man’s desert land. In reality, 1947 was their greatest missed opportunity. When the UN partitioned Palestine into the Palestinian areas and Jewish areas, the Jews took the opportunity to declare the foundation of the state of Israel. The Palestinians did not agree with the UN partition plan to give Israel some land, hence did not declare their own state as not to legitimize the state of Israel. God had hardened their hearts so that they would loose even more in the 1948 and 1967, 1973 wars.

The year 2017 is 50 years from 1967. This is the Year of Jubilee of the return of all that was taken . The Kingdom of God is coming upon Israel. Hitherto, there has been religious sacraments, but the Holy Spirit is returning to light the lamp of the Hanukkah on this 12th Dec 2017. The Kingdom of God has come. The mighty wind of the Holy Spirit is returning to Jerusalem pointing their hearts to the Messiah and building the 3rd Temple.

We have at least 4 witnesses that tribulation on the nation is about to start in 2017 leading to the 3rd temple in Jerusalem.

  1. First Zionist Congress – 1897 or 120 years. One generation from the budding of the fig tree.
  2. Balfour Declaration – 1917 – 100 years – 2017 is the double jubilee for the captives. 1st phase of mass return from diaspora. Start of the latter rain of the Holy Spirit of tongues.
  3. UN partition State of Israel – 1947 – 70 years -2017 is the fulfilment of the creation of Israel as a state, with Jerusalem as its capital.
  4. Jewish entry into Jerusalem – 1967 -50 years. 2nd phase of mass return from diaspora. Start of the 2nd latter rain of the Holy Spirit – local mega churches revival/ cleansing of the church.
  • This is 50 years before 2017, ie Jubilee for Jerusalem, when it is released from bondage from the Gentiles.
  • This is 70 years from 1897 marking the fufillment of prophecy on the first return to Jerusalem.

The Kingdom of God is coming to earth with the return of the Messiah. The year 2017 marks the 3rd phase of return of the Jews to Jerusalem and the 3rd phase cleansing of the church/ global church revival of God’s grace for the next 50 years. Concurrently, there will be judgment and tribulation particularly on the nations surrounding Israel and Europe.

Soon, and very soon Jesus will return, not beyond 50 years time. No one knows the exact date or time, but soon and very soon. May God bless Singapore and keep her safe.