God and GLB and T

Gen 1:27 So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

Queer theology has defined the christian gay movement, from being LGBT in the 60s, to LGBTQ+ as gay marriages are commonly accepted in the US.  It has blurred the separation between sex and gender. The acceptance of LGBT was growing strongly until Queer definitions were taught at schools. The Harris Poll by GLAAD on the comfortably index of Millennial Americans age 18 to 34 interacting with LGBTQ dropped from 63% in 2016 to 53% in 2017 to 45% in 2018. Young women were the main drivers for the drop which is not surprising as the queer activist has been condenming many as transphobic including tennis great Navratilova.

The reason is simple because as gay marriages and acceptance becomes norm, the voices of rage are raised by Transgender liberal activist, and the liberal education system have now insisted that there are more than two genders. For instance in UK, a Aberdeenshire 17 year old teenager was suspended from school after insisting that scientifically there are only two genders – male or female and that both sex and gender is not a social construct. The transgender liberal activist in London also insisted the word ‘sex’ be swapped for ‘gender’ in a GCSE biology paper. We are also reminded that Ellen Degeneres was surprised that Cathlyn Jenner did not support gay marriage.

The current queer definition of gender as a social construct is obviously silly as pointed out by the lesbian tennis star Navratilova who said “Clearly that can’t be right. You can’t just proclaim yourself a female and be able to compete against women. There must be some standards, and having a penis and competing as a woman would not fit that standard…”. Another example of the “silly” situation of queer gender definitions is transgender activist Jessica Yamiv bringing a court case against estheticians who had refused to wax her balls.

The overreach by the Queer theologians and transgender activist will alienate many and even spilt the GLBT movement. Some Christian sites would be happy if this were to occur, not realising that the T will be more difficult to handle, driven by grave injustive and not moderated by the much bigger GLBT movement. This may be a good thing.

At Aberdeenshire, when the 17 year old student Murray responded with “I think that’s silly”, to the teacher’s assertion that there are more than two genders, i believe that the millenials do not want indoctrinated by official policy to them a theology that does not apply to 99.5% of them in the name of inclusivity. The same happened at Indiana State University at Pennsylvania USA. Space should be given to all. It is of course scientifically difficult to prove that there is more than two genders beyond male and female. It is also inconsistent. If gender is a social construct, one cannot also say being gay, straight or a transgender is itself innate.

With the arrival of LGB groups, Stonewall may be splitting into GLB and T for asserting that Gay and Lesbian means same gender attracted and not same sex attracted. In a note of irony, anyone who declares themselves exclusively attracted to people of the same sex could be said to be transphobic by definition. By insisting on their gender definition to be applied to the entire community, the T could be ultimately be split from the LGB. It may not help their cause.

In the state of Maine, at Kennebunk High School, during diversity week, the school was to fly the gay rainbow flag. But it was taken down after a trans student complained. At the university of British Columbia, a transgender student burned the rainbow flag during an annual celebration of gender and sexual diversity. It reflects how little in common that T has with the GLB community which has provided a wide umbrella under GLBT.

Some Queer theologians have tried to force a notion that Gender Identity is interchangeable with sex, and abolishing the distinction between men and women. The over-reach is obvious. The Transgender activist movement is a contradiction to both homosexuality and heterosexuality because it is a sees biological sex as a concept.

The core foundation of what it means to be gay is that there is a big difference between male and female, and that that difference matters. Otherwise, neither homosexuality nor heterosexuality makes sense. Being gay or Lesbian is based on sexual orientation and not gender orientation. Sex is fundamentally biological and not socially constructed.

Gay, lesbians and bisexuals have one thing in common, same sex attraction. This shapes our experiences and impacts our life outcomes. We identify with our biological sex. To be gay is to understand that sex is set at birth. Sexual attraction is likewise based on hard wired factors. To say that Gender is male or female based on a social construct rather than physical attributes does not apply to 99.5% of people whether straight or gay. To them gender is not assigned at birth but physical. This kind of queer theology taught at schools suffers a strong backlash hence the millenials are rejecting GBLTs as a result not out of hate but enforcement of a silly ideology.

The failure and difficulty for Queer theologies and gender definitions is that it could only be applied very very narrowly the concept of multiple types of genders beyond the cisgender binary. To force it legislatively to apply to all is resulting in a separation between the T and GLB and from the straight community. There is not much commonality between GLB and T, and this difference is expounded by the Transgender community to reflect their experience. The separation between the T and Straight community is much much wider.

As societies and even liberal churches becomes more politically correct in order not to offend the overt sensitivities of the Transgender community, it is important to reflect the backlash and overreach. Surely, the Transgender community has suffered much and have been excluded from the table. But space must be given to all if we are truly inclusive and not based on our gender identification on the least and blame those who does not share the same views as transphobic.

I am reminded of an incident at New Creation Church where a transgender person told off a gay couple in church for focussing on each other ie holding hands or leaning on each others shoulders. I asked her why she was not perturbed at all the straight couples doing likewise? Subsequently, being so obviously a transgender, she was herself told off at church, and so did not attend New Creation any longer.

So the angst by T against LGB and vice versa can be real because Gay people strongly affirms being born male or female. Gays can hide whilst my transgender friends often could not. Often, she would call my gay friends queens like her but i would quickly revert we are men not women and not like her.

A theology that is inclusive is not a theology that is based on a specific small identity group. Rather it is one which gives space to all, to be. In many gay churches, i see gays and lesbians often grouping together separately. This is unlike straight churches where men and women often inter mingle very naturally. It is more important to define equality as giving space for everyone for we will never be equal.

The bible doesn’t have the concept of the 3rd gender. The potrayal of trangenders is limited to pagan priests who for religious purpose castrated themselves to be women, and in this role for the worshippers to have anal sex with the priests. Paul was so perturbed by the worship of Cybele in Ancient Rome that he wrote in Rom 1:24 to 27 condeming the sexual orgies. The cause was pagan worship religious practices worshiping satan not that they were gay or transgender.

Rom 8:23 For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God

Gal 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus

That is why Christ based theology is so much different from Queer theology. Rather than narrow definitions of gender, it states that there is now no male or female for all have their identity in Jesus Christ death and resurrection. This point is deliberately missed by queer theologians and the Christian because we need to go beyond gender and define who is in Christ and who is not in Christ by their faith choices for there is only one common that is all have fallen short of the glory of God. Sexual orientation doesn’t matter but whether you are in bed with the devil matters for eternity.

We are so hung up on gender when God only sees who you belong to. Do you belong to His Son, Jesus Christ, bought by His blood and forgiven? For in heaven, who knows what we will be!













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