Kong Hee is free but the Gospel tarnished

They were waiting for him at City Harvest to welcome back the hero who had suffered two and a half years so that the church could move to the next level. Sorry for the pain but not much repentance of any guilt, Kong Hee has indeed served the judgement by the law of the land albeit truly by grace because of the very short term in light of the monetary sum. And for those outside the faith, it appears to be injustice at face value, hence the many negative comments. But to City Harversters, Kong Hee remains their hero and saviour and saint. For them, Not fallen by any means, and still the Senior Pastor.

There were no call for kong’s resignation from the Christian Gate keepers at the National Council of Churches nor FCBC who were quick to condemn anything gay reminding me of the law based religion condeming the small splint in the eye of gays but not the giant logs in their own eyes. There is one standard for their own but no grace nor mercy for others.

Kong Hee was released early for good behaviour, and it looks like he has been similing, praying and reading the bible all this past 2 years. His hair became white, hopefully with more humility. However, for the wider church in general, it is a lost of integrity and innocense, a loss of a good name. The church in Singapore only cares about being anti-gay with gays the greatest sinners, never mind that the greatest bible sin is against pagan worship.

In the height of the court case, a cab drivet asked what was my opinion of Kong Hee? I replied that since it is church money, the congregation should be free to decide! the lame argument of church funds for church purpose. But I smiled as I replied because Sun Ho’s China wine was not the red wine Jesus poured out at the wedding at Cana! If it was, the cross over would have been a success.

The root cause of the fall was an extreme over emphasis on the Ten Commandments and the Jewish laws. It leads to pride, self righteousness and an anti gay spirit, and spiritual abuse. They were selling the blessings of the Holy Spirit for money and demanded 100% loyalty and givings. The money and influence they had could have evangelised Asia but it went to Hollywood, wrong investments and legal fees.

Kong Hee was the pillar of the charismatic evangelical churches and a board member of Church Growth International. The Senior Pastor of the once largest church in Singapore, thousands of clergy came from around Asia to the CGI Asia Conference in 2010 to learn about church growth. City Harvest was investigated the very next day. Kong hee has fallen by the law from the Ten commandments. Will Kong be resurrected? Kong Hee personfies a church which is vehemently anti-gay which it blames as worst sinners. There is no resurrection power because it gives no grace.

There were many released from prison the same day. No one picked up the rest it seems. But for Kong Hee, a big car came to drive him to Bukit Timah, the town/suburb for pivileged elites in Singapore. Properity Gospel is correct, for they gained all the prosperity. At least he got a good family, the entire church and much wealth to go back to. But for some of my gay christian friends, I will only see them in heaven for condemnation of  the church has killed them.

It’s amazing, the elites in Singapore, how they could frame the most amazing arguments. Belly dancing to pagan music becomes undeniably for church purpose including pumping millions so that the track goes up the billboards and buying thousands of CDs as give aways to give a sense of popularity. I would not know as I am not into women belly dancing as I am gay. Kong Hee personifies the church in Singapore, wealthy, eilte, priveleged and self righteous whilst wearing white. Those outside the church now sees the darkness within the church who hid from the light.

I could remember ten years ago, about a few months before the start of the saga, they were showing the various stadiums around the world, and stated that this was what the building fund was meant to go to, with each Pastor, Pastor Tan Chee Kiang, Derek Dunn, and Tan Ye Peng all standing up to give their public proclamations, to build mega church buildings.

At the service, I prayed to God asserting that I felt cheated many years back, but then realised I gave not to Kong Hee but to God and it is for the church to use as she wishes and be answerable not to man but to God. God has blessed me many fold in returns and although left City Harvest many years ago, my partner and many good friends were all from this church.

I first heard Pastor Kong Hee preached in 1991, and it was about tithing. But at the end, it is much easier to take rather than give. The saga has made the church much closer to the world, the market place with all its self centredness, half truths, white lies, and false impressions whilst maintaining a picture of wearing white but inside worst sinners. The reputation of the church in Singapore and the Gospel message has been harmed by the repeated revelations in the courts of exorbitant living and irresponsibly using other people’s money.

Twenty years ago, there was a men’s meeting after the ex-transgender Sy Rogers came to CHC to speak where the Senior Pastor called out for gays to leave the church and I saw in the service, people just walking out, one by one. When we are so self righteous and law minded, we are bound to be humbled. It is not for me to forgive Pastor Kong, but for him to realise how much of an opportunity that he has lost! and the great harm caused.

At the end, the money was given by church members and if they agree to use the building fund to build Sun Ho’s musical fantasies of fame then it is their perogative. What right has anyone got to say it was wrong! But at the end, how can we who are called to judge the world be deemed as greater sinners than the world! That is what preaching the Ten Commadments do, it makes you more self righteous, and more sinful until you realised it is all by Grace, by Jesus’ finished work at the Cross of Calvary and non of us that no one should boast. Even the best of us have fallen short of the glory of God.

When Kong Hee was first investigated, he declared adamantly that he was innocent, with the emphatic statement “I do maintain my integrity” and looked forward to his day in court to tell his side of the story. But when the day came, he was not able to remember the details and assigning responsibility to the other accused. In the closing submission, the persecution declared Kong Hee as a “Well practised Liar”. However what Kong did in one of the longest trial in Singapore was to weaken the integrity of Christianity in Singapore. Christian pastors could no longer be trusted at face value, the the morality of Christians no different than the world. The Cross over has made the church one with the world instead of being set apart to be salt and light.

The Rev Dr Kong Hee of City Harvest Church posted 23 Sep 2009 on his blog an entry entitled “Wholesome Shallowness?” strongly condemning his detractors concerning her wife, Sun Ho, music video entitled “China Wine”. Concerning Sun Ho, Kong Hee emphasised on Matt 11:-

(Mat 11:4-6 NKJV) Jesus answered and said to them, “Go and tell John the things which you hear and see: “The blind see and the lame walk; the lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear; the dead are raised up and the poor have the gospel preached to them. “And blessed is he who is not offended because of Me.”

We now know that the success of Sun was all contrived and paid for by the church in the guise of the building fund. Sun would have done much better if she had employed many of my gay friends in Singapore who would have made her a diva, rather than going to the Hollywood con artists. The blind did see and the lame did walk, for they saw the skeletons in the church and walked off.  There is doubt in the integrity and trust of Christianity.

Kong Hee is indeed free at last, but he is not really free until he realised that even though he is no doubt the greatest evangelist Singapore has ever known, it is all by God’s amazing grace, totally unmerited, totally underserved because of Jesus’ Christ death and resurrection at the Cross of Calvary. Only then will City Harvest move and become the Antioch to Asia.

With an anti gay church, it is a moral issue which the law of the land could not have passed judgement. Kong was claiming Sun was succeeding on her own effort whilst court evidence of email trails showed he was organizing and strongly insisting the church members to buy tens of thousands of CDs. The preaching of the law based on the Ten Commandments doesn’t make us more righteous or loving, it makes us more lawless. How could one claims so boldly and insisted in public something as a bonafide fact whilst knowing that it is a lie? At the same time preaching the Ten commandments!

I don’t think that God will rebuke Kong Hee for the China Wine Cross Over. The only rebuke would be to place a price on the blessings of the Holy Spirit. The Gospel should not be for sale, and is not about placing the sins of the majority on the head of the poor defenceless gay minority because of the guilty conscience of the murderous sins of abortions and adultery by straight people nor pagan worship by the majority.

Kong Hee is free but his damaged legacy has undermined the Gospel. Kong Hee is white with age and perhaps he has come to a point of grace.  I hope he does by God’s grace for Singapore needs him to be the man than God has annointed and comissioned him for the Great Commission and not the great cross over. Perhaps the ultimate crossover is into God’s Grace because only by grace can we enter and not by our works of the law of the Ten Commandments.

Zech 4:6 So he answered and said to me:

“This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel:
‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’
Says the Lord of hosts.
7 ‘Who are you, O great mountain?
Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain!
And he shall bring forth the capstone
With shouts of “Grace, grace to it!” ’ ”